Friday, 26 March 2010

Stupid Promarkers!

Blooming things!

Ok so they are doody and colour in fabbytastically, but.....

After being so excited at getting my first set of 'non poundland' pens (lol).. I came down to earth with a buuump....

This was coloured in with a promarker that *looked* as though it should be face coloured... rest was coloured in ages ago waiting for a lighter colour to turn up lol...

...yet poor Tilda looks sunburned! lol.... or very, very embarrassed...

Look... the colour suggests lighter... no?

I tested all the others and they ended up the same colour as on the side... bah....

...I'll have to buy a whole set of skin tones I think....

Anyone want to buy some dodgy cross stitches to finance more promarkers? lol


  1. I did exactly the same thing with my Copics and that was WITH buying just a range of greys! More practice for me methinks. Love the shading you got going on there!

  2. Why the heck doesn't it come out the same colour though? All the others do.. I bet they do it on purpose so you have to buy more blooming things if you don't want people looking sunburned lol

  3. The skin tone set is well worth it :)
    I'm planning on putting a lil sticker on each pen that I've coloured in so I know the exact colour, theres a few that arent the same as the packaging.

  4. I can second the above comment. I use my skin tones more than any of the others - they are great for bears and animals, not just "human" skin colours. x