Saturday, 27 March 2010

Let's Make Easter Cards

It's been a while since I made anything with my subs copies of Let's Make Cards so I decided to have a bit of a play today. I don't usually get a great deal of inspiration from the actual magazine as most of the cards look too 'unbalanced' to me

Yes, I know....I Have A


This card went wrong when I realised after sticking the backing paper on... that the card opened on the left hand side! *sigh* ... Idiot! ... so I had to cut the front off and stick it on a premade white blank card lol...

I think it's my favourite of the 5.. can't put my finger on why though :)

This one I made in my 'old faithful' way of 'wonky backing paper, some gems and a topper' lol....

I know...I just can't help it.... Clone Cards R Us ;)

This one I played about with for ages before it actually took shape.. I think it worked in the end... it even has ribbon on! Wey-heyyy hehe

These 2 I'd like to call 'My Thrifty Cards' ... I cut the rectangular cards for the above efforts into my 'usual and measured' square shape (after all.. Can't Be Having Irregular Card Shapes Can We?) and was left with little long cards... so I took a deep breath.... and Put Some Of The Topper..... Over The Edge

*pants heavily at The Huge Change Of It All and ends up feeling really faint*

I think the Thrifty (aka Cheapskate) cards actually worked rather well.. the second ones are on a slant as the backing paper was that way... so I told them they had to Work Uphill.... they didn't mind, I gave them chocolate :)

I hope you like them!


G xxx


  1. Ooh they are lovely, I love the one second from the bottom that duckling/chic is so cute xx

  2. Lovely cards Myz. I had a similar problem to you today, stuck the backing paper on upside down not once but twice - grrrr. So have given up and decided to blog hop ;0)

  3. I think they are all cute and I love the ones with the toppers going over the edge - what a boring world it would be if we all kept to the straight and narrow?!!! I am a bit worried about you giving away chocolate though - not something I would encourage, being as how chocolate is the best. food. in. the. universe!!!!! cheers, Kez

  4. Oooh the chick waving his Happy Easter banner is my favourite - I loves it, working outside of your comfort zone and using bribery and corruption obviously works well for you Gail :P

    The others are all so pretty too. Love the colours - very spring-like, just right for the lovely sunny day today.