Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday?

....otherwise known as what's keeping me from going off the deep end Friday?

1) My daughter

..... since all i can do on the Wii Fit is weigh myself at the moment, she decided to go on for me.... she does mean yoga positions! :)

2) Ainsley Harriott

I wasn't entirely sure about trying Ainsley's spicy couscous as you can see....

...but it's actually rather tasty and in the spirit of 'messing things about to try to make body lose weight' it's a welcome diversion from my usual eggs or tuna with salad :)

3) My Idiocy

I think what's kept me going mostly this week in between yells and cries is the fact that I am
a complete idiot.... the other day wasn't going well at all until this WKD hat came in the post that I had won last month...

..I had to put it on and try to look 'hard' ...... it's the Gaily law :)

So.. what's rocking your world this Friday?

Please let us know and link up with Virginia and the 'Friday Gang' .... we're not going off the deep end for anyone today cos we is solid!!!!!

(sorry I think the hat's taken me over ;) )


Gail xxx


Oh and I nearly forgot....

4) Cucumbers

(Hmmm do you see a theme developing with my late edits? lol)

The woman next door came round to give me this cucumber...., having only usually seen supermarket cucumbers I haven't a clue whether this weird shaped one is normal, but it gave me a right laugh...

I had been in bed when it 'arrived' to the house so I sent a text telling her that it had made me cry (as in, laughing) .. she sent one back saying 'You're supposed to *eat* it!'

...I haven't a clue what she was suggesting.....


Thursday, 29 July 2010

My First Proper Scrapbook... (sorry very long!)

Ok... this is big....

Well, for me it is!..... I've only ever made one scrapbook before and that was a digital one...

..but I thought having had a Bind it All since December which has seen no use (all well and good choosing Xmas and B'day presents that are great for a crafter) but health not been so good so just been doing 'quicker' things, not learning how to use new things

However, The Time Has Come.....


...the time has come to put away childish things, things that take but 30 mins to make....

Oh yes....

..I am going to make A Proper Scrapbook....

By the end of the Summer It Is Going To Be Finished

..and it will look at least passable lol.....

pass·a·ble (păs'ə-bəl)
  1. Satisfactory but not outstanding; adequate:
So... so what if I can't get out of the house much. On the days I can have a little walk I shall have a little walk.... on the days I am too dizzy to sit up long I shall rest.... but on the days in between...

I....Shall.... Scrapbook

So... what should I make a scrapbook of? I decided my daughter Little Myz to start with... just a little scrapbook of photos taken a year apart to start me off.. after all It Will Be Just Like Making Some Cards eh?

I have intentionally not looked at anyones scrapbooks for a while as I want it to be all me... when I am scared I tend to look at loads of things and they seem to absorb into my head and I think I have a really good idea and it turns out it's someone else's lol...

It's not going to be great.... I don't have inks so I won't even be inking anything....

...but it will be a scrapbook... and my bind it all will no longer cry in a corner.....

So I started with these

Photos of Little Myz taken every year in June. A few minutes with my oval nesties and we have liftoff!

I have a quantity of very long offcuts of mount board that I got from hubby's friend that I decided to make the scrapbook with... it will be a small scrapbook as I don't want to scare myself! :P

A loooong time with a scalpel later and hurty arms (but all my fingers!!!) I have these:

So here we have it.. the beginnings of my scrapbook.....

Please let anyone you know in on this miraculous event... I'm going to need all the support I can get I think lol... I haven't even seen anyone make a scrapbook before....but there isn't much room on there for embellishments so I can't go far wrong

...can I?


Gail xxx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Positive Positive positive....

Am I positive?

Yes... I'm absolutely positive that I am feeling positive....

I am calm....., it's not working, help! lol.....

The various things that are going wrong in my life have kept on going wrong and today I got a letter from barclays saying I'm overdrawn and they will charge me.... That's where my holiday money is for Butlins in less than 2 weeks... surely my bank account can't have been cleared out again?...

Yes, it *bleeping* has.....

With my old card that was cancelled last month.... apparently they tried to take all this out at the same time as the last why the *bleep* didn't these get stopped too?

It's ludicrous!..... a year ago, it was so embarrassing, Tesco deliveries got stopped as they flagged on my card as suspicious.....regular payments got stopped...etc...the fraud department were always on the phone to me clearing my card... I got used to it...I thought well, at least my money is secure....

...but these 2 times I've had to tell them myself! ... have they decided 2010 is the year of the slack?....

I really, really, have to stop being upset, let it wash over me and Get On With It.....

I don't have the energy to waste on crying.... we don't want any more tumbles or being unable to make salad do we? That Wouldn't Do At All....

I really wish some of you were up here I'd love to see you.... all I'd need is a hug and a quick cry and I'd be All Better... well not really, but you know what i mean.... I hate not having people close by that could make me feel great just with a hug...

So here are some more cards (finished off a few bits today in between sniffs lol)

Help! Help! Psychadelic cards! lol

I sent this one to Carmen... I hope your headache has gone now ;)

If not it's probably raging... or did you put it in a drawer? hehe

Summer! Ummm where did Summer go? Have you taken it? Give it back!!!

Sick sick sick pink card! lol

Not a clue what happened here I think I just wanted to be creative... still think it's Too Much though... I did

Take care all and, as always, if you have a spare bit of energy floating about could you please send it to me? I promise not to use it and then cry :)

I'll craft! Craft for my life! :)


Gail xxx

Friday, 23 July 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday?

I can resist no longer....

I need to get down in a post every week what's rocking my world every Friday... a la beautiful Carmen.... it's all very well being A Positive Person .... but sometimes when sickness overwhelms and crappy stuff intervenes it's surprisingly easy to forget the little (and big!) things that are rocking your world and make you happy you are here.... so.... positive post hopefully every Friday from now... and if anything I made is posted that day then I *have* to be positive about it..

Hmmm think I'll get my coat.... lol....

No, no, I must keep on... and do it...

...for Carmen....I did done do a promise!

....for my sanity....

...for.... ME!....

LOL any cruddy stuff can be told people in emails and texts... I refuse to post any down stuff here.. any more.... at least on Fridays ;)

Ok here we go.....

1) My Little Princess

She's only just turned 5 but she has a way sometimes of turning negatives into really good positives.... she's also very crafty and spent 2 days unwell at home with me this week yet still managed to give me advice...and very good advice.... on how to make my cards! lol....

Due to problems beyond my control, barring a miracle I won't be producing any more little princes or princesses, so she is My Last One.... she is going to Big School in September... year one! My Little Princess.... *sniff* (happy sniff btw in case anyone screams NEGATIVE NELLY!! at me :P )

2) The view from my bedroom window

Ok so it doesn't always look as gorgeous as this.... but I live on the edge of the council estate so I really think this must be the best view in town! :) ... I have a huge field to look at while I'm stuck in bed (quite a bit recently!) ... people walk their dogs there, children play there, so on a nice day I can have my window open and hear them


*negative comment about 'yes I can hear them if the local kids aren't screaming or drunk adults are also screaming' removed ;) *

3) I can craft!

Ok so it's not earth shatteringly good crafting.... and I've had to find out The Best Crafting For Me at the moment (i.e. lack of scissors and sharp things and not much concentrating involved lol) but this week I have been crafting!

Here are some more from other day:

Aren't they just the best cards? :P

4) It's the holidays!!!!

After today my dear daughter and son will be with me 24/7 for 6 whole weeks!

Oh Joy!


*lots of swearing snipped out by The Negative Police!*

LOL.. what's rocking your world this Friday? I'm sure you can find something... come and link up with Virginia and let us know... or pop along and see what's rocking everyone else's world today...


Gail xxx

EDIT OMG I nearly forgot....


Ok, no, I'm not completely tapped.....

..nearly, but not completely ;)

SALADS are rocking my world today..... I have so so missed them the past week when I've been too unwell to make them.....

I love them! with tuna and cottage cheese in!

They have helped me lose my daughter :)


...and I lovelovelove them... but it's a bit hazardous when you can hardly stand up let alone bringing a knife into the equation

So yeay for salads! :)


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What's on my workdesk this Wednesday? CRAFT STUFF!!!!!

Please..... try not to hold your breath for too long.....but it's true....

I have craft stuff on my table!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

..and a Little Myz too as Mummy has shared some germs with her and she's off school. Stroke of luck really as I've not been well enough to make presents for the teachers so I've got her making them some cards ;)

All week i have been pottering little by little, getting things ready for the card-make-a-thon that Would Definitely Happen By The Weekend..... (...Even If I Had To Do It laying Down lol)

Nothing special... Just a Let's Make cards stash (from 3 mags ago!!!! omg they are piling up lol) but trying to ease myself in gently.

It started Not So Well Actually..... there were tears as wobbly hands stuck things in the wrong place and many things ended up consigned to B for Bin....but I ended up with a few.....

These first ones (or ones like them) are what caused all them there tears... I hadn't had my PC on (hurts my eyes really fast at the moment) so I worked out that I could make them by just getting a normal card and scoring one side in half...

Sort of works but the first lot the top wouldn't go down at all and kept flying in the air! If i don't push the oval-duck one down it flies off even now! lol...... so maybe I'll take a look later and see how you are supposed to do them ;)

I like these ones best.... they is having ribbons on and I think they looks purdy!

What's on your workdesk this Wednesday? Please come and share it with us here.... it can't be any worse than mine can it?! lol


Gail xxx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pitiful Progress....

It's been weeks.....

..and look at the cruddy progress i have made on my May Calendar Bear.....

Pitiful... pitiful! ... but most days at the moment I would probably get too much blood on it from stabbing myself with the needle or something...

So I have to leave it sitting there.. staring at me... willing me to finish the project

...maybe I should put it in a drawer so it doesn't upset me hehe

However... any progress is progress right? :)

..and at least I've posted on my blog so yeay for that :)


Gail xxx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm published! lol


I got in the magazine! lol

No crafty stuff to share just now as well dizzy and yuck but so happy happy happy :)

Missing going bowling for Little Myz' birthday but I'm happy happy :)

LOL there were loads of police outside my house in the square earlier on.. dogs and everything sniffing down the side.. then they went away... can't find anyone who knows why they were there either lol

Back to bed now... lol hubby just bought me tea

He made me a card last week and I still get cups of tea yeay

*hugs* to you all

G xxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bears and Dolly Mamas

Not having a good day at all today....

...decided half way through the morning that Tomorrow Would Be Better....

So in preparation I sorted out the Calendar Bear threads and got the project onto my frame ready for when I could cross stitch without dizzy wobbling or stabbing myself with the needle! lol

Also was excited to receive my first Dolly Mamas from the US in the post... they are so much cheaper over there and I got 2 for 8 pound something delivered each.....

I really love Dolly Mamas and chicklets but not many other people I have found have any so we can't swap patterns etc... so I'll have to plod through getting them one by one when I get some on offer

Wish I lived in the states... I could buy so many more for my money lol....

So far I have had:

High Maintenance - not done yet
Wild Oats - not arrived from US yet
Go Braless- the one I stitched for my mum
Stitch Bitch- this one... the one I'm going to stitch for meeeeeeeeeeee

..there are so so many I want though



Anyway I hope you are having a good day- at least today has been like The Fonz!


G xxx