Friday, 29 June 2012

My Rockin' Week :)

Ok since it has been such a long long time since I posted (January??!!?? Really??!!??) I decided to make it a Friday and made it a Rocking post... I mean it would be rude not to... been working on it all week and now I thought it had uploaded and deleted all my work up to it.. and it crashed and I have lost everything


...I am not not not not going to let it stop me... let's see what i remember lol.. after all it would be cheating if it wasn't about this week...surely I can remember what's happened this week?.... ummm...

(1) Foot Spas

To your 'normal' person foot spas are a nice thing to have... for me... they are a complete wonder sent by the Powers That Be to make my life more bearable lol.... Been having loads of foot problems recently up a lot of night with burning feet yadda yadda and usually use this in the bath in the evening to massage my feet

Lovely lovely lovely, makes feet less burny but unfortunately makes me hands and arms hurt instead. A lot. .. but on reflection less night disturbances than without.....


We found this under the stairs!

*sounds of angels singing*


Ok so why is all my text central now? Blogger is trying to work against meee agghhhhhhh was number 2?...

(2) Crafty mojoness

While not back per se it has come in flashes and I have made some stuff even I have been pleased with.. if you haven't seen it you aren't a fan of Myzdamena's World on FB ..sorry but I have to be at PC to make posts on blogger, my phone just refuses to play ball so FB is all I gots most times crafty wise. .. Anyway, here is a sample lol

(3) Being Completely Bonkers

 ok my text moved again.. weirdness lol

In case you didn't know I am completely mad/bonkers/batshit .. whatever you would like to call it... I am crazy... I have to be or else I'd go under sometimes... so Little Myz and I have been taking crazy photos of ourselves.. I won't post one of her as I'm sure it will come back and bite me on the ass sometime in the future and she may disown me soo..

Aren't I just the cutest little button you ever saw????

(4) Mr Grey

Christian Grey .. I salute you...

Nuff said :p

(5) Little Myz

She is a continual blessing
(goodness noo we aren't The Waltons and she gets on my tits daily.....but even so...)
I spent some time making some hair clips for her birthday today and she's always really enthusiastic about what i manage to make for her

Very into Moshi Monsters so Great Mummy to make a card lol

Those of you that know me will know how superglued my hands were after making these and how many ended up in the bin ;)

I put the ladybird ones in her hair without her seeing and told her to go upstairs and look into my could hear her SQUEEEEEE from downstairs lol

(6) Sapphire Montague

Those of you who are FB friends will know that this is my 'new name' lol... partly because of the whole excitement of The Grey thing and partly seeing the light after a very bad minging year last year... I decided to find out my Porn Name.... apparently you take the name of the first pet you remember and the first street you remember living on.. So I am Sapphire Montague... lol.. it's all fun and definitely better than the worry of last year

(7) Reconnecting with Friends

Although not their fault at all because of Last Year I 'lost' some friends.. they just didn't talk to me in ages and ages and because I was 'off the radar' I thought they had just forgotten I realise that some people were scared to talk to me as they knew how scared I was and didn't know what my reaction would be? ..

(ok I keep writing this next bit and crying so can you pretend this has a middle bit?

...but they are back now for the most part and yeay for that :)

Hmm ok I had 10 and now I have 7 but here is what i remember from my list I was compiling all week

I had better post this before the whole thing crashes again. lol... but just see what you can glean out of a week that hasn't exactly been all roses... with quite a bit of manure in actually lol... and then let me know
so i can come and have a lookie cos I'm really nosey like that.. and I can read blogs on my phone.. just about... just can't write with blogger for some strange reason

Mmmmmwahs and hughughugginess to you all