Monday, 30 November 2009

Various craftiness

I'm sure I haven't blogged any of these before, but please forgive me if I have.... lol

I really *really* made a hash of my first coaster calendars as I just can't work out how to make the edges look less, well, crud... :(

Today I had a flash of inspiration (makes a change from all the perspiration! lol) and decided to stickle the edges to hide the cruddiness on said coasters, which I don't have a clue why I hadn't thrown away yet, lol.... do you know ...I think it sort of worked....

Next is my shiny shiny M and C ... covered with loads of Anita's and supposed to be stuck on a card...will they ever make it?

Couple of Christmas cards I don't think you've seen yet.....

...and last but not least (as far as time-taken-so-far-and-they-still-aren't-blooming-done is concerned) ... my weird attempt at pots of gold..... they started life as mayonnaise/coffee/pasta jars and still look as they always did... will they make it for this Christmas? .... or will my family be eating them all come the New Year? I haven't touched even one Ferrero Rocher!... Such A Good Girl....

I have yet to make anything round enough to make tags from, whenever I use Word I just end up in a mess.... maybe someone somewhere sells a pdf they have made? If you know of any let me know lol... or else these beauties won't make it past the starting post..... I can put ribbon round them all I like but I have to cover the words on there lol.. I have tried colouring the tops gold with my gold pens but when dry it just scratches off very easily ... so i thought maybe if I could fashion a round tag, use the nesties to make it look scalloptastic and stuff... maybe they will be passable

Helpy helpety help...please... lol


G xxx

Health, an apology and all that jazz...

Apologies in advance if my blog is all over the place for the time being. I have been assured by a few of you (blame them if you don't like it, lol) that it's definitely better to blog as much as I can than forget something as I haven't blogged in two months lol... if that makes sense *sigh*

My brain is foggier than a foggy thing just now and I spend a lot of time in bed or resting on the couch .. although things seem to be improving now... maybe it's my daily mantra

....I have to craft
...I can craft
....I am well enough to craft


Or maybe it's that sometimes I take a tiny walk 'just because'

Here is me excited at one such walk.. one that took about 5 mins I think rofl... but it was 'out'... and I took it to show hubby-of-mine that I was out of the house *and* had on my coat...which is a rare occurrence ;)

Ooh don't I look excited to be out? ;)

..the second photo is my character created on the sims by son-of-mine. I don't actually own a short skirt like that but hubby-of-mine is keen that I should make myself look like the Sim and not vice versa I think ;)

Funny Sim-related happening :

Apparently hubby of mine walks into the Sim house and goes up to the TV and turns onto sport. 2 mins later I come in, sit down and turn it to my channels....!!???


Took all day writing the 2 blogs I'll do today so hope they'll make more sense than I think they will :)


G xxxx

Friday, 27 November 2009

No photos and fun sorry :(

I apologise in advance for lack of craftiness- thought I'd be all crafty again by now but what with the hospital appointment yesterday and the stupid cold I seem to have ... *again* ... grrr, maybe at the weekend :( ....

Anyway I'd appreciate comments on 2 things...

A) Am I death to silicone glue?!?

Wasn't impressed at the price of said glue but had to buy some anyway... used it a few weeks ago, put top securely back on.... opened it yesterday and it seems to be all dried up for the most part! It isn't as if it was cheap either it's the create and craft one... *growl* .... does anyone else get this? I put the original top on it as it has no holes... not sure what happened but I'm well peeved .. grrr...

B) Bind it all woes

Ok does anyone have a bind it all? Due to the fact that I'm unable to go to the Depeche Mode concert in December (WAH been looking forward to it all year!!!) ... have sold ticket to hubby's friend so I'm on the lookout for something I can use craft wise (when my health gets better maybe more than once a month! lol) ... have been drooling over bind-it-alls after having problems making my nan's word book for October and I have noticed a store selling the pink one for 50 pounds has 10 percent off til Monday...... so....

1) If I got one, is there any cheaper way of getting the binding things/ covers or do you have to buy the bind it all ones? Can you use card instead?

2) What exactly are the advantages of the pink one? Do you think I should go for the cheaper blue one since I'm not exactly a business and can take my time binding and don't have to have one that cuts through thicker stuff.. there is a buy it now one on Ebay for £25 I think for the blue one so I could afford with the money to get lots of little extras for it....or?...

3) Is there another machine that does what the Bind It All does?.. and cheaper? ;)

I think I asked all I had to ask but I'm really yuck today so best go off and rest again... but I had to ask.. please ask other people you know that are on my friends list if you 'see' them too... I don't get about the internet much recently so I haven't been saying 'updated blog' which is I think what gets me visits..... lol


Hope to show you some cards soon

G xxxxxxx

EDIT: Ok I was overtaken by the panic when I saw they only had one left on the site so I bought it so Sis and Mum have bought me a bind it all for Christmas :) ... do they do that to make you buy I wonder? .. LOL I can see them with a warehouse full of them saying mwah ha haaaaa I made you buy one in a panic and we have loads!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Not feeling well at all still...grrr so short on waffle this time but I last blogged in September so thought best let you know I'm still sort of about just resting loads and loads at moment .. *hugs* to people on MSE cardmaking thread not been there in what seems like years. Made a few cards so here they are

...... feel free to email me it makes me smile when I get emails :)


G xxx