Monday, 28 June 2010

Little Myz' Birthday Card

Morning xxxx

I really shouldn't have left Little Myz' card until today to make... her birthday is tomorrow and today my hands are a bit shaky but I refuse to give her one of my 'stock' cards lol

As a result, my promarkers (ooh look they don't leave lines) left lines as I took so long to finish colouring it lol... and I didn't even bother with shading... and I have lost my Stickles!!!! :(

... but she ended up looking a bit like Little Myz and I'm sure she'll like it....

I got the image from Digital Doodling .. Wendy has some really really great freebies on her blog and always includes some sentiments in there to help you along... invaluable!

Thanks Wendy! xxxx

I finished it off with a sentiment, again from the marvellously talented Wendy, and a few bits and bobs

I'm not entirely happy with it but when am I entirely happy with anything I ever make if it isn't food related? ;p


Gail xxx

Calendar Bears


Putting myself out there.....

All this was stitched over 10 years ago.... and I am vowing to have it finished by the end of the year....

May backstitch and all of June....

Do you think I'll do it?



G xxx

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along

All of his friends will be coming along ....

Thomas, we love youuuuuu.....


Well as he takes shape both children are grabbing for him... but he's taken so long to get finished that maybe I'll have it on my wall instead :)


G xxx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Mum's Present

Finally finished Mum's present....

..only by taking loads of shortcuts tho :(

I missed out all the border and didn't do any french knots lol...

..but she liked it and I just got a text saying that she's just got the joint present. Both my sisters and I bought her a Gyrocopter session lol.....

Here's to a few weeks of rest craft wise and not worrying about having stitching or omg-I-Got-A-Card-To-make deadlines...

I did want to stitch Little Myz summat for her birthday next week but I'm sure she'll be happy if I give her something later on in the year lol

..I've found some Thomas the Tank Engine things too that I started when son-of-mine was wee!

Hoarders-r-us lol

G xxx

Anniversary Frolix

Ok bad bit first. Someone cleaned out my bank account by buying Amazon gift certificates yesterday..... not sure how they did it as we check for key loggers and malicious oojimaflips every day on our PCs but there you go.. these things's being sorted, blah blah... just those of you in phone contact with me just be aware I'll be prone to moments of angry outbursts (which for me is actually crying... when I get angry I cry....go figure! )

Anyway...good stuff!!!!

Yesterday was out 9th wedding anniversary.... Gary had raided my craft stash the previous day and MADE ME A CARD!!!! Yes, he made me a card! ... and it's a really lovely card too!!! Ok so he opened my new pack of Letraset rub ons and stencil that I'd won but hey... now they are opened maybe I'll use them! lol...


I'd actually made the topper but lost it.. he seems to have found it lol but I don't mind :)

We weren't buying presents but he said he'd ordered me a surprise the other day. yesterday he started saying don't get your hopes up it's crap.... blah blah.. so I pressed him and found out that while looking for stash for the card he'd seen what he'd my stash.... and it hadn't even been opened..... having a sneaky look on my shelves at lunch time yesterday all I could see were Promarkers I'd won with the letraset stuff and not used yet as I've been stitching when I can not making cards since I won..... I didn't like to presume though, but my heart was racing....

Then came the post man!

Ooh lookee! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter promarkers .. I'd won spring and autumn but didn't have the others.... I gave him suuuch a huge hug and grin and told him the Spring and Autumn were colours that would see a load of bashing so it would be lovely to have two

Wasn't it a really considerate surprise gift??!!???

For the anniversary meal I made Slimming World friendly onion bhajis and quorn sausages and I made this cheesecake for the first time.... it was the best cheesecake I have tasted in AGES! Even when I ate 'real' cheesecakes.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

At weigh in this morning Wii Fit said I'd lost 4 pounds (I make it 3 1/2 on blog to get BMI right though lol) so not pigging out anniversary wise was probably A Good Thing .... it's Little Myz' birthday next week though and she's decided she wants Pizza Hut..... so you think I could possibly put on all 31 and a half pounds again eating pizza next week?

Little Myz made me a lovely card too to cheer Mummy up....

Very lovely!

So apart from the cash situation (being sorted though) a really nice day....

Will post mum's birthday present later as she's opened it now :)


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Nice Easy Job?

Decided to give myself a Nice Easy job sorting the threads from one of my kits so I can stitch it when I'm up to it.....

..goodness me....easy?


... tiny cross stitch compared to a lot I've done... 50 thread each.... Is this one light blue green? Lightest green? How are you supposed to know?

Driving me bonkers, going to put it all back in the packet for another day

Why don't they all come on sorters? lol



Made it!

Made it through yesterday really easily cos I'm well 'ard... went to bed when I got back and will be back there in a sec but to keep you going here's a lovely present I made last week for perhaps a teen :) Can be stitched in any colours you like for £15 plus postage *ahem* lol....

They loved my Slimming World curry too yeay!



Thursday, 17 June 2010

Not Going Well (revisted) ....

Hello Everybody Peeps!

Had a brain wave a couple of days ago...leave out all the borders and stuff and just do the woman.. save lots of time and should get it done by weekend

Hadn't counted on being more dizzy and fall-over-y than usual so after really really trying my best I have got this far.....

May still get done but it's looking doubtful.

Weigh In today says I have lost 2 stone so far! .. only a squiliion more to go! lol

Symptoms are always worse approaching summer anyway so fingers crossed I'll feel better soon. At least I know it isn't the eating plan is it's ultra filling and piiiles of foodies

Shall keep you posted if i can


G xxxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Not Going Well....

So what's new? *sigh*


Somehow not sure it's going to be finished by the weekend...

Ah well...


p.s. ooh it's upside down sorry lol

Friday, 11 June 2010

Has it happened?

Helloooo Virtual Friends That Live In My PC,


For weeks I have been waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen....

Something I could do myself that would give me a happy boost if you know what I mean...

My weight loss has seemed to stop or slow a lot....

My wobblies and headaches have come back with a vengeance so sometimes I can't even move about without being so dizzy I fall over or go bleuurrgghh...

..and for the last few days craft things I pick up tend to fall to pieces... earlier today I did a bit of mum's cross stitch and actually buggered the whole thing up! ... so I'm going to have to start again..... and we're seeing her next weekend! *sigh*

Lots and lots of blubbing which really doesn't help my energy levels (Idiot Myz At Your Service...)


I think something has happened today.....

I think I've actually made something that I'm proud of.....

Months ago Carmen sent me a really lovely strokeable web paper for my Spiderman cards I want to make. I have had everything cut up and ready for a while but didn't want to use it as it was so lovely. A couple of days ago I decided, yes, I was going to use it on a card I thought....

So big wobblies calmed earlier to smaller wobbies today and I really needed a boost so I grabbed my glue gel... and got on with it....

I wanted to make it look like he was crawling on the web... Little Myz is impressed... but then again Little Myz cheered at me earlier when I made it all the way up the stairs wobbly lol..... so maybe She Is Too Easily Pleased ;)

*drum roll*

(lol you're going to hate it aren't you?...)

What do you think?



Wednesday, 9 June 2010



Well, as a contrast to the last time I posted I don't have loads and loads of things on the table... or a 4 year old daughter.....

Not been too well but at least it's all sorted now so when I'm up to it I can craft craft craft!!!!!

There's a mat there for Little Myz as well.....

To the right of the photo you can see my pile of superhero papers and decoupage as the first thing I have to do is make some superhero cards... the last ones I made have all gone! ... they seem apt for boys of all ages :)

We can even...........Eat At The Table....

...wonders will never cease :)

Please drink in the image of my clear-ish won't last long! ;p

What's on your workdesk/table/space this Wednesday? Come and share it with us here



Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hello :)

Did you miss me?

What do you mean no? lol....

Not feeling too brill but finished off a couple of little cross stitches

This one is for Samantha to fashion into a card for Gary in a few weeks... it's from Cross Stitcher magazine but I left off his spiky hair to make him look more like Gary :)

Sorry about the dire photo quality..I hope you can see it in all the darkness lol

This one I've finally finished... it looks dudey but I really don't like cross stitching things like this as the backstitching doesn't go along the lines and it's all poor needle cries with the effort lol

Lastly, those of you who read my weightloss blog will already know but the gorgeous Carmen sent me some flowers the other day... they were in bud so they are getting better and better every day :)

Really not feeling good at all recently and it's lovely to get such splendid surprises from her and Tricia... love em love em love em! Never met either one of them but I'm Hoping To One Day lol......

Currently working through this to give my mum for her 60th birthday later on this month...hope I get it finished... ah well these things are worth waiting for ;)

I hope you are all ok and feeling crafty! xxxxxx

Yours weighing-lessily-but-feeling-much-worsily

G xxxxxx