Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sister's Anniversary Card- Smiley Bears

Fiiiiiiinally finished my sister's wedding anniversary cards... about time too after 2 months as the anniversary is at the end of August! lol...

I used my Smiley Bears sheets I got weeks ago and I sort of like it... I decided to put the greeting on the back of the card though as everything I tried inside looked too squished hehe

Used son-of-mine's camera to take the photos... I sooo miss it- it was my camera til last month when I got a new one. It's touch screen and everything but it doesn't take photos half as well as my old Sony Eriksson *sniff* hehe

Monday, 24 August 2009

Oh Noes! What have I done......???!!!???

What am I doing? What *am* I doing?????

Having made cards for a few months I decided that my Nan's 90th at the start of October would be the time I first made a scrapbook and it would be excellent and everyone would say Ahhhh isn't that the most excellent thing I have ever seen!? ..... I'm getting the collywobbles, having kittens and anything else that means I'm now scared out of my wits

I have enough photos now to be getting on with spanning her life so now i have to make a start... I have ordered a 6x6 and 12x12 scrapbook with cash I gained selling dvds on Ebay... and I'm playing about with them now

Why did i say I'd do it? Why did I think I could make a good job of it????

...and to cap it all... after I played about with the pic in the photo here... I discovered my printer won't print out 12x12s anyway lol.....

Do you think I can get away with sticking printed out photos on and pretending they are cards etc? After all , That Is How You Are Meant To Scrapbook... right?

Oh matron.... I think it's time for my chillout pills!


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. It means a lot that people are even prepared to look at my cards let alone take the time to comment on them! lol....

This is my first 'meaty' Christmas card... one that has cost me more than about 50p in materials hehe... I'm happy at the way it's turned out but if I find any more thin gold peeloffs I may go round the aperture outside and in to make it a little more jazzy

This care I made for the MSE (? actually not sure where it's from) challenge to make a card with stitching on.... the design is apparently Macintosh... whatever that is lol.... so uncultured, me...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's nearly Christmas!!!!!

Goodness it's nearly Christmas! I thought I'd get a really good head start but what with one thing and another (grrr) haven't been able to craft much, so I have about 10 cards made.... Must Do Better lol

The decoupage on a lot of these is mostly from a very talented woman called Nikky whose blog is here ... uber talented lady and some of her sheets are very funny :) I think I prefer the one with the reindeer on- I actually surprised myself with how good it ended up looking lol....

I only possess 3 stamps so we spent an afternoon last week trying to stamp some images for cards etc... I think the photo shows eight, but we tried about 30 *blush* what a waste.... I knew there was some reason I bought stamped images from Ebay and didn't try myself... hehe

Let's Make Cards etc

As I mentioned I've really not been up to much recently but trying to get back into the crafting again so I gathered up my Let's Make Cards bits and made a few cards.. even managed to use some of that corrugated weird card that I got in a job lot...doesn't look toooo bad... I just like to have an explore with shapes and stuff... some of the cards are copied from the magazine but some I went off on a tangent with... I really do prefer doing that... I see sooo many cards by people that just look the same... ok they look 100 times better than mine ever do... but I like to think there's some of me in the cards I make... even if it isn't a very creative part *lol*

Oh grr I really can't sort out where my photos go on this.... the photos seem to go where they want even if I put them where I want in the first place.... it's like after I click preview and it's poasting the blog they all say 'Ok Guys, run about!' hehe

Waterfall cards- first attempt

Hellooooo did you miss me? What do you mean you didn't know I wasn't here?
Lol... well I know it's really old news to most of you but seeing as I haven't been
very crafty recently I thought I'd ease myself back in gently and have a go at
some waterfall cards... they aren't as difficult as they look are lol

they? ... I must admit that I'll probably make my own if I make any again though... just feels so
'cheaty' to use sheets, but at least it taught me how to do it without totally messing