Monday, 28 October 2013


Today we are mostly thinking about Chrimble. Too much crud about so we needed a cheese injection. So we finished this which has a heart on it I painted with blackboard chalk so we can update it every day. Well little myz can :-D
As predicted. Little Myz Knows About Santa this year so we thought we would update it to Sleeps to Christmas as she is All Grown Up Now :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Just a simple one today.tough week.hopefully less mobile in house because of the viruses we all been saddled with. Just gets me down when even the things I can I do in house gets taken away from me.

Aaanyway, smiles....little myz has a smile that can melt icebergs and today I was hit by a SuperDeDuper smile from a different source. Little myz was playing upstairs but someone kept knocking at door. I dragged myself to the door in flayed tortoise fashion to find her friend there with suuuuch a gorgeous happy smile that it made my heart go wheeeeeeee...

Little things like these can be really huge things to me. Maybe that is why I am being caged here. to catch the smiles, feel better and when I can make things to send out to people that make them smile? Who knows....but there has to be a reason 

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Negatives trying to creep in again I'm getting assed off with it now Tbh. Go away you buggers.... Maybe more Hurty and tired cos of last Monday or that we have all been floored a bit by the virus towards end of week. Staring and staring at my lovely cards ppl have sent me before works usually. House gets v dusty so I thought yeah go on put a couple in frames and you can keep them fresh
These are from Diance and Sarah. I cna't seem to upload photos right I will have to play about when I am more pc friendly #:(
 People are there for me...if I only ask!!
People care
I make ppl laugh
I make ppl happy (sometimes lol)
I have finished some cute Christmas stitches this week. A mooey cow a Christmas owl and something else.Will post when I can x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Gorgeous Nan

Today I have been mostly feeling happy and squishy thinking about my Nan. She turned 94 this year. These photos were taken last year when we made the trip to Sheffield to see her at Mum and Dad's house

She is a little ray of sunshine and I always enjoy seeing her. Between times, though, I can make do with photos of my gorgeous nan and look at her and remember how I feel when I am with her :)

Whatever is happening in my life  I will always have photos of my Nan to look at

She's gowwwwjus :)
My gorgeous Nan.... better than drugs :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dinner Lunch!

Yesterday felt a bit setbacktastic and quite a bit meh
Today I am so so grateful for dinner-lunch. I refuse to put on my heating so I am sooo cooold with all this yucky windy weather...(stupid council and their no double glazing despite crappy windows and doors that let the wind in.)
Dinner lunch mmm.we had Bolognese left over from last night and a big dollop of low low.mmmmmmm...healthy and filling so I will hopefully not be attacking the chocolate things I have made that are in the fridge
Yet :-D

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chocolate Marshmallows

Today I have been brightened by little myz' face eating my chocolate covered marshmallows.I feel better when I make people is sometimes only takes a small thing to make me happy. Unfortunately same the other way I seem to suck emotions so if you are in bad mood stay away :-D :-P
Staying away from facebook mostly still. Don't know why I didn't stay away more in past when at bad time.all my friends know how to contact me outside fb anyway B-)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Dogs and Jehovah's Witnesses

Today I have been mostly feeling positive about dogs and JWs.

Although I don't believe in their religion their happy smiling faces at my door greeting me as I hobbled there to see who was at the door. Reminded me of some nice JWs I met at the kingdom hall in Carmarthen...

Also having quite a bad moving about day today. Sophie usually stays away from me during the day..probably because she's scared I will fall on her LOL...but today she's guarding me like a good'un. I don't know whether she thinks she is doing me a favour or whether she was feeling a bit lost today too ...but it is nice :-D

What has been positive about your day?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Being Positive


The past week I have been trying and trying and trying to keep positive. Negativity keeps creeping in. It has a habit of that doesn't it. I would love to go for a walk and clear my head. I can't. Not at the moment. With everything going on that isn't surprising I gguess...but I am An Impatient Thing... So I did start putting positive pix on FB and I don't know about you but at the moment when I go on there there is always this sense of negativity for the most part it is difficult to weed through and find the lovely bits from my friends that would make me smile. I don't even know if this makes sense I am writing it over a while and checking it over but my brain is very foggy what with one things and another. Should soon be better I hope.

..but I am not letting the negativity suck what energy I do have! So I am going to use my blog instead and come here to look at my fun stuff and happy times :) I did consider using subversive myz to put down my bad things but... what use would that be>? It wouldn't be helpful would it lol

Ok so....

(1) Being productive when I can

mmm cupcakies

mm cake poppies
I didn't have one but Little Myz seemed to enjoy as did a lady from up the road :)
(2) Finishing Important Stuff that I wanted to send people who matter a great deal to me

(3) Smurfette!

I gots a Smurfette and she makes me feel better- so there. Go Go Smurfette! :)
(4) Making A Proper Start for Christmas
I think this is having a rest lol I can't show everything as lots are surprises but I have managed to MAke A Proper Start despite everything and have ordered some presents online too

Ok so that is it. To remind myself to shove anything up on my blog that is positive that I can access while having lay downment and have a smile at.
What a messy  blog post. Aw I don't care it is A BLOG POST SO no whining :P