Monday, 7 October 2013

Dogs and Jehovah's Witnesses

Today I have been mostly feeling positive about dogs and JWs.

Although I don't believe in their religion their happy smiling faces at my door greeting me as I hobbled there to see who was at the door. Reminded me of some nice JWs I met at the kingdom hall in Carmarthen...

Also having quite a bad moving about day today. Sophie usually stays away from me during the day..probably because she's scared I will fall on her LOL...but today she's guarding me like a good'un. I don't know whether she thinks she is doing me a favour or whether she was feeling a bit lost today too ...but it is nice :-D

What has been positive about your day?


  1. Awww she's gorgeous Gail and bless her little heart helping to look after you x

  2. Sophie is such a cutie. She is solely responsible for changing my opinion about that kind of doggy (to many BAD doggy owners around here) Love her.

    Positive about my day today... um... Craig just made me a cup of tea - that doesn't happen very often ;)

    1. ...but would that be because He Doesn't Make Nice Enough Tea? ... I know I have been prone to crawling and doing my own just so I make sure the water has been run before kettle, etc ;) xx