Sunday, 17 April 2011

Easter Shennanigans

(Can't be fiddle arsing about... not atm.. this will either go live half 6 Sun evening or won't hehe....)

I don't know whether it's because I love my kids more this year (hmm prob not, lol...) or that because of certain things that have happened making me more aware of our mortality etc, etc... Make The Most Of Things While You Can.... you never know when you may lose someone type thing.. I decided to Make The Effort to make something for the kids this year instead of buying a few eggs and hoping for the best lol..... After all they will soon have flown the nest and I'm sure they won't be wanting silly knitted toys hehe.... and I'm aaaalways making things for other people all year round and the kids only seem to get things birthdays or Christmas..hehe...

I started preparations quite early, worried about maybe health wobbles etc...thinking..thinking..thinking about what I could do.. and a plan started to form

Hello... we is Bunneyz....

We were closely followed by Da Chickz....

We jumped on various yummy eggs....

Then made a nest where we laid quite a few more ickle eggs...

Bad Gaily then decided to hide all the little eggs under some more crepe paper so it looked like they only got 2 little eggs on top and the rest would be a surprise..

..and then everything was hidden under copious amounts of whatever-this-stuff-is and tied it with a bow:


...but they isn't getting it again innit :)

Too Much Like Hard Work atm....

..I like to keep busy tho at the mo so it was fun....

..and the eggs are all wrapped up now so I don't get tempted by them during the week if I have a major wobble...

...reeeesult :)


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hellooo... quickie update

Hopefully this post will work.. the one on my weightloss blog took ages to post stupid blogger....

Got a date for my op/procedure whatsit- May 11th- so at least, as Jaqui says, it will be over in a month or so.. hopefully on the up after that.... it's bad enough with the ME/Fibro but dang if life wants to throw summat else in the mix we'll cope with that too! hehe

Have been posting lots of stuff on Facebook.. got let down again with the whole 'ooh gail make me some cards and I'll buy 3 or 4' shite again :( .. now I have a pile of Easter cards I can't do anything with :( .. so been going thru stuff that I haven't uploaded yet and some newish things too but here's some for those of you without FB

Made lots of earrings but these be my favourites as they have a story behind them.... bought some gorgeous ornate beads from China a while back and when they finally arrived... muuuch smaller than I thought lol :

Little Myz and I had a play with shrink plastic, with varied results:

Sorry Little Myz for spoiling your Hello Kitty one :(

I think I like my stained glass one best... but look at that black and purple diamond one on the left of the photo.... if you hold it up to the light it looks awesome.. on the plate it looks cruddity crud

..but lookie at my Hello Kitty necklace... rock on!

Well that's all from me for now but hope that will keep you going for a while. Weightloss not going so well so have been experimenting with comfort food Slimming World stylee with varied results... it's just my bod at the minute with all its coping with I guess.... once the nasties are eradicated who knows it may all drop off...

..but for now I'm trying to stick to it even though the scales show a gain of 1-2lb a mth.. still lost over 40 and it may all drop off once the nasties go...

..a girl can hope can't she? :)


G xxxx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Birthday Card Thanks

Thanks sooooo much to everyone who took time to make me cards for my birthday at the end of last month- it really means a lot to me that people would take time out to send me something .. big *hugs*

I was waiting til they all got here.. I think the last came on Saturday *baaaad Royal Mail!!* but who knows.... there may be more out there somewhere.....

This one was made by my own Little Myz...

Jaqui made this one for me: classy! (very unlike Chavtastic me but I loves it hehe)

..and also made me some gooorgeous gloves which are really toasty :)

Some random nutty lady made me this card:

I am very proud to have received this card as She's Not A Cardmaker (raises eyebrow) doesn't tend to make cards for people .. on the strength of that I think I'll stop making cards too as I'm definitely not a cardmaker either..... :P

The story behind it is that a couple of years ago she made me a card with my favourite man in the world, Ray Winstone on ... tied to a chair... only I hardly even knew who he this time she decided to put someone she *knew* I definitely liked on the front

*rarrr* Gaily like... :)

This one was from Artydoll.. love it! Love it! xxxx

This one was from Debbie and a really lovely cheery card for me at the moment what with everything going on :)

All these lovely flowers were from Karen and are all decoupaged up .. they'll last far longer than normal flowers so great cheer-up potential for a while :)

More gowwwwjuss flowers from another Karen (so with a base of 2 I can now confirm that Karens Send Flowers hehe)

The inside was soo decorated and gowwwwjus too xxx

This gorgeous in black and white card was from Sarah .. soo purdy


Thanks again so much for the lovely cards you haven't a clue how much it means to me to get all these..just for me :)

Without going into too much boring detail (I don't want to lose any more of you! lol) even though The Powers That Be seem to have decided the past few years I haven't suffered enough and have given my body something else to fight against .. hopefully in a few months The New Nasties will be gone so yeay for that.. waiting for an op date now and then it's Wagons Roll

Eeek... next birthday is The Big 4-0



G xxx