Monday, 4 April 2011

Birthday Card Thanks

Thanks sooooo much to everyone who took time to make me cards for my birthday at the end of last month- it really means a lot to me that people would take time out to send me something .. big *hugs*

I was waiting til they all got here.. I think the last came on Saturday *baaaad Royal Mail!!* but who knows.... there may be more out there somewhere.....

This one was made by my own Little Myz...

Jaqui made this one for me: classy! (very unlike Chavtastic me but I loves it hehe)

..and also made me some gooorgeous gloves which are really toasty :)

Some random nutty lady made me this card:

I am very proud to have received this card as She's Not A Cardmaker (raises eyebrow) doesn't tend to make cards for people .. on the strength of that I think I'll stop making cards too as I'm definitely not a cardmaker either..... :P

The story behind it is that a couple of years ago she made me a card with my favourite man in the world, Ray Winstone on ... tied to a chair... only I hardly even knew who he this time she decided to put someone she *knew* I definitely liked on the front

*rarrr* Gaily like... :)

This one was from Artydoll.. love it! Love it! xxxx

This one was from Debbie and a really lovely cheery card for me at the moment what with everything going on :)

All these lovely flowers were from Karen and are all decoupaged up .. they'll last far longer than normal flowers so great cheer-up potential for a while :)

More gowwwwjuss flowers from another Karen (so with a base of 2 I can now confirm that Karens Send Flowers hehe)

The inside was soo decorated and gowwwwjus too xxx

This gorgeous in black and white card was from Sarah .. soo purdy


Thanks again so much for the lovely cards you haven't a clue how much it means to me to get all these..just for me :)

Without going into too much boring detail (I don't want to lose any more of you! lol) even though The Powers That Be seem to have decided the past few years I haven't suffered enough and have given my body something else to fight against .. hopefully in a few months The New Nasties will be gone so yeay for that.. waiting for an op date now and then it's Wagons Roll

Eeek... next birthday is The Big 4-0



G xxx


  1. Fantabulous Birthday Cards missus (although Carmen lying on her desk make me choke on my tea ROFL) Glad they cheered you up. MMMWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAH!! Jaqui x

  2. Glad we cheered you up ,thats what friends are for
    xxx Tina

  3. Another one here glad that they cheered you up. I hope you had a really lovely birthday. I wish I was only 40 next lol xx