Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dad's Prezzie and card

Gone coaster mad now that I have eventually found some that will fit cross stitches in without copious amounts of glue and a tatty look as a result...

Here in case you wanted to know for the cross stitch items

So here's dad's present for Sunday..

... a rather apt coaster apart from the fact that he drinks lager not beer but maybe he won't notice ;)

We sent 2 of my super hero cards to him- one from Gary and me and the other from the kiddie winkles...

Little Myz wrote inside her card

Awww...Happy Grandad! hehehe ... quite impressed actually, she's 5 next month *beams like a proud mummy*

Eek .. running out of coasters now though... no more money left in PayPal so I'd better start selling the children lol....

I also seem to have lost 4 pounds this week somehow.... and Gary is in ideal weight range now... so time to start the cream spiking of his dinners ;)



Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Serenity Panda


Found this poor dirty cross stitch I'd made years ago today. Not a clue when but son-of-mine is 12 now and he was a bubba at the time.. probably from a cross stitch magazine ...

I've called him Serenity Panda... I feel calmer just looking at the picture glad I got some square frames a few weeks ago :)


Bit more done on mystery project

Will probably be really obvious soon lol ah well it will take me months to finish at this rate! 'Spesh if I continue to bodge things up with my 'supposed to be funny' projects on my subversive blog


Life...oh life... oh li-i-i-i-iiiiife oh life

Doo doo doo dooooooo


Monday, 24 May 2010

I sold a card!

I sold a card! I sold a card! A card I sold!

What did I sell? A CARD???!!??????

LOL.... I've got so used to people commissioning a card then not bothering to pay or even tell me! people looking through my card box and saying ooh save that one for me... which I do... and they never bother to buy it!

It's the one with the flower mum and 60 on it.... £2

Two pounds!

I got cash in my purse!!!!???!!!

LOL off to lay down with a cold bottle of water now..... tiring enough getting Little Myz to school but all this other excitement too! ... at least it's only due to get to 19 degrees today- London said THIRTY! thanks! They can keep it!



Friday, 21 May 2010

Grrrrrr Stoopid life


....just as you think nothing can get worse it does.... life really trying to test me right now so I decided to get my head down and make some 60th birthday cards.. it's my mum's at end of June and someone's asked me to make her one for her mum with 'no love, but 60 on it'

Not sure whether she'd want either of these but I think they turned out ok

This one was made with the Crafter's Companion spring/summer papers and alphabet

This one has flowers on it that look nice and chubby (but still fit in envelope! yeay!)

As I said, just playing about to take my mind off things... in The Good Old Days I'd have had a huge scrub of the house but at the moment even walking is a bit of a wobble-fest (and not only because I'm ten tonne tessie! ;) ) so I can't imagine what scrubbing would do to the feebleness that is my bod right now!

Didn't really work so I made a cheesecake you can see here.. Slimming World friendly and the whole load only 'costs' 1 HExB .... champion!

..I think the cheesecake did the trick .... for a bit.... then later when it wears off I'll be attacking the other one... maybe ;)


*special hugs to my bezzy crazy-mate*


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Life...oh life...oh li-i-i-i-ife oh life, doo doo doo doo....

So cheesed off :(

Sister's keyring never got there now.... wth? :(

Lost 2 pounds last week though so that takes it to 12 over a month...coolio....

Made some nice onion bhajis.. maybe I'll make them again to cheer myself up later if my legs play ball so I can use them for more than 5 mins at a time lol....

Made these yesterday... omg shrink plastic goes sooo small doesn't it? I hadn't realised just how small.... going to have to redo I think with larger letters and numbers lol... the finger in that photo is Little Myz' !!!!!

Can you tell what my next cross stitch project is?


*big hugs*

Life, oh life, oh liiiifffeee, doo doo doo dooooooo...


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dad Keyring

Been playing about with the keyrings I got in 'That Lot' of coasters, keyrings and fridge magnets that don't seem to want to close over cross stitch very well :(

Going to try with one thread and see if it's better... otherwise I'll have to print things onto paper to give as presents instead lol


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Keyring for sister

Designed a little keyring for my sister

Her birthday was on the 5th May but some thief has stolen her card between here and there .. with £20 in :(

I can't afford to send the money again and she said not to worry but I do :(

Little keyring defo beats nothing innit :)



Camera things

Ebay things selling well- very relieved lol

Here are some photos from my camera of things I made before xxx



Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ebay (revisited) lol

OK listed 14 things on Ebay

Couple sold already which covers all the listing fees I paid (decided to go BIN for half of them which wasn't free lol)

Scoured the house for things to sell lol... got an mp3 player, audio books, acrylic paint sets, collagen supplements (lol) , Earth Shoes and CSI/Dr Who/Life on Mars DVDS... so who wouldn't want to buy all of those? They are really important and useful things, right? lol....

So the only way is up now.... week I could be buying more stashtastic stuff! :)



EDIT: lol 19 things up now... found some ps3 games I hardly played and some anna sui... come on.... get sold my pretties! lol

Friday, 7 May 2010


How many of you have ever sold anything on Ebay?

I have.... lots...

How many of you have actually ended up losing money because you underestimated the postage?

...*raises hand*

LOL hopefully I won't get anything wrong this weekend as it's FREEEEEEEEEEE listing weekend- well for auctions anyway. I think ones up to 99p are usually free anyway (not a clue lol) but I think any amount start is good for this weekend...and free!

...need to raise some cash to finance the more healthy eating Slimming World lifestyle... and to buy stash.. I really need to buy stash... haven't bought any in nearly 3 weeks!!!! I know! Scaaaanadalous!



Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What's on my Table Wednesday

Ok what *was* on my table, she's at school now...

As an antidote to the tidytastic that is Carmen today here is mine...

...with a scared kiddy on top ;)



Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Forever Friends cards

Had everything sorted out to make these cards weeks and weeks ago... just hadn't got round to it so threw them together this morning...

...some are experimental so I don't like them.. think I'll stick to same paper all round in future lol... experimental cards don't suit me and you need crafty brains for it to actually work out...

Don't like this one... too clashy...

Not sure about this one... I sort of like it but the same paper would have been better methinks...

Football! Woohoo who doesn't like football? ... oh, a lot of you eh? lol...

Watch that paw, mr DIY bear!


Well.. I had fun and that's what counts! lol.....

As usual, started the session because Little Myz needed a distraction from feeling poorly... but she lost interest very quickly...



Card for sister and one more

Made these last week

One for one of my sisters...

Almost identical one for card stash... I think I prefer this one it is layered so comes out at you more.. I made my sister's one second since I realised I hadn't backed the paper on left in silver... but.... still prefer the first one lol



SS Done...

Finally get it done after all this time and it's crud.. it didn't work as I thought it would and I even got dirt on it

..but it's done



Saturday, 1 May 2010

SS update

Not in a good place right now.. only got this far before today and today my head is all fuzzy, I can't even look at a monitor too long without feeling woozy, and I hate being so wibbly wobbly!

Getting dead peeved now... I'm supposed to be feeling better not worse! lol

Scotty beam me up