Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ebay (revisited) lol

OK listed 14 things on Ebay

Couple sold already which covers all the listing fees I paid (decided to go BIN for half of them which wasn't free lol)

Scoured the house for things to sell lol... got an mp3 player, audio books, acrylic paint sets, collagen supplements (lol) , Earth Shoes and CSI/Dr Who/Life on Mars DVDS... so who wouldn't want to buy all of those? They are really important and useful things, right? lol....

So the only way is up now.... week I could be buying more stashtastic stuff! :)



EDIT: lol 19 things up now... found some ps3 games I hardly played and some anna sui... come on.... get sold my pretties! lol


  1. Pssssst, you shoulda put the link. Free advertising and all that jazz ;) ;)

    Here's to more stash buying soon eh? Am aiming for a set of stamps for my next weightloss incentive seeing as my Ally Pally fund is now a lappy fund because my pc is going to die... soon methinks :(

  2. Nooo don't die, Carmen's PC.......


    Nah don't like links.. someone people take it too far and look at everything you bought...hate Ebay stalkers who know yer business...

    Plus if you put a link to anything you sell then UKS can ban you from advertising your site on there can'#t they?

    ...when I remember to post on UKS that