Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Quick Helloooo and Update

Air hair lair....

Just thought I'd do a quick update although i'm sure most of you are friends on Facebook.. if not why not??!!?? :p

So much easier to update Facebook as just take photos with my phone and upload them from there to Facebook don't even have to turn my PC on...

Anyway there's been some of this

..and some of this...

..and lots of these...

....some curly hair

..and some purple hair


..and lots of resting....

So I hope you all had a fab Christmas and if you aren't a fan of my Myz pages then please do join if you want, or else you'll miss all my fabness when i don't post here



Happy New Year



Sunday, 12 December 2010


Ooh don't we all like sales!

Desperate attempt to shift a lot of stuff from Myz Designs and Subversive Myz facebook pages due to people ordering things and not paying.. a few left overs etc.. before Christmas

If I told you something was taken and you still wanted it please check in case it's actually there because i was stupid enough to make things before asking people to pay.... when people say they will buy things they aren't always honest

That was my Lesson Number One... lol

Think link to Myz Designs is on the right ----->
If you are naughty-minded you can get to Sub Myz from that page :)

Got lots to blog but not been so well lately so it will all probably come in a huge lump or Ghost-written again lol

*hugs* and *miss you like crazy* s


Or if you make something I luuurve or can't make myself I'm into the whole swapping thing.. I likes it I does :)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I have a very shiny nose!

.....and did you ever see me?
you would even say it gloooows :P

I saw the dogs getting in on the act and I just *had* to jump on a card

Hi I'm Rudolph.... :)

I come from the land of Smirk and so do my backing papers :)

I don't care about all the other reindeer laughing and calling me names.... and letting me join in their silly reindeer games... I think this card looks brilliant

..like my nose ;)

Very glitter feely-tastic! :)



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Our Creative Corner- Tag you're it
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Charismacardz- One for the girls
Ooh La la- Rudolph

Doggy Spotty Stripy Christmas card


I saw my doggy mate get some action the other day so I jumped onto a card myself...

Mistress says I come from the country Paper Nation and am a breed of dog known as 'Decoupage' apparently....



- Anything Goes
Daring Cardmakers- spotty stripy Christmas
Craftycatz- Christmas


Smirktastic Christmas Shopping

Hello :)

Message for Jackie- Bubbles is hiding inside from the snow ;)

Oooh girlies just love shopping at Christmas time so here is a card to celebrate

The die cuts are from the Smirk Christmas collection, as is the backing paper. Easy card but quite effective :)


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Thursday, 25 November 2010


Ello *woof*

I decided to get into the Christmassy mood and rolled over and over in My Mistress' stickles to make myself blingtastic

I then heard the command 'card!' so dutifully jumped onto a shiny oval scalloped piece of card and arranged myself onto a lovely snowflake backing paper and flung some bling into the corners

I hope Mistress is very proud of me... I think I look mint! :)


Crafts and Me- Dreaming of a white Christmas (snowflakes)
Cards for Men- Christmas Card


Forever Friends bear card

Mmmm.... bears ...

You either love 'em or hate 'em

If you hate 'em look away nooowww! :P

Straightforward ( well ok so not straight edges ;) ) card but I think it sort of works :)

Backing paper from Forever Friends papers book and ribbons from Crafty Ribbons again.. if a type of ribbon isn't there that you want... I doubt you really wanted it anyway :p


Forever friends - Chocolate/ Cake
Critter Challenge Blog- Food ( cake is a food! it's the best food!!! lol)
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Non traditional xmas colour card

Fiddly fiddled about with some non-traditional papers and a tag and came up with this card:

Boring but pretty in its own way :)

Stamp Scrap and doodle: sketch
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Paintbox Poppets card

I made this card with my paintbox Poppets decoupage and added some green doodliness with my green el cheapo pen and some ribbons from Crafty Ribbons

Extreme close-up ... woooaaahhhhh (woo I miss Waynes World lol)


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ABC Challenge- Ice and Snow
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Cross stitched Christmas Fingie

This is a Christmas decoration giftie for someone which I hope they'll like.

Apparently we are due some snow this week- hope it gets lost on the way and never gets here!!!


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Friday, 12 November 2010

What's making me smile Friday

Going through it a bit at the moment- think I feel worse and more weepy since I can't even play with my craft stuff much :/ .. addict huh? :P

No matter....you know what day it is dontchya?...

So delved deep into myself to find a Crunchie Friday Feeling and here it is:

Living room craft stash of Little Myz at beginning of week:

End of week:

Nuff said....

Slow And Steady Wins The Race For A Tidier Living Room.....

..and of course it's Friday which means I can get all my nice rest over the weekend!!!!

Plus Little Myz has been upset for weeks as the class crocodile is given to The Person Who Has Behaved Best That Week (.. or something! ;) ) and she's been upset every week she didn't get it as she hadn't got a clue why not...


Proud Little Myz

Hugglies to the crocster!

Go Little Myz!

So c'mon that has to be good for No Weekend Crying At All eh?

My little baby...awwwww......

Been doing some colouring and a bit of the odd cutting out has been done so hopefully when I get Back On That Horsie it will look like I'm really motoring as sticking takes No Time At All :)

Did I show you these? I forget.... I sometimes save things so I can post when I feel more yuck than usual so people don't notice ;)

I can't show you other coasters as they are Too Naughty For This Blog but they are up on Subversive Myz facebook page if yer bothered.. and naughty enough to enjoy them ;)

Biggus Hugguses and Squishy Kissies to those of you not offended by them

..and *sedate waves* to the rest lol


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Woo! Earrings!

Sorry for lack of updates- not really been making even cards recently. Saving energy for walking Little Myz to school and then resting so I can pick her up.. wow lovely life! lol

Aaanyway was stuck in bed resting again today and decided to have a play and try to finish my earrings... I bought some stuff over a year ago to have a play with and intended on getting jewellery mags or something as a teacher but I never got round to it. So i thought hey ho look at some you have and see what they look like ...

Those of you that make jewellery please look away now..they have probably not been made 'right' but i don't care I needed to create *something* to make myself feel better lol

So i got a dangly whatnot making sure i had two of them ;)

Attached 2 jump rings:

Saw I had balls from somewhere... wondered how to use them... so put 2 on a bigger jump ring

Nother jump ring and an earing whatsit and...you gots earrings!

Lookee! They even go in some ears! lol

Ok so they are pretty dire and I prob didn't make them as anyone else makes them. I am a 'shove it and see' sorta gal...

...they haven't fallen apart yet tho and I've been wearing them for 30 mins..get in! lol

..and they made me a bit brighter too so go me!

*hugs* and hope I am back to 'My Normal' of at least staying in touch with you all soon.

*more hugs*

G xxxx

Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween! Woooo!

Bit cheesed off and weepy at the moment. I really enjoy Halloween and going out with the kids but this year I just couldn't... I have to get Little Myz to school for the rest of the week and if I'd have gone out they wouldn't have been able to stay out for as long and I'd have no doubt knackered myself even *more* for the foreseeable...

...I so hate my body ...*le sigh*

Anyway I was proud to Do My Bit before The Event and we made some little Trick or treat bags

I painted Little Myz' face

..and she became a very, very scary and totally eeebil witch!!!

...no, nobody just broke wind, she was trying to look scary lol!

Note the lovely headgear.. I hadn't been able to make her a witche's hat so we got a witch's boob tube top and shoved it on.. it looked rather effective I feel.. much more so than if she'd gone out as a witch with her cute blonde ringlets :)

Son-of-mine did what 12 year olds usually do and wore his outfit from last year that was shoved at the bottom of his really messy wardrobe... well Mum Got it Out.... along with all the other stuff I threw into the middle of his room that is going to take him AGES to sort out but Must Go Where It Belongs.... mwah ha HA ha haaaaaa.... who said only witches can be evil? ;p

Hope you had a good time. As I say I'm feeing rather deflated and weepy at the moment but hopefully it will pass soon I have just about run out of Unblogged cards so won't be able to enter any more challenges until I make some more...

..oh noooooes lol

*big hugs*


Friday, 29 October 2010

Thinking pink!

Goodness me I hope Blogger sorts its life out soon.. takes all day off and on to blog lol

I got this little fella from Bugaboo.. isn't he the sweetest?

Coloured him in with cinnamon and shale promarkers then showered him with pink and blinginess to commemorate that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month .. what better way than to
send a card to someone that has come out of the other side or is currently fighting the dreadful thing!

I would like to enter him into these challenges this week:

Catch the Bug- What's Your Cause?
Paper Cutz- Breast Cancer Awareness
Totallypapercrafts- Bling It On

*big squishy hugs*



Fiiiiiiiiiinally managed to fulfil my October Challenge cross stitch project with 2 days to spare....

For a while it looked like I wasn't going to do it as most was done in the first 2 weeks then the dizziness hit so at the moment can only do a very short time before I have to stop.

However, with Little Myz at her Nanny and Grandad's house for the week I have been able to leave it out and do it as and when instead of having to keep hiding it from Little Myz :)


Me very, very excited at having finished it! lol

Just the framing to do which I should be able to do by Christmas and that's Another Cross Stitch Gift Ready To Roll :)


Another Animal Xmas card :)

Ok very much hoping that *this* is a guinea pig...but I'm sure you'll tell me if not :)

Got out the blingety bling tubes for his little hat to make him all Christmastastic!

I would like to enter him (guinea pig or not! lol ) into the following challenges:

The Crafty pad
- Christmas Theme
Quixotic Inspirations- Christmas
Fussy and fancy- Winter Wonderland
Paper Gardens Projects- Holiday cards
2 sisters challenges- Anything Goes
Wee Memories- Cute Holidays

Silver 40th Birthday Card

I made this card as an order for a friend. It's her sister's 40th Birthday soon and all I was given as direction was '40th', 'sister' and 'silver/ gold'

I agonised for well over a week and decided I couldn't put silver *and* gold on what I wanted to do so at first I tried gold... cue much throwing away of cards That Don't Quite Work... you know how I am! lol... a few days ago I had a flash of inspiration...

Et voila!

Nothing ultra-special but i hope a nice elegant card for her :)

I would love to enter this card in these challenges:

Fab N Funky - Keeping it clean and simple
C.R.A.F.T. Challenge- Monotone
Totally Gorjuss- Sparkle

Eep I lost my challenge list... bbl lol