Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween! Woooo!

Bit cheesed off and weepy at the moment. I really enjoy Halloween and going out with the kids but this year I just couldn't... I have to get Little Myz to school for the rest of the week and if I'd have gone out they wouldn't have been able to stay out for as long and I'd have no doubt knackered myself even *more* for the foreseeable...

...I so hate my body ...*le sigh*

Anyway I was proud to Do My Bit before The Event and we made some little Trick or treat bags

I painted Little Myz' face

..and she became a very, very scary and totally eeebil witch!!!, nobody just broke wind, she was trying to look scary lol!

Note the lovely headgear.. I hadn't been able to make her a witche's hat so we got a witch's boob tube top and shoved it on.. it looked rather effective I feel.. much more so than if she'd gone out as a witch with her cute blonde ringlets :)

Son-of-mine did what 12 year olds usually do and wore his outfit from last year that was shoved at the bottom of his really messy wardrobe... well Mum Got it Out.... along with all the other stuff I threw into the middle of his room that is going to take him AGES to sort out but Must Go Where It Belongs.... mwah ha HA ha haaaaaa.... who said only witches can be evil? ;p

Hope you had a good time. As I say I'm feeing rather deflated and weepy at the moment but hopefully it will pass soon I have just about run out of Unblogged cards so won't be able to enter any more challenges until I make some more...

..oh noooooes lol

*big hugs*



  1. Gail, these are great pics of the kiddos. Love the eebil witch and especially the head piece. I agree blonde ringlets just don't project that scary witch feeling.

  2. Fabby pictures. You still did an amazing job even when poorly so don't feel deflated, I know you missed going out but look what you DID do for them :)

  3. love the look on little myz's face it's priceless