Saturday, 25 July 2009

Kiddy Doings

Still not feeling so great but just to show you I'm still alive here's what the kids have been up to.

Little Myz, just turned 4, had a go at colouring in a Tilda stamped image I had with watercolour pencils then adding water with her huuuuge paint brush lol... turned out rather great really considering the size of the brush

Son-of-mine aged 11 had a go at throwing ingredients into a bowl to make cakes Like Mummy Does but it seems he needs more practise! Far too much sugar made them flat but they tasted like candy floss..num num :)

..and little Myz again made In The Night Garden biscuits.... nummy

..and here's what happened when mummy tried to use Little Myz' paint brush to add water... rather a worse job than a 4 year old could do... so I'll crawl back in my cave for a few more days I think.... I'm running out of stamped images cos I keep ballsing them up!.... it's getting expensive hehe. Still haven't worked out how to edit the page so it doesn't look scrappy...I keep previewing and moving til it looks ok then publish but Blogger doesn't publish the way it just showed me in preview usually!!!!! lol

See you again when I venture back out of my pit

*hugs* to those who need them

G xxxx

Friday, 17 July 2009

End of term craftiness! .. and Smiley Bears!

Not sure what's up with me at the moment, but tried to jolt myself out of it making some more cards to give to Little Myz's teachers.

We did rather well I think on some, not so well on others.

Then we turned our attentions to the long stringy shiny plastic lace things that we had in a bundle and I decided to try to make Little Myz some little bracelets... well, she was impressed and that's what counts lol ...

I managed to find the place selling the Smiley Bears decoupage I wanted at the lowest price so was glad to have those arrive too... they seem to be selling the whole range cheaper so maybe once I get some more money together I'll buy myself the other 2 sets :) ... we'll see how these go first!!!! ..... Get Yours Here

So here's hoping I can cattle prod my way out of this...I hate feeling like this and we have the whole holiday stretching out in front of us yet! lol......

*hugs* to those of you out there who need them and ninja *hugs* to Carmen who's just a star :) xxxxx

Monday, 13 July 2009

Everything's going boobies up...

Having not had a very excellent few days I decided to try some 'easy' cards.... however it didn't turn out that way... I thought the idea of packs was that you had the hard thinking done for you and you just had to calmly arrange the bits on the card...ahh decoupage.... nice...comforting... relaxing... didn't exactly turn out like that..... I have this pack from one of the lots I have bought in the looks easy... but as you can see in the second photo with the card I *finally* managed to make after 90 mins... skinny-legged fairies are not easy to cut out.... I kept cutting things off accidentally that shouldn't have been cut off so I ended up with just the decoupaged fairy and two heads of a flower.... and this was the one I picked out from 12 others as looking 'the easiest' ... should I give up now? ... swap them?...burn them?..... lol.... answers on a postcard or a comment before my head totally blows up *are* you supposed to cut these out????

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* .... hope you are having a more productive week, and if you are please send some ability my way before all my cardmaking stuff ends up on the bonfire....... grrrrrrrrrrrr... lol

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blog Candies

Today I have been introduced to the many many generous people that have blog candies on their blog. They give away loads of things out of the goodness of their hearts, just to make other people's days... When i have more of a craft stash together I'll probably give it a go myself.. there would probably be an excellent chance of winning as there aren't many people that come here- we are like an exclusive club.. all drawn together because we love coming here, looking at my cards, and saying WOW I'm great at crafting, cos look at hers!!!! ;) ... so stick with me you could be a winner...will prob be a while yet though so you have to have staying power ;)

I think I have done the links on the right ok so you can click on them and have a look at all the gorgeousness that is out there.. Carmen has told me how I should be able to put pics there so I may do that when I get a break from looking at all the loveliness that is out there...but I think there are so many generous people that I wouldn't be able to fit it all on if it all had pics as well! :0

Would you like to see the silliness Little Myz and I got up to yesterday afternoon?... well you are going to anyway! :p... We were playing with my Sizzix flower shapes and decided they looked too flat so we threw them through the crinkle mangle thing I have and here's what we got hehe... she did just as well as me so that either makes her very mature or me very immature.... how mature my daughter is!!! hehe ... anyway we decided it's A Good Thing that they were crinkly..they really did look boring without :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ho Hum

Made some more of the Mr Men cards today to see whether I'd make a better job... unfortunately I met a slight hitch when I discovered Little Myz had left the top off the glue yesterday so that's unuseable now *rolls eyes* but I found a small amount of liquid glue and used that...warped the card a bit so hopefully I'll be able to get more 'nice but expensive' glue soon lol....

So here they are... nothing special but most influenced heavily by those pictured in the magazine Let's Make Cards so I guess maybe it's me with the problem- don't know ok cards when I see them lol.... I showed hubby the cards I made with the invertage/pyrimage kit from Create and Craft and he said he didn't like them...I think it's more the patterns than the way they are made.... wish I hadn't bought them now...... for a lot less money I could have got the Smiley Bears that are on there at the moment :( .. can't afford them now but they look ace....anyone out there got them yet? .... lol anyone want to swap anything younger for the 'oldie' pyrimage things? Only made 2 out of about 40 cards the rest is sitting there looking forlorn.... I don't think I know enough old people lol.....

I kept seeing people take photos of their work areas on Wednesdays so here is mine... there is a table under there I assure you


Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Little Myz and her new Peppa Pig stamps she got for her birthday....

Feeling really 'Meh' card wise at the moment... don't know if it's a regular thing with people that make cards but I am really enthusiastic...I really want to make cards....but whatever I make just
doesn't seem right... it's really annoying.....

The cards look like they would be Little Myz's rejects or something..... do you think maybe it's because I had to make sooo many cards for people over the past few weeks that I'm All Carded Out? lol.... does anyone else get times like this?

....or is it only me?

I'm just glad we didn't all get washed away yesterday...wasn't that a really huge amount of rain?? All of our square was underwater (well the car bit was!) but this morning it was all gone... very spooky....