Friday, 25 January 2013

Rocking my week- 4



Hope you have had a good week. As for me I found these positives

* lost 1lb
* did little cross stitch
* had a big laugh at telly programmes
* stayed in contact.

The last one was the most Yeay.for a lot of week I wasn't about online and I don't get people visit so that is my social life.someone contacted me every day on my phone with email and message with funny thing or photo. It was lovely. Health and may fail me sometimes but some friends make up for it by always being there. Woo

Hope you had good week.big hugs if you didn't.mmmmwah.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's rocking my week- week 3

Hello xxxx

Not good week this week pain and mobility what's new lol...buuut I have found some gemmy gemmingtons there for your perusal :)

Less weight

Lost 3lb this week. Ok so been quite unwell even for me so next week there might be very bad news there...but this week It's a woooooo lol

New things

Made a new thing this week.roasted chick peas. Photo on health blog.they were quite num.always worth trying something new even if you have to spend all 40 mins sat on your arris by the oven so you can turn them lol

Pretty things

Made some pretties this week.hopefully next week I'll make some not so pretties that little myz won't covet lol

Will try to get someone to link this up and move some shizz about later but til then I bid you goodbye and give you some lovely hugs to get you through week

Friday, 11 January 2013

What's rocking my world this week

Not been well at all so was difficult but found some.

1- The excitement of Little Myz

She went on a school trip yesterday and She Was A Roman ..and she enjoyed it a lot... she was so excited that she couldn't get to sleep a couple of nights bless her.. and today she has swimming for the first time so it's been a great week for her and by osmosis a great week for me as I sucked in her joy lol

2. games on tablet and phone
Been playing these but not so much as been quite bleurgh yucky but this is what happens when you leave Warwick alone for 2 days without exercising, feeding, entertaining him.... so think I might leave this one as it's proving to be a little crap.. I go back after a few days and it takes me 20 mins to get him up to scratch so I can do missions..and I'm too tired to actually PLAY! lol.... still enjoying the sweet game thing even though everyone I introduced to it seems to be overtaking me but hey I like it I dont really care's the journey not the first past the post that counts :) 
3 Mint Ease
My favouritest and my best this week.. won this a while back- it's usually used by athletes but when I'm having a very bad foot and leg day it's quite soothing for me.. not quite sure what I'm gonna do when it rns out cos it's really expensive lol.. but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it
Sorry it was a short one but those are 3 things that have made my life better tthis week.. why don't you go and make a post for yourself .. you could be surprised at what positives you find xxx
If you do you can link up here with the rockingest most positive lady I know.. so we can all take strength from your positives too

Friday, 4 January 2013

Today's rocking even more


OMG after I finalised and got someone to link up my last post I got a text from my supermatey Diane asking if the postie had been so I pulled myself downstairs and awaited him.

Diane makes such supercool cards and I was feeling in need of one today- I thought it was a card..but it was...

LOL excuse the leaning against the wall having a tired day but wheeee......
Hmm... next week's going to have to be just as good now, you hear me, Powers That Be??? lol 
So big huge addition.. DIANE.. she rocks my world every week in some way or another despite having a 2012 that would have floored a rhinocerous.... LOVE YOU DIANE mmmmwah

What's Rocking My Week

Not sure if this will make sense. Might get someone to give once over before it is posted doing on phone sort of sucks but at least the post gets done lol...but I'd like to start year as I mean to go on so here is what's been rocking my week this week

My son being here

I missed him like crazy the whole Christmas week...his dad had never had him over Christmas and I figured he'd probably be gone in few years anyway. So asked him if he wanted to go and spend it with his dad. So Sunday 23rd to last Sunday he wasn't here. It was a lot more difficult without him here so I definitely appreciate him that much more. You don't know what you have til It's not there. Maybe I should come and stay with one of you for a week then people might appreciate what little I can do about the house lol


After the past few years it has been very painful to see so many of my friends having babies. Each baby born has made the pain less and the joy more....someone I know had A baby on new year's day and it was the first time I felt a lot more joy than pain ...oh she is so Yeay for more joy when there are new bundles of baby about the place.


I settled this week for buying something and not making myself ill trying to craft something for someone's birthday. Probably no biggie for most people but I not only settled...I was actually happy about it...because I had saved what energy I had to give to the kids and spend more time.

My nan

Seeing my nan last weekend was ace. At first we couldn't see a way to get down there as although mum and Dad only live 90 mins away the journey isn't such a good thing and couldnt do it in one day. Knew if we stayed there I'd try to be more social and make things worse so we stayed over somewhere and went to see them in morning. I love my nan <3 she hugged me so hard my glasses I think she loves me too lol....

Days inn

They take dogs!!!!! I was able to stay over when we went to see the family as you are allowed dogs in there...even on the bed!!!!! That was a massive positive this week as since we got her from rescue she hasn't been in a kennel so I was very worried that we would have to. Yeay

Games on tablet/mobile

Not only can I blog on mobile I can also darn well play with my friends. Bed will be a big part of my life for a wee while so being able to play games with my friends even tho they are so far away is a major Yeay. Isn't technology fabbytastic? ....

So yeah I think that is all. Been working in the week on it and trying to sort out spelling and fat wobbly hand letter errors but sorry if It's not too coherent.

I hope your week has been a good one. Happy 2013 and I wish you all the best xxxxxx feel free to write a post might be surprised what positives might lurk in your week if you have a good look


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Health blog

Been posting on and off. Hopefully now I can blog on my phone can be more often. Sent out invites but if you didn't get them email me or send me fb message with your email address in as I only have the email address that I have registered on my phone

...and if you haven't a clue what I'm on about just move along....nothing to see x