Friday, 25 January 2013

Rocking my week- 4



Hope you have had a good week. As for me I found these positives

* lost 1lb
* did little cross stitch
* had a big laugh at telly programmes
* stayed in contact.

The last one was the most Yeay.for a lot of week I wasn't about online and I don't get people visit so that is my social life.someone contacted me every day on my phone with email and message with funny thing or photo. It was lovely. Health and may fail me sometimes but some friends make up for it by always being there. Woo

Hope you had good week.big hugs if you didn't.mmmmwah.


  1. Yay for contact from people, losing a pound, cross stitching and laughter - always a positive! I hope your health is kinder to you in the next seven days and that you have some positive rocking moments!


  2. Just been reading last weeks post too. Well done on all the weight loss Gail :-) And all the makes too both crafty and foodie.

    Yay for the internet. Don't know how I'd live without it :-)