Friday, 4 January 2013

Today's rocking even more


OMG after I finalised and got someone to link up my last post I got a text from my supermatey Diane asking if the postie had been so I pulled myself downstairs and awaited him.

Diane makes such supercool cards and I was feeling in need of one today- I thought it was a card..but it was...

LOL excuse the leaning against the wall having a tired day but wheeee......
Hmm... next week's going to have to be just as good now, you hear me, Powers That Be??? lol 
So big huge addition.. DIANE.. she rocks my world every week in some way or another despite having a 2012 that would have floored a rhinocerous.... LOVE YOU DIANE mmmmwah


  1. Oh a double rocking post that I can cope with!

  2. Fabulous surprise, your smile says it all x x