Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I hate rub-ons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, they are The Devil's Work..... aren't Papermania ones meant to be good? lol.....

As usual I spent aaaaages trying to work out this scrap page.... and had everything laid out and pondered about for days....

..I've even messed up entirely as I decided to .... Take Part In A Challenge!!!! ... but that was for scalloped CIRCLES not OVALS... Myz you are an idiot...no challenge for juuuuu :P

..and then things go even more wrongerer.....

I don't have many things that 'match' in my stash but as I said to my Bezzie only this morning that's something A Good Thing... you think more.... If I had a whole loads of bits that Fit Together I'd no doubt end up with the same thing everyone else is making... innit? :)

Aaaaaanyway... I had this:

Nothing special, but I decided less bling and changed the ribbons to less blingtastic ones.... and then

*music of doom* bom, bom bOOOOOOOOOm.......

I tried to put the rub ons on....

Hmmm... ok that didn't work

A panic and a fret later I thought ahhhhhhhh look I tried to use them over glitter... silly Myz! Ok, why don't you just rub them all onto card and cut them out?

As you can see that didn't work either....

So I had to break out The Big Guns..... and made some on the PC and cut them out.. with hindsight I think darker to match all the rest of the toppers would have been A Good Thing but the PC was upstairs and my creation was downstairs so I sort of guessed....

The rub ons would have matched :(

Anyway this is the finished article...

...it'll do I guess... *sigh*

One year old and 5 years old to go... and then I'll find out I can't work the Bind It All... won't that be fun, children? ;)

In case you are interested here is the finished one from last week (or was it the week before I forget lol)

I hope you are all having a nice crafty week. We've made hubby 40th birthday cards for The Big Event at the end of the week... pity about the no cash to send him out partying with his mates but at least we could make him some cards...

I won't post them here yet though as he lurks on my blog sometimes... not a clue what he thinks I might be saying about him ;)


G xxx

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I need a hero!

Will gloss over the first part as if I whinge too much I'll slap myself lol...

Mr Myz was made redundant last Tuesday so things are a bit up in the air at the moment.. well *more* up in the air....lol so if you are waiting for a cross stitch to be made/designed/spoken to you about give me another couple of weeks then hopefully will be able to sort my head out

Positives in Mr Myz Being made Redundant

-If he can't find a job we're entitled to free school meals. £20 a week for both, which no way could we afford when he was working! Little Myz had dinners one day a week with her friend....

-If he can't find a job he's available for school walks for a while. A Good Thing as I'm not even up to cruddy Normal Myz health yet lol....

I can't remember the other one but it was A Bloody Good Point. ;)

He may be considering moving to London to work in the week but I think that's more a last resort...hopefully... lol....

Anyway, after this yuck week I Need A Hero....

So here are 2 coasters I made ;)

They take far longer to make than my usual coasters but I think they are so much neater innit :)

Hope you like them


Gail xxx

P.S. I lost 2.5 pounds this week so 40 pounds so far.... I'm hoping the health is going to catch up later on but you can't have everything... I can look thinner laying in bed now so yeay! lol xxx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

My 3rd scrap page

Wasn't entirely sure whether to post this....

..been working on it a while but it only seemed to go backwards...

...never mind, we all have to start somewhere so I'm posting it

Whether or not I'll delete the post is undecided right now lol.....

On The Real Thing eyes seem to be first drawn to the cake as it's sparkly and more proud of the surface than anything else, then attention gets drawn to the middle photo as the brown is intentionally darker than the rest of the page

..which is what I wanted.....

....but still not entirely sure it 'worked' ....

Hubby despairs and says, "Well you didn't expect to be great straight off did you?"

..well actually yes I did.... lol... I've spent so long at The Planning Stage you'd think I'd be making masterpieces right now!!!!! :)

goodness me though what a lot of ribbon! lol

It originally had journalling on but we decided It Was Too Much so it didn't make the final cut.... general consensus was that there are words on the backing paper so it was agreed it could be classed as A Scrap Page...just ;)



Friday, 20 August 2010

Digi scrap play about

Decided today was the day to put the finishing touches on my garish Little Myz digi scrap page so I thought I'd share it with you. Aren't I nice? lol

It's garish, there's *far* too much going on but I love it.... I think it suits her personality or something hehe

Wasn't quite sure how to share it as I made it in My Craft Studio so I printed it out then scanned it so it looks better than it does here... marginally ;)

Little Myz loves it anyway so That's What Counts ;)



Thursday, 19 August 2010

Little Devil Scrap page

Just a quick one. PC time severely limited after the holiday :(

Before I went away I set up this layout and decided if I still liked it when i got back I'd apply glue and finish it off...

So here it is :)

Hope you like it



Monday, 2 August 2010

Who's from Darlington?

LOL someone read my blog a little while ago and it said Darlington on the IP address....

I'm sick of never meeting anyone- anyone live near me? :P

My First Scrap Page *cringe*

Hello! :)

Following a rather crud weekend I'd like to share with you my...




It's nothing earth shattering but it's my first 'proper' one and a start to my Little Myz year by year scrapbook...


I'm actually rather impressed by it so if you hate it please use the words 'it's ok' or else you'll deflate me like a balloon that's decided to cuddle a very sharp pin....lol

Not put much journalling on there as I'm scared hehe.... but for a first attempt I think it's the best I could have done... Little Myz adores it so I suppose that's what counts :)

Also over the weekend I got my Cross Stitch Crazy prize for being First Past the Post.... a really good book....

So yeay for that!


Gail xxx