Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oh Noes (revisited!)

That'll teach me! :(

I have some circle and oval nesties but have been trying to get hold of square ones for a while now... I had a budget of £10 so far and yesterday I was so excited to see some cuttlebug scallop squares on auction... So paid my £7-20 and waited excitedly for the postie...

I thought well, I don't get 6, but 4... and I don't know the size but they have to be nearly the same as the wizard nesties right?...

Um... wrong :(

..they arrived today..

I'm sure I'll laugh about this soon but at the moment I'm feeling so stupid... if there isn't enough info in the auction I usually google what it is but I was so tired and the auction was due to close in about 5 mins.. I took a chance...

...and it bit me on the arris!



G xxx

I'm Superrrrrrr!

...thanks for asking!... ;)

(LOL I reaaalllly love that song but it's so Un-PC.... although that line is all I ever sing so I think it's the tune I like more than anything hehe... and if you don't know what I'm talking about then good for you... ;) )

Anyway, finally finished a few of the Marvel Superhero cards I've been working on so thought I would share them with you. Some worked a lot better than others but hey, the crap ones make the good ones look even good-er-er :)

This one looks wayyyy too squished up....

This one's ideal for if someone saves you from in front of a speeding train.... I guess it's a very closed market for this one but I ran out of sentiments for Hulk rofl...

These are defo huge pics so I put the sentiment inside ;)

See what I did here? Take a perfectly good layer from the big decoupage and make it into a shite card! lol

..these are my faves below, for 2 reasons

1) Wolverine does it for me (blush)
2) The X-Men backing paper was the only one that went with any of the creations!

So.... for the spiderman ones I am looking for a spider web embossing folder... if anyone knows where the cheapest is gimme a yell... I think the Spiderman ones would look excellent on a web background!

..also, anyone who knows why I keep getting text here as I try to make the post please let me know why I don't get the actual pics any more... it takes me twice as long to blog lol... have I pressed something I shouldn't on my settings or did they change it a la Facebook...

i.e. they think it's progress but everyone hates it!!!!

Hope you like the cards


Gail xxxx

p.s. I got the images and stuff from Ebay on the cheap for about £20 but create and craft sell them here for about 30 :)

Ah here they are Ali ;) £21-25 including postage .. hey if anyone buys them mention my blog they might send me pimping freebies? lol

Monday, 22 February 2010


At the beginning of Half Term, Little Myz was on at me to craft with her as she hadn't crafted for 'sooo long!' ... i,e, 2 days iirc!

Aaaanyway I knew she had some coloured clay that she got from a magazine so had the idea I could sit on the sofa and craft some stuff with it and we could put them in the oven...maybe make little embellies for cards....

So I asked Little Myz to search it out from her room and we'd give it a go

Here's mine

Here's hers

Sooo we then put them in the oven... who knew they were plasticine?????

LOL gave us a laugh I guess :)

G xxx

My First Christmas card!


This was actually for last Christmas :)

Only just managed to finish it the other day tho :)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I loves my Carmen!

Carmen sent me a mega gorgeous RAK last week ... the duckie made me cry... it's so so so lovely and it's already shoved some photos out of my display cabinet as I want to keep him happy... I can see him from where I sit in my living room... he cheers me up no end :) ..... how the nuts does that woman do it though? I wish I were half as inventive!!!!

The cross stitch bracelet I'll make as soon as I have discovered how to cross stitch it without making too much mess at the back... I'll give crochet a go whenever I find out what yarn to use... do you use special or is it just wool? I don't have the foggiest lol.....


You make me cry but usually in a very happy way ;)


G xxx

Valentine's Card

Managed to finish hubby's Valentine's card before the day (yeay cheer woohoo hehe) ... not being one for 'traditional' cards I made this... and no the woman inside the card isn't me! Well not far off :(

I had a go at blowing up these balloons but did it over a span of 3 days (not joking!) so I could recover in between attempts.. wish I hadn't bothered really... they look naff and really didn't help The Dizzy Situation lol. Thank goodness I'd finished the...umm...rooster design I started a few weeks ago and framed.. otherwise he'd only have had these ;)

Hope I gave you a laugh- it's my only wish hehe


G xxx


Sorry if this doesn't make sense...I'll clean it up in a few days when I am feeling a
bit better lol...

...but i couldn't wait to tell you!




(ummm if I didn't win can you let me know a.s.a.p. so I don't look like such a plonker lol)

Most of you will know about the trials and tribulations of being Myz lol.... in a nutshell for those who don't I had M.E. goodness *years* ago... when I was 17... more than half my life ago!!! .... but at the time I was told it was in my head..blah blah...made myself worse...blah blah...

Not been too bad in recent years until last Summer since when I've been really wobbly and falling-over-like more often than usual and it's been getting me down (not to mention the amount of decoupage I ruined by shaking and cutting heads off etc lol)

A few weeks ago I entered all those blog candies I found and I managed to win one! ... it just means so much to me!...... my brain is so foggy lately that I don't know my bottom from my elbow some days but I'm just so so excited!


Did that actually make sense? I don't know but unfortunatley getting excited makes me even more dizzy than I start with.... hehe.... so as people who know me will understand M.E. isn't The Sort Of Thing I Should Have as I'm very emotional and bouncy and keep using up what energy I do have by being all ultra-bouncy hehe...

Sorry sorry sorry those of you waiting for blog posts but apart from a little cross stitch project (which is hush hush) haven't actually managed to make much recently so you aren't missing much yet ;)

Wheee I am a winner!

Take care of yourselves, and remember, even if I don't blog you can still email me so there's no excuse for not staying in touch! :P


G xxxxx

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Blog Hits

Oooh I managed to put a blog hit counter at the top of my blog

It's supposed to tell me how many unique hits I get on my blog I know whether it's really worth it or should I just email any
photos to my 3 friends who seem to keep coming here...without even
being prodded :)

The problem with blogs is that peop,e can come to a blog and read all
your posts- and you'd never know unless they left a comment...

Not sure how it works though as surely unique hits would mean it would
use people's IP addresses or something?

.... but it's a new toy so I'll give it a go.. maybe I'll actually jazz
up my blog one day when I find out how to make it less boring :)

Going through rather a 'meh' blogging stage at the moment, I'm blogging
when I can but my heart isn;t in it

...but all those lovely generous people out there that make all those blog
candies I have found over the past few days have made me realise blogs *are*
worth it I think....

...not only for their candies but going to blogs you don't usually go to could inspire you to make something different, something you usually wouldn't even have thought of making before you got that flash of inspiration from a new person's blog

That prob didn't make sense- off for a rest now and I'll prob delete this later as it's as full of sense as a yogurt lol



*EDIT* hmm while I wrote that my hit counter went up to 3.... surely that isn't right? ... and how come my waffle looks really stilted? lol.... it's possibly going along with my state of mind atm ... rofl

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Blog candies!

Goodness me there are a lot out there- having not looked for months I thought there would be one or two but everywhere I turn, some generous person is doing a blog candy!

I'll be placing them on my side bar as I find them but I'll keep updating this post today so that you will see how many generous people there are out there in blog land!

Lorraine is new to blogging and has decided to be very generous right from the start and offer some Popcorn stamps and images! This will finish as soon as she gets 20 followers! (I think as I type she has 11)

One stop card Crafts is celebrating their 3rd birthday by offering a candy! Closes tomorrow at 10pm, be there or be a tomato... or something :)

Artfull Journey (Peggy) is celebrating her first blogaversary (*cheer*) by having a most delicious blog candy giveaway!

Nikkki is feeling the love on SmellsLikeHomeMade and has gathered together a great deal of yummy candy to give away this week. She is even adding in something every 10 comments that are made! Wow!

Rosette's Crafting World has a beautiful blog candy to celebrate her entry onto Mo's Dream Team and the 2nd digital stamp from Elisabeth Bell. Much gorgeousness there, including *stickles* and you know how much I love the few I have already!!!! Mmm stickletastic :)

Jan's Cards, Crafts and Musings is running a blog candy to celebrate both her birthday and her blogaversary with loads of gorgeous things that would be great added to anyone's stash- be they beginner or well-versed-crafter

Cheryl, Not content with having such Sweeet Designs, has decided to offer blog candy to celebrate her belated 1st Blogaversary. It's stamptastic!

(Goodness me- once you start looking there are piles and piles of gorgeous people out there offering things to fellow crafters- going to have to take a break and tell you about some more later!)

Karen at Cozy Frog is giving away candy to celebrate her first blogaversary!

The Paper Crafting Place has a candy-tastic 2 giveaways going on that end on valentines day. It has stickles in! Wheeeeee

Janet at Pink Gem Designs is having a blog candy to celebrate both her birthday and the launch of the new challenge blog 'A Gem of a Challenge' which starts on the 8th of Feb. If you win you can choose any 6 stamps of your choice!

Susie at White Ribbon Cards has a blog candy to celebrate her 500th post! Lots of prettiness and bling!

Steph at Honey Bootique is having a blog candy to celebrate her new look. Lots of gorgeous things and her new design looks good enough to eat!

Mel at Mad4creations has a goooorgeous Honey & Hugs blog candy going on at the moment- such cute sheep and owl! To celebrate three things! Her daughter just got engaged, her birthday is on the 11th Feb and she has had sooo many visitors that she has reached over 10k visitors!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Kanban dress-up bears

Not sure why I'm blogging these (ok I do, Little Myz has been driving me mad asking when she's going to see them up here! lol...

I bought some seconds of Kanban dress-up bears to keep Little Myz happy and last weekend she spent ages carefully cutting them out and having a play

You can see hers here

I also had a play, as you can see below... as she insisted... it was rather fun but due to a few wobbles a few of the blighters lost their heaads (poor sods) so they are in the bin and didn't make the photo hehe

As you can see there is a horse and 2 hippos there too as I noticed one of the misprints on the back had them on.. I love hippos! You don't see enough hippos!



I think I found my mojo!

Yes! It's true!

I think I found my mojo! Right behind the baked beans in Tesco!

...well ok no I haven't been to the shops, last week's hour-long trip to the pound shop (my first 'out of our small town' trip in months besides hospital appts) went so swimmingly and excitingly I'm still not over it hehe

Thanks to the great Carmen I have found the most unsavoury delights of Subversive cross stitch!

... I have already made my first project and am keen to start my second but having a bit of a shaky day so maybe I'll just plan today :)

..but my mojo is well and truly back!... so I don't care about my health, that can come and go as it pleases....I'll have something to do for quite a while to come whenever I have the strength

..although can't really post them here....

This is the half finished project ;)

I can only say that the words on the project are very complimentary to a man lol

....anyone know of an 18 plus blog site? ;)





Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I've Magged My Pic! lol it's crafty-ISH lol

...but digital doodling have set a challenge to go to magmypic and play about with your photos and stuff and let them know what you come up with. There's potential for cute little kid mag covers but i really liked this one...

Sums me up in one word....

Ooh yeah baby! ... go and have a go you know you want to!


Special Keyring for a special laydeee

I made this keyring while I was stuck in bed last week. I sent it to someone special so they would know how special they were :)

..then Little Myz decided she wanted to be creative so when I could get out of bed (lol) she made me make these which were indeed very nummy :)

Made her a special mermaid card too :)

It actually says thinking of you in case you can't read it... hehe


iCarly card

My niece loves iCarly so I tried to make her an iCarly card

It didn't go as well as I'd hoped as I kept sticking things on the wrong way with wobbles and stuff but it was at least half decent lol


Sorry Still not up to very much but Little Myz had a go at the fairy and mermaid bits I got from Ebay the other week and I had to watch her so I whipped these up...

I also made one more but it's on my supah-dupah camera which I finally managed to find the charger for.... but now I realise I don't have the lead that connects it to the PC! AGH! AGH! lol

Little Myz' cards are here

EDIT - oops forgot these ones lol