Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Special Keyring for a special laydeee

I made this keyring while I was stuck in bed last week. I sent it to someone special so they would know how special they were :)

..then Little Myz decided she wanted to be creative so when I could get out of bed (lol) she made me make these which were indeed very nummy :)

Made her a special mermaid card too :)

It actually says thinking of you in case you can't read it... hehe



  1. How thoughtful of you. Hope you're feeling a bit more like facing the fight this week.

  2. I love my keyring, it is so beautiful and am going to attach it to my purse so I am always seeing it. The card too is just gorgeous - and I love mermaids and mythical creatures!

    Thank you missus! *Big hugs*

  3. Shh Carmen I didn't say who got it...people will talk ;) .. well Craig will :P xxxx

  4. Lovely colours used in the heart. What a good friend you are to have!

  5. Lovely keyring, cross stitching is fab!

    Poppy x

  6. What a lovely idea. Would make a lovely gift for a special friend!
    Sarah x