Sunday, 21 February 2010


Sorry if this doesn't make sense...I'll clean it up in a few days when I am feeling a
bit better lol...

...but i couldn't wait to tell you!




(ummm if I didn't win can you let me know a.s.a.p. so I don't look like such a plonker lol)

Most of you will know about the trials and tribulations of being Myz lol.... in a nutshell for those who don't I had M.E. goodness *years* ago... when I was 17... more than half my life ago!!! .... but at the time I was told it was in my head..blah blah...made myself worse...blah blah...

Not been too bad in recent years until last Summer since when I've been really wobbly and falling-over-like more often than usual and it's been getting me down (not to mention the amount of decoupage I ruined by shaking and cutting heads off etc lol)

A few weeks ago I entered all those blog candies I found and I managed to win one! ... it just means so much to me!...... my brain is so foggy lately that I don't know my bottom from my elbow some days but I'm just so so excited!


Did that actually make sense? I don't know but unfortunatley getting excited makes me even more dizzy than I start with.... hehe.... so as people who know me will understand M.E. isn't The Sort Of Thing I Should Have as I'm very emotional and bouncy and keep using up what energy I do have by being all ultra-bouncy hehe...

Sorry sorry sorry those of you waiting for blog posts but apart from a little cross stitch project (which is hush hush) haven't actually managed to make much recently so you aren't missing much yet ;)

Wheee I am a winner!

Take care of yourselves, and remember, even if I don't blog you can still email me so there's no excuse for not staying in touch! :P


G xxxxx


  1. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Whoop, whoop! Whoooooooooooooooooooooo! Well done, it's definitely you! So pleased for you :D Am imagining you as Tigger now for some reason, Tigger with a Myz head :P

  2. Woohoo - congratulations Tigger!

  3. Oh I am so pleased for you!! (not jealous at all- honest) xxx

  4. I DEFINITELY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That's brilliant you lucky lady!!! Just had a sneaky look at the prize and it's amazing, I am so jealous ;-) I have MS and have similar symptoms to you - foggy head, tired etc so completely sympathise, if you ever want someone to talk to I am a blooming good listener xxx