Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dirty Friends

Today I had a giggle when this card fell out of my drawers. Not *those* drawers!!!!..... Boy I have some dead dirty friends innit.....

Love her loads hope to see her soon

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mood Altering Potato is funny how I can sometimes take enjoyment from the smallest/weirdest of things
Today didn't start well.yesterday I went to the dentist (hardly as fun as my last time out to eat breakfast but needs must lol) /and my body has been in super vibrate mode ever since. I usually have a good chance of keeping hold of things...more than 70 pct!! lol... but I am a nightmare at the moment.
Today I met Mr Potato. Doesn't he look happy with his lovely Smiling face?.... It actually lifted my spirits....
Not his I am afraid....I cooked him and ate him with tuna and sweetcorn. Sorry Mr Potato but you really brightened my day :-D
..and no I am not on morphine of any type. Just life. Handing me less lemons today- booyeah xxxxxxx