Monday, 23 December 2013

Just about done

Still some present shizz to sort but last lots of hampers and sweet boxes went out yesterday and today lots of stuff has been squished places it shouldn't be and hidden. Was the only way to stay sane and I thank little myz profusely for her help she got me to tell her what to do and she did it. Bless her. She's a big help.

We now have a christmas corner with my tree and little myz' pink tree , a sweetie tree, various sleighs and other stuff. My tree is topped by my meerkat from 2012. Love him.

Merry Christmas everybody peeps. I finally made it. Ish. Well better than expected wooo. Full on arm rest tomorrow so I don't drop Everything on The Day lol <3 <3 <3 <3 :-*

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Gorgeous Little Myz

Today I am so thankful for Little Myz and her random notes. Been waking a lot in the night because of The Usual and last night (after a few hours unbroken sleep!!!!!!) I woke and needed painkillers. Mr Myz was out at work Christmas Party and I had stupidly fallen asleep downstairs so I slowly got up ready to make the slow assault on the stairs. .and found this note under me

Bless her :-D

My almost-Christmas positive :-D

Mr Myz said that is the sort of thing I would do and she is definitely a mini me.....

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Just realised haven't posted the sweeties. Got about ten lots of various sizes. Most not as fancy as this :-D

Last night was very ow as you can imagine but I still am glad I made the sweetie tree. I would rather have few days pain and not use of arms rather than no there. I likes my tree :-D


Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas sweetie tree

I know!!!!!!!!!
I know, right.....

It. Is. Finished!

If I could dance I blimmin would!

After loads and loads of preparation (and expense...damn, no wonder people charge so much for these things!) It...... Is...... Finished!!!!

My first, and most probably last. ..sweet tree :-D

The feeling of accomplishment is huge. Each little bit of the production I minutely that I could choose times when I was less likely to sod it up lol....and here it is. My sweet tree....

*sniff* baby.....


Saturday, 14 December 2013

My happy festive wall

Grrr blogger set on posting. for over half hour so I'm write it .again dammit I want to share my positive!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

My festive wall.looking more festive after Submissions.from little Myz yesterday


Friday, 13 December 2013

My gowjus nan

Not doing so well today quite. shaky but I have been mostly. thinjing about my gowjus nan and. Put the finishing.touches to her. Present and card
Made a big card like last.year. as she has.trouble seeing. So I hope she.gets loads of hugs.from the present and card. I really dislike.being stuck here when.I want to go down there.and squeeze her with love. That I can make stuff for show my love.even if it takes me bliddy.ages. .I am very thankful for xxxxx

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

On the way back up


First can I say how much I love Virginia.....thiiis muuuuuch (arms wide open) you is a gorgeous

Anyway the thing I focused on yesterday was this wreath I made from paper...either last year or the year is a bit crud and tatty round the edges but that's I feel an affinity for it. It is jolly festive

So there...I may be a rubbish crafter just now but once I was a mediocre one..and one day I am sure I will be mediocre again! Haha

Hugs to you all and special one for Virginia. I don't really see ppl irl as I'm either too tired and wobbly or ppl are quite rightly too busy with their own lives to be able to come first thing when I can chat to them. So online friends are everything to me. Taking time to pop by my blog or email or text means a lot to me right now....Happy mail friends too. So special hugs to Sarah too as she has a very busy life but still finds time to fit me in


Mmmwahs xxxxx

Monday, 9 December 2013


Today I am mostly angry :-( I have tried so so so hard to do another positive post. I have been doing so well finding the fun in all this shite..... I want to post of glitter, Christmas stuff and happy stuff

Even little myz isn't hitting the spot. I'm angry at my body, at certain selfish people, at life in general. I think I have finally run out of happy.

If you took my happy, please can you return it? I really need it back.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Cards!

Today I am mostly happy about finding a box of Christmas cards I made before.I have been quite worried as after doing even a small amount of things recently I have been having problems with my arms and hands which makes crafting nearly is either just craft a bit or do some tidy and...well.  .you know I choose to do a bit of house.

Anyway, today says Worry Not Little Chubby Angel.. look didn't send these before so chill out.ok so they aren't the best of cards but I made them myself and I won't have to give in and buy LOL..crafter's nightmare... I will try to write one per day and try not to spoil the insides...maybe I should write in pencil. .that's an idea ..

Already made cards. My positive of the day :-D

Friday, 6 December 2013

My bed

This week I am mostly be.thankful for my bed.don't sleep there every night all time yet but when I is comfy mattress. Lovely new bedding.nice chunky headboard for less bang head on wall-Ness

Thank you have made tough few weeks a lot more snuggly cuddly beddingtons <3

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dirty Friends

Today I had a giggle when this card fell out of my drawers. Not *those* drawers!!!!..... Boy I have some dead dirty friends innit.....

Love her loads hope to see her soon

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mood Altering Potato is funny how I can sometimes take enjoyment from the smallest/weirdest of things
Today didn't start well.yesterday I went to the dentist (hardly as fun as my last time out to eat breakfast but needs must lol) /and my body has been in super vibrate mode ever since. I usually have a good chance of keeping hold of things...more than 70 pct!! lol... but I am a nightmare at the moment.
Today I met Mr Potato. Doesn't he look happy with his lovely Smiling face?.... It actually lifted my spirits....
Not his I am afraid....I cooked him and ate him with tuna and sweetcorn. Sorry Mr Potato but you really brightened my day :-D
..and no I am not on morphine of any type. Just life. Handing me less lemons today- booyeah xxxxxxx 

Monday, 28 October 2013


Today we are mostly thinking about Chrimble. Too much crud about so we needed a cheese injection. So we finished this which has a heart on it I painted with blackboard chalk so we can update it every day. Well little myz can :-D
As predicted. Little Myz Knows About Santa this year so we thought we would update it to Sleeps to Christmas as she is All Grown Up Now :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Just a simple one today.tough week.hopefully less mobile in house because of the viruses we all been saddled with. Just gets me down when even the things I can I do in house gets taken away from me.

Aaanyway, smiles....little myz has a smile that can melt icebergs and today I was hit by a SuperDeDuper smile from a different source. Little myz was playing upstairs but someone kept knocking at door. I dragged myself to the door in flayed tortoise fashion to find her friend there with suuuuch a gorgeous happy smile that it made my heart go wheeeeeeee...

Little things like these can be really huge things to me. Maybe that is why I am being caged here. to catch the smiles, feel better and when I can make things to send out to people that make them smile? Who knows....but there has to be a reason 

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Negatives trying to creep in again I'm getting assed off with it now Tbh. Go away you buggers.... Maybe more Hurty and tired cos of last Monday or that we have all been floored a bit by the virus towards end of week. Staring and staring at my lovely cards ppl have sent me before works usually. House gets v dusty so I thought yeah go on put a couple in frames and you can keep them fresh
These are from Diance and Sarah. I cna't seem to upload photos right I will have to play about when I am more pc friendly #:(
 People are there for me...if I only ask!!
People care
I make ppl laugh
I make ppl happy (sometimes lol)
I have finished some cute Christmas stitches this week. A mooey cow a Christmas owl and something else.Will post when I can x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Gorgeous Nan

Today I have been mostly feeling happy and squishy thinking about my Nan. She turned 94 this year. These photos were taken last year when we made the trip to Sheffield to see her at Mum and Dad's house

She is a little ray of sunshine and I always enjoy seeing her. Between times, though, I can make do with photos of my gorgeous nan and look at her and remember how I feel when I am with her :)

Whatever is happening in my life  I will always have photos of my Nan to look at

She's gowwwwjus :)
My gorgeous Nan.... better than drugs :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dinner Lunch!

Yesterday felt a bit setbacktastic and quite a bit meh
Today I am so so grateful for dinner-lunch. I refuse to put on my heating so I am sooo cooold with all this yucky windy weather...(stupid council and their no double glazing despite crappy windows and doors that let the wind in.)
Dinner lunch mmm.we had Bolognese left over from last night and a big dollop of low low.mmmmmmm...healthy and filling so I will hopefully not be attacking the chocolate things I have made that are in the fridge
Yet :-D

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chocolate Marshmallows

Today I have been brightened by little myz' face eating my chocolate covered marshmallows.I feel better when I make people is sometimes only takes a small thing to make me happy. Unfortunately same the other way I seem to suck emotions so if you are in bad mood stay away :-D :-P
Staying away from facebook mostly still. Don't know why I didn't stay away more in past when at bad time.all my friends know how to contact me outside fb anyway B-)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Dogs and Jehovah's Witnesses

Today I have been mostly feeling positive about dogs and JWs.

Although I don't believe in their religion their happy smiling faces at my door greeting me as I hobbled there to see who was at the door. Reminded me of some nice JWs I met at the kingdom hall in Carmarthen...

Also having quite a bad moving about day today. Sophie usually stays away from me during the day..probably because she's scared I will fall on her LOL...but today she's guarding me like a good'un. I don't know whether she thinks she is doing me a favour or whether she was feeling a bit lost today too ...but it is nice :-D

What has been positive about your day?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Being Positive


The past week I have been trying and trying and trying to keep positive. Negativity keeps creeping in. It has a habit of that doesn't it. I would love to go for a walk and clear my head. I can't. Not at the moment. With everything going on that isn't surprising I gguess...but I am An Impatient Thing... So I did start putting positive pix on FB and I don't know about you but at the moment when I go on there there is always this sense of negativity for the most part it is difficult to weed through and find the lovely bits from my friends that would make me smile. I don't even know if this makes sense I am writing it over a while and checking it over but my brain is very foggy what with one things and another. Should soon be better I hope.

..but I am not letting the negativity suck what energy I do have! So I am going to use my blog instead and come here to look at my fun stuff and happy times :) I did consider using subversive myz to put down my bad things but... what use would that be>? It wouldn't be helpful would it lol

Ok so....

(1) Being productive when I can

mmm cupcakies

mm cake poppies
I didn't have one but Little Myz seemed to enjoy as did a lady from up the road :)
(2) Finishing Important Stuff that I wanted to send people who matter a great deal to me

(3) Smurfette!

I gots a Smurfette and she makes me feel better- so there. Go Go Smurfette! :)
(4) Making A Proper Start for Christmas
I think this is having a rest lol I can't show everything as lots are surprises but I have managed to MAke A Proper Start despite everything and have ordered some presents online too

Ok so that is it. To remind myself to shove anything up on my blog that is positive that I can access while having lay downment and have a smile at.
What a messy  blog post. Aw I don't care it is A BLOG POST SO no whining :P

Monday, 26 August 2013

Our new arrival

Hi B-)
Not posted in a while but I have been here.having a lurk. Lol. Got upset a wee while back as on facebook all I seemed to see were people taking their kids on holidays, to theme parks....even just *out*...which, as I said on(lack of) health blog I am trying to work on....but.... Lil myz said she really wanted a build a bear we made it an Event and ordered a bunny online, when we were told when it would be here we made cupcakes and I made her a special name necklace ....suffering this week only with that but the look on little myz face was priceless.....just needed to think outside the box so thanks to ideas from Tina and Sarah I am proud to introduce you to.... Kate B-)
At some point we will alsobe going out for a meal so that is me out of the house for few hours too Yeay.B-)
Lovely grin
In all her glory
Little Myz also wrote her own entry about Kate here .. please do take a look and leave her comments she really loves reading them
Thanks xxxx 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Rocking my week- 4



Hope you have had a good week. As for me I found these positives

* lost 1lb
* did little cross stitch
* had a big laugh at telly programmes
* stayed in contact.

The last one was the most Yeay.for a lot of week I wasn't about online and I don't get people visit so that is my social life.someone contacted me every day on my phone with email and message with funny thing or photo. It was lovely. Health and may fail me sometimes but some friends make up for it by always being there. Woo

Hope you had good week.big hugs if you didn't.mmmmwah.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's rocking my week- week 3

Hello xxxx

Not good week this week pain and mobility what's new lol...buuut I have found some gemmy gemmingtons there for your perusal :)

Less weight

Lost 3lb this week. Ok so been quite unwell even for me so next week there might be very bad news there...but this week It's a woooooo lol

New things

Made a new thing this week.roasted chick peas. Photo on health blog.they were quite num.always worth trying something new even if you have to spend all 40 mins sat on your arris by the oven so you can turn them lol

Pretty things

Made some pretties this week.hopefully next week I'll make some not so pretties that little myz won't covet lol

Will try to get someone to link this up and move some shizz about later but til then I bid you goodbye and give you some lovely hugs to get you through week

Friday, 11 January 2013

What's rocking my world this week

Not been well at all so was difficult but found some.

1- The excitement of Little Myz

She went on a school trip yesterday and She Was A Roman ..and she enjoyed it a lot... she was so excited that she couldn't get to sleep a couple of nights bless her.. and today she has swimming for the first time so it's been a great week for her and by osmosis a great week for me as I sucked in her joy lol

2. games on tablet and phone
Been playing these but not so much as been quite bleurgh yucky but this is what happens when you leave Warwick alone for 2 days without exercising, feeding, entertaining him.... so think I might leave this one as it's proving to be a little crap.. I go back after a few days and it takes me 20 mins to get him up to scratch so I can do missions..and I'm too tired to actually PLAY! lol.... still enjoying the sweet game thing even though everyone I introduced to it seems to be overtaking me but hey I like it I dont really care's the journey not the first past the post that counts :) 
3 Mint Ease
My favouritest and my best this week.. won this a while back- it's usually used by athletes but when I'm having a very bad foot and leg day it's quite soothing for me.. not quite sure what I'm gonna do when it rns out cos it's really expensive lol.. but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it
Sorry it was a short one but those are 3 things that have made my life better tthis week.. why don't you go and make a post for yourself .. you could be surprised at what positives you find xxx
If you do you can link up here with the rockingest most positive lady I know.. so we can all take strength from your positives too