Wednesday, 11 December 2013

On the way back up


First can I say how much I love Virginia.....thiiis muuuuuch (arms wide open) you is a gorgeous

Anyway the thing I focused on yesterday was this wreath I made from paper...either last year or the year is a bit crud and tatty round the edges but that's I feel an affinity for it. It is jolly festive

So there...I may be a rubbish crafter just now but once I was a mediocre one..and one day I am sure I will be mediocre again! Haha

Hugs to you all and special one for Virginia. I don't really see ppl irl as I'm either too tired and wobbly or ppl are quite rightly too busy with their own lives to be able to come first thing when I can chat to them. So online friends are everything to me. Taking time to pop by my blog or email or text means a lot to me right now....Happy mail friends too. So special hugs to Sarah too as she has a very busy life but still finds time to fit me in


Mmmwahs xxxxx

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