Friday, 26 June 2009


How different two days can be lol... I didn't feel well yesterday but mini-me and I managed to up the mood by getting out the Sizzix Big Shot I won a few months ago and decimating some paper..into luvverly shapes. Quite impressed actually with the different flower shapes as you can make some pretty good bright flowers out of them.

Today however..completely different kettle of fish... got out another thing that was unused until now... my kit from create and craft I bought with my 'free £10' ...

I thought it would be easy...make up the pyrimage and invertage and then put them in a nice card like I saw them do... but even though they slot into each other perfectly... I haven't a clue how to make the card that goes round them... the spine would have to be an exact thickness surely? Grrrr... anyone want to purchase a kit from c and c... only one set used? LOL... *siiiiiigh*

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Flippin Women!

Aha ok I think I've cracked the multiple images thing...


I just had to share the Flippin' Women card I made the other day as I think it's so hilarious ...and so realistic. She hasn't got a clue her kids are painting on the chair behind her! :0 ... or she doesn't care as those chocolates are laced with Prozac.... hehehe.

I would usually use one of the La Pashe cards for these, only I have so many Flippin' Kids, Men and Women sheets here that it's getting really I am experimenting at the moment to see whether I can get away with 'normal' cards *blushes at her Scroogitasticness*

Samantha's teacher has had a baby boy- I found out this morning so raided my various ready-made toppers and made this card. The balloon strings are kind of a let down but all in all I think I like it. . . . hmmm I really have to work out how to put various photos into one daily blog instead of posting in fits and starts... or else it will be more a Twitter (Tweet?) than a blog lol.... which I have resisted until now as

(1) I'm not really 'into' the whole celebrity thing and
(2)I really don't want to know when my mates go to the loo....and what they do while there..... and each time they make a cup of tea....

....and, of course, I'm ancient and not able to keep up with these things.... even Facebook gives me a headache lol

Just thought I'd share the balloons I bought Gary for our anniversary yesterday... I had them delivered to work...I thought he'd like it but apparently he was really embarrassed *blush* ... ah well bye bye Impulsive And Romantic Me..... hehe. If I feel ok at the weekend I'm allowed to attack Hobbycraft for whatever I want... mmmm...stash...hehe and I also got a huge box of Ferrero Rocher.... I do believe Mr Reid was spoiling us.....

Monday, 22 June 2009

Ok that seemed to work...not a clue what to do though so let's see whether I can post a couple of cards I for my mum's birthday (she's a keen hiker) and one for my wedding anniversary tomorrow ...

*cringes as it probably won't work out*


Well ok this is just a test.... everyone else and their dog seem to have a blog these days and I've been forced to attempt to create one myself... don't laugh :P

I have been told by various people I not only need but *have to have* a blog so I really have no choice....

Then again I never need to tell anyone I'm trying to make one so it can be just my little