Friday, 1 July 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

Bit tough week but going to hang on in there because of these things (and prob loads of things can't remember- sorry xx)

My kids

Was Little Myz' birthday this week and she made me feel so happy going on and on about the card I managed to make her (have I posted it yet? Sorry if i haven't... world a bit upside down right now..) saying how great it was .. making me feel a little less than totally useless lol

Last of the Summer Wine

Yes I know pretty sad but sometimes it's the only thing that can make me laugh and sometimes those laughs are very huge... not a clue why it get me that way but it does :)

Staying The Same

As posted on fatty fat fat blog I have stayed the same this month which believe me is a lot better feeling than gaining.. it's weird tho as I look better in my clothes i am wearing smaller clothes and look smaller... but I am up about half a stone from my original 3.5 stone loss.... it's a mystery.... but staying the same? .. Defo A Good Thing...

I love slimming world food.. look at this:

Tastes as good as KFC... well to me.. in fact better as we tried KFC a few months ago and it made me ill- all that fat... never though I'd go off it lol

Ok so I have been gaining but it's prob something going on inside of me as I look smaller.. and unless someone has gone through my wardrobe and put bigger sizes in there I *am* smaller.. weirdness... so keeping on with SW is prob doing at least *something* in there :)

Anyway I think that's it...and I really hope this made sense my brain is still asleep I think :/

Can you think of anything that's rocking your world this week? Please post it on your blog and link up to Virginia's blog.. we'd love to hear about it