Friday, 1 July 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

Bit tough week but going to hang on in there because of these things (and prob loads of things can't remember- sorry xx)

My kids

Was Little Myz' birthday this week and she made me feel so happy going on and on about the card I managed to make her (have I posted it yet? Sorry if i haven't... world a bit upside down right now..) saying how great it was .. making me feel a little less than totally useless lol

Last of the Summer Wine

Yes I know pretty sad but sometimes it's the only thing that can make me laugh and sometimes those laughs are very huge... not a clue why it get me that way but it does :)

Staying The Same

As posted on fatty fat fat blog I have stayed the same this month which believe me is a lot better feeling than gaining.. it's weird tho as I look better in my clothes i am wearing smaller clothes and look smaller... but I am up about half a stone from my original 3.5 stone loss.... it's a mystery.... but staying the same? .. Defo A Good Thing...

I love slimming world food.. look at this:

Tastes as good as KFC... well to me.. in fact better as we tried KFC a few months ago and it made me ill- all that fat... never though I'd go off it lol

Ok so I have been gaining but it's prob something going on inside of me as I look smaller.. and unless someone has gone through my wardrobe and put bigger sizes in there I *am* smaller.. weirdness... so keeping on with SW is prob doing at least *something* in there :)

Anyway I think that's it...and I really hope this made sense my brain is still asleep I think :/

Can you think of anything that's rocking your world this week? Please post it on your blog and link up to Virginia's blog.. we'd love to hear about it



  1. Great list Myz - a happy belated b'day to your daughter.
    Keep going with SW and as you say at least you haven't gained.
    Funnily I'm going through the same thing with clothes (look and feel slimmer and get into clothes I couldn't last year but no weight loss?) -I blame the steroid injections. :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Well my summer clothes have all shrunk while they've been packed away for the winter!

    Sweet Little Myz, wish her a Happy Birthday for me. And she had a Peppa Pig cake, YAY! Good to hear she loved loved loved your card, and was happy to let you know.

    Last of The Summer Wine? I can only think it must be the medication you're on, girl!

    Have a good weekend. Planning any more dog walks?


  3. Well done on slimming down! Love that dress your wearing.

  4. Looking faaaaaaaaaaabulous dahlink! Wish I could say the same. I has burnt boobies.

    Happy Birthday little Myz - will have to get Devvie making a belated card :)