Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Quick Helloooo and Update

Air hair lair....

Just thought I'd do a quick update although i'm sure most of you are friends on Facebook.. if not why not??!!?? :p

So much easier to update Facebook as just take photos with my phone and upload them from there to Facebook don't even have to turn my PC on...

Anyway there's been some of this

..and some of this...

..and lots of these...

....some curly hair

..and some purple hair


..and lots of resting....

So I hope you all had a fab Christmas and if you aren't a fan of my Myz pages then please do join if you want, or else you'll miss all my fabness when i don't post here



Happy New Year



Sunday, 12 December 2010


Ooh don't we all like sales!

Desperate attempt to shift a lot of stuff from Myz Designs and Subversive Myz facebook pages due to people ordering things and not paying.. a few left overs etc.. before Christmas

If I told you something was taken and you still wanted it please check in case it's actually there because i was stupid enough to make things before asking people to pay.... when people say they will buy things they aren't always honest

That was my Lesson Number One... lol

Think link to Myz Designs is on the right ----->
If you are naughty-minded you can get to Sub Myz from that page :)

Got lots to blog but not been so well lately so it will all probably come in a huge lump or Ghost-written again lol

*hugs* and *miss you like crazy* s


Or if you make something I luuurve or can't make myself I'm into the whole swapping thing.. I likes it I does :)