Monday, 26 August 2013

Our new arrival

Hi B-)
Not posted in a while but I have been here.having a lurk. Lol. Got upset a wee while back as on facebook all I seemed to see were people taking their kids on holidays, to theme parks....even just *out*...which, as I said on(lack of) health blog I am trying to work on....but.... Lil myz said she really wanted a build a bear we made it an Event and ordered a bunny online, when we were told when it would be here we made cupcakes and I made her a special name necklace ....suffering this week only with that but the look on little myz face was priceless.....just needed to think outside the box so thanks to ideas from Tina and Sarah I am proud to introduce you to.... Kate B-)
At some point we will alsobe going out for a meal so that is me out of the house for few hours too Yeay.B-)
Lovely grin
In all her glory
Little Myz also wrote her own entry about Kate here .. please do take a look and leave her comments she really loves reading them
Thanks xxxx