Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Anyone seen my head?

I would lose it if it weren't screwed on. Ok, not correctly, but you can't have everything ;-)

Made this for my nan and sent it two weeks ago. Nice and huge and clean design so it can be seen better I hope. 8x8 cards.....maaaan, they are huge!!!!!

Smile of the day

I knew something positive would come along today if I just waited :-D

I found these that I coloured a few years ago. Although they aren't excellent by any standard they are far better than I could accomplish just now and I love to work with less 'cutesy' toppers. I look forward to being able to play with them in the near future :-D

Squeee xxxxxx


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Son of mine is 16!!!

Can't believe it. Makes me feel so old lol. Made a birthday wall with various baby photos on. The one on top right when he was a baby makes me laugh my head off as it looks like he is saying OMG my mum is so mad .. lol


Card for gowjus friend

Made this card for gowjus friend. She sends me lovely happy post which makes me feel more part of stuff in the world.

Been months since I was out for anything other than doctors and dentist so happy post keeps me feeling like I am part of the outside world. With christmas out of the way I am hoping to make more happy post for people other than gowjus Sarah and gowjus nan...but they had to come first. They be special xxxxxx

I wrote her name on the little note in his hand and didn't mess it up so booyeah for that :-D


Saturday, 18 January 2014

New Home card

Sent this card to my sister and hubby as they moved house last week. Nice relaxy coffee to relax after all the unpacking


Card for gowjus nan

Sent this card to my gowjus nantastic nan as I love her so much. Am going to make 8 x 8 cards just for her so she can see them better

I loves my nan


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thank you

To the people who day by day are making me feel more like myself again


Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Wish For You

For my friends who, although they have families of their own, knew I was alone with Little Myz most of Christmas in the daytimes and struggling and checked in on me.Messages and phone. Make sure I was ok. You make a big difference to me I love you.
Still having bit of bad time. I expect to be expected after all the christmas stuff. Expect to be a bit more clear minded once kids back and lots rest done next week. Just got to allow things to be what they are. It is what it is, nowt I can do about it. Just try my best to get mobility and stuff up when I can again
Mmmmwahs xxxx

Friday, 3 January 2014

Struggling today

Having a bit of a struggle today. Having a bit of trouble just letting go and resting too. I know I need it. Why won't I just let myself?

Trying to keep hold of my positives and get to the better day

*h*u*g*s* if you need them


Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Card!

Hi :-D

Happy New Year :-D

Will blog more about Christmas when less wobbly but today I will share a card I sent for a cutie boy's birthday

Ok so I put glittery letters on a card I made ages before, but that counts as a new card, right? :-D

I hope you are all ok and those of you that are supposed to be resting are.. ..just like I am....ahem ;-)

Taken messenger off phone for few weeks so I don't get distracted from the proper resting I Shall Be Doing After Little Myz Back At School Next Tuesday. Honest Guv ;-)

However, I can report that over the Christmas period we did manage two roast dinners and a buffet... And that the two sleighs and sweetie tree are,as I type this on my phone, untouched!!!!*** I know!!!!! Woah

Hugs xxxx