Thursday, 29 November 2012

Meery Christmas!!!

Not had good night pain and bleurgh but need to share this. Spread the love or something and the happy jazz lol . Managed to do sewing on this yesterday .my first one so I NOW know to sew up with sewing thread not a single thread if cross stitch yarn

Seriously...until I realised it kept breaking...and breaking...and I kept sighing...and at one point crying...til I realised my mistake. It's not perfect just like me so I think I love it even more haha

Aaanyway I took the front and back with a nifty ribbon

I'd put stitching the same size on both sides so I could whip (?) Stitch it together

Et voila.....meery Christmas everybody :)

Hugs to those who need them

Monday, 26 November 2012

Merry Christmas, duckie!

Lol I believe the name of my share for today is something like Witzy but not a clue really..... I just stitch the things..heh

Put him inside some kanban Christmas card cut with nesties and bunged on some stickle infested trees...

...nice.... ;)


Oh bless her heart....

Got big box of Christmas stash to sort so sat on floor putting it into piles...some behind me. Didn't realise the poor dog was there...

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just for you card

Another share from my pile of makes over past few mths. I can't stress enough how much help it was to have mats already made up from was so worth spending a week or so just cutting things when I could. Soo much easier to just slap a card together which makes me feel better as I have accomplished something...if you see what I mean?

The fairy is A kanban loralei fairy she was matted onto a doily cut up from before. The flower was also from before :) as she had silver bits on her I put a few silver peeloffs at the corners


Friday, 23 November 2012


I was supposed to share from the pile of cards today but Tigger jumped in and bounced until I let him in. So in case anyone reading is also having to restrestrest the bouncy one would like to.bounce some bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy funfunfunfunfun into you in the hopes that you feel a bit better

.....or something...

...but I hope this finds you well instead and Tigger has only made a cool day more fun


Sunshiney smiles

Thought I'd share pooh today I finished putting all the bits together the other day. Have had the poohs stitched for ages but not got all sticky togethery til the other day.
Added some yellow scalloped peeloffs to make it a little more special, like...
oki dokie i posted you know i am about so off to relax off all the excited chattiness i have been doing for the past few smile on face but a little bit on the hazyhurt side haha xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

How now Brown owl

Ok he's not even Brown.blame being tired lol. Good tired tho...spent ages talking about life the world and everything on Twitter with people yesterday. I actually felt 'connected' for the first time in a good old while...difficult from in here but I think I made a few more Online Friends... Which is A Good Thing friends can PopIn at any time and I have to have my phone on me to be bothered about it lol I'm gabbling shut up!....

Anyway, yes, about time I shared some of this pile if cards so starting with fellow-me-lad here as he's one of my favourites. Corners , backing mat and flower courtesy of the die cut shapes I made aaaages ago about 20 posts here ago I can make up cards fast with a minimum of fusspottiness.

I think he's owltastic...what do you think?

(By the way difficult to access my reading list from here on phone so been visiting the ppls as what comment as a linky comes up so pls comment so I can visit you when I can and have a lookie at your stuff. Ta xxx)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Miowy Christmas!

Little cross stitched Christmas gift for those peopleses that like cats. Personally I'm a dog person ... but it takes all sorts I guess ;)

Still no change

In fact getting worse....



Thursday, 15 November 2012

What Wobbles Beside Me Thursday

Hot on the heels of what's on yer workdesk Wednesday comes What Wobbles Beside Gaily Thursday.....usually behaves itself but I have it there so I can finish the many many little things I have been unable to recently. Sometimes I can't get up well without help so It's quite useful....but I really should find a way to get it the other side....It's becoming taller than I am and one day when it falls...ppl won't be able to hear my moans.....haha


I Beliiieeeve!

There's been altogether not enough posting of shizz when it has been made but now I found an app I can actually do on phone so watch out! Health wise not so good but that's all own fault see last post lol.

Made this as a quickie but didn't end upbeing quickie like always but daaaamn It's done so here it is :)

Big love to my cheerer onnerers. Means a lot

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


<p>Look.aided by faithful black doggy pal, supergaily went to post box today. Nearly didn't make it back as supergaily is also stupidgaily but had important card to post.tune in next time when SuperGaily does many and varied things stuck in bed for ages.rofl.