Thursday, 29 November 2012

Meery Christmas!!!

Not had good night pain and bleurgh but need to share this. Spread the love or something and the happy jazz lol . Managed to do sewing on this yesterday .my first one so I NOW know to sew up with sewing thread not a single thread if cross stitch yarn

Seriously...until I realised it kept breaking...and breaking...and I kept sighing...and at one point crying...til I realised my mistake. It's not perfect just like me so I think I love it even more haha

Aaanyway I took the front and back with a nifty ribbon

I'd put stitching the same size on both sides so I could whip (?) Stitch it together

Et voila.....meery Christmas everybody :)

Hugs to those who need them


  1. Brilliant finishing - quite partial to a meercat but they don't have much meat on them - JOKING LOL! xx

    1. Hehe.seriously though it took me ages to work out how to do it..and do it. more trouble than its worth lol x