Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bugaboo Freebies

The gorgeously generous Jodie from Bugaboo is giving away 3 absolutely gorgeous stamps to celebrate 300 followers... if she reaches 500 she will be giving away a mini set..



G xxx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter.. is.. WHEN??!!??!!???


Who moved Easter to this weekend and not next weekend?

Wasn't it supposed to be placed so that I could craft some with the kids in the hols next week and still have plenty of time to send them off to people?

Who moved it?

Come on...... who?

LOL Ok I know I've not been so well but to get it out by a total week?!?!?

Hm.. had to try to rush some more cards through to send today and tomorrow.... if these look really crud it's not because I'm dire at making cards... only that I had to rush

...innit ;)

Hope you liked my rushy makes lol


G xxx

Failed Experiment

I wanted to make a nice bright card... so I did, but ringing in my ears were all the times people said to me

'Be less measured'
'Be more spontaneous'
'OMG you're so tightly wound, take a chill pill!'

..ok , so the last person was a bit blunt lol....

So I had all the bits ready to stick and I thought 'Attack! Attack! Attack it with your craft knife' I did....

....and this is the result... fail fail...

Epic fail!

Next time I'll just do my measured and safe approach... the only thing that got distressed the other day was me ;)


G xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Let's Make Easter Cards

It's been a while since I made anything with my subs copies of Let's Make Cards so I decided to have a bit of a play today. I don't usually get a great deal of inspiration from the actual magazine as most of the cards look too 'unbalanced' to me

Yes, I know....I Have A


This card went wrong when I realised after sticking the backing paper on... that the card opened on the left hand side! *sigh* ... Idiot! ... so I had to cut the front off and stick it on a premade white blank card lol...

I think it's my favourite of the 5.. can't put my finger on why though :)

This one I made in my 'old faithful' way of 'wonky backing paper, some gems and a topper' lol....

I know...I just can't help it.... Clone Cards R Us ;)

This one I played about with for ages before it actually took shape.. I think it worked in the end... it even has ribbon on! Wey-heyyy hehe

These 2 I'd like to call 'My Thrifty Cards' ... I cut the rectangular cards for the above efforts into my 'usual and measured' square shape (after all.. Can't Be Having Irregular Card Shapes Can We?) and was left with little long cards... so I took a deep breath.... and Put Some Of The Topper..... Over The Edge

*pants heavily at The Huge Change Of It All and ends up feeling really faint*

I think the Thrifty (aka Cheapskate) cards actually worked rather well.. the second ones are on a slant as the backing paper was that way... so I told them they had to Work Uphill.... they didn't mind, I gave them chocolate :)

I hope you like them!


G xxx

Carmen is Da Bestest Friend ever!

Isn't it funny how you can feel soooo close to someone you have never met?

My Carmen is one of them there those people...

She actually listens to what I have to say (Well, ok, type/text.... although I get the urge to actually phone her sometimes the thought always goes away lol.. people that talk to me In Real Life tend to change their opinion of me straight away :( ... )

This is usually either because I don't sound as Bouncy as I do when I type (No S*** Sherlock, lol... I don't actually have much energy lol so of course my voice sometimes sounds flat and depressed... excited chat takes it out of me lol....)

Or... if you catch me on a Bouncy-ish day... people are usually really amazed that A Person Like Me can speak with such a plummy accent ...

Anyway, I digress from my Carmen-Love.... :)

She seems to Be Me, if you see what i mean... the same worries, the same quandaries, the same everything... she seems as generous as me and I'm sure has been taken advantage of just as much as me...

I loves her....

I loves her completely to pieces....

She bought me my first Promarkers the other day...and today.... I get a Ninja Hug Bracelet!!!!!


I can now wear it every day and Feel The Love even if I'm not on the PC... I can hear her talk to me even if I'm not well enough to be on the PC and am in bed feeling a bit sorry for myself... saying Hey Gaily, I likes ya and can;t wait to chat with yas again.....

I loves you Carmen!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah! (specially for Carmen not nobodies elses, ok??!!??! lol)

Think it's Time For My Medication..... ;)

G xxxxxxxx

Friday, 26 March 2010

Free Today- Mia Giveaway

Jane is giving away her latest gorgeous digi of Princess Mia free for one day before it is available to buy on Squigglefly tomorrow. Very very generous of her...

I hope you'll all join me in wishing 'the real' Mia a very happy birthday and continued good health after so much poorliness...


Stupid Promarkers!

Blooming things!

Ok so they are doody and colour in fabbytastically, but.....

After being so excited at getting my first set of 'non poundland' pens (lol).. I came down to earth with a buuump....

This was coloured in with a promarker that *looked* as though it should be face coloured... rest was coloured in ages ago waiting for a lighter colour to turn up lol...

...yet poor Tilda looks sunburned! lol.... or very, very embarrassed...

Look... the colour suggests lighter... no?

I tested all the others and they ended up the same colour as on the side... bah....

...I'll have to buy a whole set of skin tones I think....

Anyone want to buy some dodgy cross stitches to finance more promarkers? lol

My Springtime Swap card

I chose to enter the Springtime card swap on Crafty Place and some poor soul got
drawn against me and had to put up with this

Poor Caroline sent me this gorgeous card in return

Wonder how long before I get banned from card swaps as nobody wants to swap with me?


Thanks Caroline your card rocks!


Bah.. I saw loads of challenges last week for Spring cards and I bet they are over now... could have entered some challenges with it... ummm mine not the one Caroline sent me... honest guv ;)


G xxx


Sorry if not very easy to follow- promised I'd post about this today but little wobbly :)

My birthday was supposed to be so much different... I was supposed to have more energy than usual.. my mum was suposed to come up from Sheffield and we'd go out for lunch. As it worked out, it didn't happen at all like that!... However, I think it worked out bigger and better! I didn't feel up to going out for lunch- I wouldn't have enjoyed it....but Mum turned up with my DAD (who hadn't seen our house yet even though we've been here over 2 years!) and my seeeeeester! WHo arrived with a gorgeous bunch for flowers from her and her hubbster Wayne :)

The delicious Carmen (as well as other stash earlier in week!) sent me my... first... PROMARKERS!!!! Lookee!......

..and Ray Winstone tied up in a chair...what more could a girlie need?

Lookee how excited Myz gets at her pens!

So delighted she kisses them! lol

(as a side note... Must Remember When Feeling Yuck And Taking Photos To Dig Out The Make-Up As I Look Awful lol)

Also a lovely load of cards from my gorgeous friends at Crafty Place and my nan..

..and from Little Myz

..and son-of-mine

All in all extra-special-fab day and who cares if I have to do loads more resting in bed after it... I'll be thinking all about my Extra Special Day made all the more special by friends I have never met who are always brightening up my day :)

Love you all, you scrummy scrumsters!


G xxx

Mothers Day Update

Late entries for Mothers Day...

Lovely card from Little Myz

..and the dire efforts I made with my embossing boards so far lol


G xxx

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Thanks for all your good wishes this week.. I hope I'm back to 'Normal' soon lol
...well My Normal :) .. i.e. not *always* dizzy and wobbly and not-very-crafty-at-all


Since it's my birthday next week I think I'll just take it easy til then..probably not post
or anything, so that I can be As Well As I Can Be come the 25th...

I'll be blog hopping my heart out when I can so watch out for me popping onto your
blogs... maybe even commenting, lol

If I manage to make anything I'll take photos so when I'm back 'n bouncy again I'll post them all so I'll look really active ;) ....

*big hugs* to the Feeling Poorlies out there

*huge hugs* to the people that are keeping me laughing .. You Know Who You Are...

*remainder hugs* to everyone else, as I don't want to leave anyone out :)

G xxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Still not feeling so great, but i thought I'd ask you a question that's been bothering me for a while...

Do any of you out there just search out little card challenges where the winner is picked at random? Rather than those that are based on 'skill'?

As you know my cards will never rule the world.. a lot of love is put into them, but I prefer to use my own ideas rather than copy other people's (*) and use a 'whole kit' to make a card. You know, like when you can buy embellies, papers, cards, ribbons, flowers that all match (usually at great expense! lol) so you just have to think 'ok where do I put my image?' or something and you can chuck everything else on there knowing it will match?

Does that even make sense? Sorry if it doesn't... having quite a few foggy days recently :/

Anyway, do any of you not enter any other challenges because you know you have no chance of winning anyway?

...or is it only me?'s just I know for a fact that the only 'Skill' one I'd win would be from someone I knew taking pity... and feel free to email me if you don't want to admit it in public lol.....

Maybe one day I'll get better/get more matching stash that looks good together.... hopefully lol... I sometimes get some in one of my bundle bargains but most is mismatching stuff that i guess never got used ... I really shouldn't buy tat on Ebay as a bargain... you get loads of stash, yes, but you have to work very hard to put it together lol...

Sorry, I do hope that made sense


G xxx

(*) as a sidenote I have sometimes found that my card looks almost identical to someone else's! ... but I pity those people.... they have as cruddy a stash as me it seems lol....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day to meeeeee

A few weeks ago the Pick of the Week on Create and Craft was this and this so the kids and hubby bought it for me for Mothers Day...

I have been drooling about it til this morning until I could open it and I eventually made this which I think will go well with my mermaid toppers :)

Not a clue whether embossing is supposed to be this difficult though- even at first... ok, so a bit wobbly hands don't help matters but...when they do it on TV they do it so fast... this seemed to take aaaages....

I also had a (very unexpected!!!!!) surprise of a little box of chocolates too... unheard of and very exciting lol..... Little Myz has things at school she has made which I'll pick up tomorrow (she was yucky with a tummy bug at the end of the week) and son-of-mine didn't break any sweat making me a cup of tea instead of making a card...or anything else... I guess he knew I had the boards coming what more could I have wanted? Defo not a card! *rolls eyes*


Anyway doing that took it out of me so is the only crafty thing I'll be attempting today

Happy Mothers Day to you all.... hughughughug to those of you that wish you could say Happy Mothers Day to your mums and *super hugs* to you who can no longer hug those who would have longed to wish it to you!


G xxx

Tight-A** Mummy!

Little Myz got a Forever Friends activity book and once she'd finished the puzzles she wanted to do Mummy nabbed it and cut it to pieces!

I'd fallen in love with the Pick of the Week on Create and Craft but can't afford to spend that much... I thought with these toppers and some backing papers and stuff I bought from Ebay...I'd do just as good a job....

That remains to be seen but I'm hopeful... look how many brill toppers we got out of the book!!!!

... and the middle of the book has 2 pages of stickers in it too not in photo


Moral: if you want Forever Friends toppers and can't afford Create and Craft... cut up yer kids books!



G xxx

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mothers Day Present

Sorry for lack of insane chatter- still mostly dizzy but just thought I'd let you know I managed to finish mum's present in time- phew

hm why is everything underlined :(


Gail xx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I'm just The Wrong Type of person to be unwell

I get so impatient....

I have piles of things in my head to do.. haven't been able to do mum's mother's day card or present yet and running out of time... nooooo I can't resort to BUYING something.......

..and I'm half way through a subversive cross stitch too and it's driving me mad.. need lots of non head-dizziness to get it finished...


Hope you are well and hopefully I'll be back with loads of crafting hilarity soon :)


G xxxx

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Not sure how terrific an idea it is but we're Sheffield-bound this morning to visit my mum and dad.. not been able to get there in months (travelling and me don't mix very well lol) and we thought today should be the day :)

For one thing so I can visit the parents I've not seen in Blinkin Ages and for another so that Sophie can meet their Rottie Ruby and see whether they get on... Sophie, although a Staffy, is a cross, and is the sweetest thing you could ever meet... she gets bullied by next door's cat! lol.... so I'm a little worried what Ruby will make of her... How do you teach a dog to be less submissive? ...

Anyway, just to give you a heads-up, in case I don't post here in a while.. I'll still be around but in a more resting capacity.. I won't even have visited Meadowhall and Hobbycraft... it's horrible visiting my parents and not even going shopping, but I guess my time will come again one day - until then there's always Ebay and Create and Craft online ;)

Hope it goes well :)


G xxx

Friday, 5 March 2010

Subversive Little Me

I have finally caved in to the pressure and any items I create that are a little too...umm...saucy/subversive/naughty will be going here

Please please PLEASE do not go there if you are easily offended... I'm sure the smut/language etc will only get worse as time goes by... as I'm finding that I have more and more 'creative' time these days to plan these items while having 'Enforced Down Time' lol.... so my anger at being forced to rest will no doubt come out in the things that I make


G xxx

Thursday, 4 March 2010


After umming and ahh'ing for years I finally decided to give crochet a go.... After all I can cross stitch and make passable cards sometimes... how difficult could it be?... it turned out it was very difficult...I couldn't grasp the idea at all by looking at photos people had posted online..I can't 'get' things that way..I have to either experiment myself or see someone do it to 'copy.

Then someone told me about Mikey

..things finally made sense!

This morning I decided to take the bull by the horns and give it a go after seeing Mikey's video above... and who knows when my hands will be all shaky again and I'm sure it will be worse then ... I have visions of flying crochet hooks like I 'flip' peas from my fork sometimes.......

...Ok, so my first attempt is crud...dropped stitches at the ends mostly .... but here it is... lol...

Little Myz' teddy loves it! rofl!

Ok so... those of you who have seen My Naughty Work on Carmen's blog can see.... I really am wholesome...sometimes ;)




G xxx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Cruddilicious Stamping

Poor Pink Gem Designs....

They make delicious stamps and I go and spoil them! LOL ... 3/4 of the images aren't good enough to use but I'm getting there- mainly because their stamps are delish! .. these ones are on offer (as those of you that know me may have already guessed ;) )

This is their Goth Fairy:

Not entirely sure how she is 'supposed' to be coloured in so I just attacked her with some
stickles and my £1 for 2o colouring-in pens.. roll on winning the lottery! ... Haven't even got
one promarker yet! lol...

This little Cutie is their Flower Fairy:

...and these miserable stamped images are ones from stamps I got as a job lot on Ebay... I love the teddy border stamp (can't line it up properly though!) ... the large teddy I'm not sure about- looks like he's trying to do Something Bad with his paw......

The border was coloured in using my El Cheapo pens (available in any cruddy store near you nowwww!) .......

Not been up to anything else over the past week apart from playing with the FlavorWave ... I pity the fool that eats my finished food! *giggle* I love Mr T... may show you all my FlavorWave journey later on :)

Birthday in 3 weeks.. getting excited.. going to pool all money and getting a Craft Robo Lite.... come on health... maybe I will be able to have a glass of wine! ... not holding my breath.. it's been since last early summer so I think I'd be heading for a fall :)

BTW still not used the Bind-it-all ... lol....