Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day to meeeeee

A few weeks ago the Pick of the Week on Create and Craft was this and this so the kids and hubby bought it for me for Mothers Day...

I have been drooling about it til this morning until I could open it and I eventually made this which I think will go well with my mermaid toppers :)

Not a clue whether embossing is supposed to be this difficult though- even at first... ok, so a bit wobbly hands don't help matters but...when they do it on TV they do it so fast... this seemed to take aaaages....

I also had a (very unexpected!!!!!) surprise of a little box of chocolates too... unheard of and very exciting lol..... Little Myz has things at school she has made which I'll pick up tomorrow (she was yucky with a tummy bug at the end of the week) and son-of-mine didn't break any sweat making me a cup of tea instead of making a card...or anything else... I guess he knew I had the boards coming what more could I have wanted? Defo not a card! *rolls eyes*


Anyway doing that took it out of me so is the only crafty thing I'll be attempting today

Happy Mothers Day to you all.... hughughughug to those of you that wish you could say Happy Mothers Day to your mums and *super hugs* to you who can no longer hug those who would have longed to wish it to you!


G xxx


  1. Aw Gail. You are lovely - definitely been thinking of my own Mum today. Not with sadness though for once. How much she would have loved the flower posie that Phoebe made :)

    Lucky you with your embossing boards -- can't wait to see your meramid creations. I've never used those so can't comment on easiness to use :D

    Happy Mothers Day missus. *Hugs*

  2. Your embossing looks fab!

    Happy mothers day x

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind words. I have been enjoying reading through some of your posts and laughing at your comments ... your irreverent humour sounds right up my alley, LOL!!! Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the embossing stuff and that you had a fab mothers day - it's not until May here Down Under, and this year my eldest is off at university, so it won't be the same without her. Keep up the good work, I'll be back for another look real soon! hugs, Kez