Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Still not feeling so great, but i thought I'd ask you a question that's been bothering me for a while...

Do any of you out there just search out little card challenges where the winner is picked at random? Rather than those that are based on 'skill'?

As you know my cards will never rule the world.. a lot of love is put into them, but I prefer to use my own ideas rather than copy other people's (*) and use a 'whole kit' to make a card. You know, like when you can buy embellies, papers, cards, ribbons, flowers that all match (usually at great expense! lol) so you just have to think 'ok where do I put my image?' or something and you can chuck everything else on there knowing it will match?

Does that even make sense? Sorry if it doesn't... having quite a few foggy days recently :/

Anyway, do any of you not enter any other challenges because you know you have no chance of winning anyway?

...or is it only me?

..it's just I know for a fact that the only 'Skill' one I'd win would be from someone I knew taking pity...

...um and feel free to email me if you don't want to admit it in public lol.....

Maybe one day I'll get better/get more matching stash that looks good together.... hopefully lol... I sometimes get some in one of my bundle bargains but most is mismatching stuff that i guess never got used ... I really shouldn't buy tat on Ebay as a bargain... you get loads of stash, yes, but you have to work very hard to put it together lol...

Sorry, I do hope that made sense


G xxx

(*) as a sidenote I have sometimes found that my card looks almost identical to someone else's! ... but I pity those people.... they have as cruddy a stash as me it seems lol....


  1. I will say it again (and I'm not taking pity though I know I'm wasting my breath and energy even typing this bit) that your cards are not cruddy and you have just as much chance, more in a lot of cases of winning as everybody else.

    Having said that - I have entered challenges (scrapbook not cards) both where the winner is picked by skill and ones that are random... and unless I win I am dissapointed regardless! LOL!

  2. Lol i love that you're disapointed if you don't win . Thought it was just me felt like that.

    I told her too her cards are lovely. I know we are our own worst critics. But Gail takes it to a new level lol. If you want to see some truly cruddy cards i'll send you pics of some of my earlier efforts. They are cringe worthy.

  3. Ok... which of the two of you have taken notes for months about which cards win challenges? lol.... I'm not kidding... 'boring, measured, straight' cards like mine invariably never do... my cards have their place- winning challenges isn't it :)

    About 90 percent of the blogs I follow .. the bloggers make these sort of cards... so I guess those cards are what people like most? ... I don't know- all I know is that my cards are good for being 'different' just not terrific at being 'great' :)

    Plus with everything happening at the moment I can't even think what to make for the Springtimme challenge card... let alone anything else... some people are able to make cards for 5 challenges at a time.. I wouldn't have a clue lol...

    *hugs* to you both- you're my bestest friends :) xxxx

  4. I have come to the conclusion that what 'most' people make is not necessarily the best. I can't fit into that mould either so you aren't alone.

    Anyway, who wants to be just like everyone else? Not me. I love that you are so different Gail, it's what makes you, you and probably why I loves ya so much :D

  5. My cards take so long to make any challenge would be over long before I finished it!!! I rather thought that most winners were chosen at random - perhaps that's a bit naive (sp) - but we all have a different take on what we like and a style of our own.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a lovely comment, its much appreciated,
    I know that Kaboodle Doodles (Monday fortnightly) pick their winners by random.org, and also The Character Cafe (fridays) do as well.

  7. arr hunny, i cannot belive what i have just read!!! I think that most challenges are picked at random! I run a challenge blog http://SweetStampin.blogspot.com, we would love to see you join us soon(i use random number picker thingy) so you have as good a chance as any to win.
    would you please email me emmadotlockleyatbtinternetdotcom, i have something for you
    love emma xxx

  8. Ha ha see anyone can win. I've never been brave enough to even enter. It's good to be different . I don't like mine to look like anyone elses . Mind you don't think they'd want them to either. lol.
    A springtime challenge when does it end ?

  9. Hummm... After reading this post I felt compelled to leave a message. #1 Your cards and creations are lovely. I have spent much time looking through your blog and impressed by your style. Now my style is a bit eclectic, which means anything goes for me. I love putting things together that I like... not following the mold of what others like. My style is my own. Stand up and be proud of your creations. They are yours and it is a God-given talent. If we all crafted the same there wold be no need to craft... It would be BORING! I know there are challenge blogs out there who choose on creativity, but only their style. You can tell by the winners, but there are also good challenge blogs out there that truly let Random Generator choose as they feel everyone's work is creative. You go girl.... Do you own thing and be proud of it. Also I know, because I was on the DT there until I stepped down, due to family reasons, but http://charismacardz.blogspot.com has all their challnges chosen by random generator. I love the fact that other than following what the challenge is set for that week, be it a theme, sketch or recipe, it is pretty much open to intrepretation. BTW I just did a similar post yesterday regarding about the same concern as you. You might want to check it out. http://sallyscreativecorner.blogspot.com/2010/03/visiting-challenge-blogs-question.html