Saturday, 6 March 2010


Not sure how terrific an idea it is but we're Sheffield-bound this morning to visit my mum and dad.. not been able to get there in months (travelling and me don't mix very well lol) and we thought today should be the day :)

For one thing so I can visit the parents I've not seen in Blinkin Ages and for another so that Sophie can meet their Rottie Ruby and see whether they get on... Sophie, although a Staffy, is a cross, and is the sweetest thing you could ever meet... she gets bullied by next door's cat! lol.... so I'm a little worried what Ruby will make of her... How do you teach a dog to be less submissive? ...

Anyway, just to give you a heads-up, in case I don't post here in a while.. I'll still be around but in a more resting capacity.. I won't even have visited Meadowhall and Hobbycraft... it's horrible visiting my parents and not even going shopping, but I guess my time will come again one day - until then there's always Ebay and Create and Craft online ;)

Hope it goes well :)


G xxx


  1. Many congrats. You have won my blog candy. Please email me with your full name and address and I will arrange for Steph at Simon Says Stamp to send it off for you.


    Jo xx

  2. ooooh wow a trip out and fab blog candy coming your way. hope you have a lovely day and it doesn't drain you too much.
    hugs trisha x

  3. What a day!

    I hope Ruby and Sophie got on? Lucy is just the same, rolls over and submits and the other dogs still go for her. Still at least she has Cooper to snuggle up to now *g*