Friday, 26 March 2010


Sorry if not very easy to follow- promised I'd post about this today but little wobbly :)

My birthday was supposed to be so much different... I was supposed to have more energy than usual.. my mum was suposed to come up from Sheffield and we'd go out for lunch. As it worked out, it didn't happen at all like that!... However, I think it worked out bigger and better! I didn't feel up to going out for lunch- I wouldn't have enjoyed it....but Mum turned up with my DAD (who hadn't seen our house yet even though we've been here over 2 years!) and my seeeeeester! WHo arrived with a gorgeous bunch for flowers from her and her hubbster Wayne :)

The delicious Carmen (as well as other stash earlier in week!) sent me my... first... PROMARKERS!!!! Lookee!......

..and Ray Winstone tied up in a chair...what more could a girlie need?

Lookee how excited Myz gets at her pens!

So delighted she kisses them! lol

(as a side note... Must Remember When Feeling Yuck And Taking Photos To Dig Out The Make-Up As I Look Awful lol)

Also a lovely load of cards from my gorgeous friends at Crafty Place and my nan..

..and from Little Myz

..and son-of-mine

All in all extra-special-fab day and who cares if I have to do loads more resting in bed after it... I'll be thinking all about my Extra Special Day made all the more special by friends I have never met who are always brightening up my day :)

Love you all, you scrummy scrumsters!


G xxx


  1. LOL! That has got to be the best piccie ever! LOL! Hopefully your pressie part 2 should arrive soon.

    Sounds like you had a gorgeous day, I take it my slice of cake is en route?

  2. No, we have 2 kids in the house.. plus a woman who can hardly get out of the house....tell you what hun you make me a cake and keep a slice for yourself and send me the rest ;) .. that nice looking lemon cake should hit the spot :)