Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter.. is.. WHEN??!!??!!???


Who moved Easter to this weekend and not next weekend?

Wasn't it supposed to be placed so that I could craft some with the kids in the hols next week and still have plenty of time to send them off to people?

Who moved it?

Come on...... who?

LOL Ok I know I've not been so well but to get it out by a total week?!?!?

Hm.. had to try to rush some more cards through to send today and tomorrow....

...so if these look really crud it's not because I'm dire at making cards... only that I had to rush

...innit ;)

Hope you liked my rushy makes lol


G xxx


  1. LOL - I've just done the same thing! Just trying to rush some cards out now (well once I get off of here). Fab cards - the bottom one is gorgeous. x

  2. If we listen to the schools then Easter happens over at least 2 weeks so you should be ok ;) Don't panic, don't panic... have some Malteaser cake *evil snicker*

    I think they are very cute - love the chicky images you've used.

  3. lol glad it's not just me who thought it was next weekend. I'm getting dippier by the day.

  4. A super-duper set of cards...so adorable and great color palette!