Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Cruddilicious Stamping

Poor Pink Gem Designs....

They make delicious stamps and I go and spoil them! LOL ... 3/4 of the images aren't good enough to use but I'm getting there- mainly because their stamps are delish! .. these ones are on offer (as those of you that know me may have already guessed ;) )

This is their Goth Fairy:

Not entirely sure how she is 'supposed' to be coloured in so I just attacked her with some
stickles and my £1 for 2o colouring-in pens.. roll on winning the lottery! ... Haven't even got
one promarker yet! lol...

This little Cutie is their Flower Fairy:

...and these miserable stamped images are ones from stamps I got as a job lot on Ebay... I love the teddy border stamp (can't line it up properly though!) ... the large teddy I'm not sure about- looks like he's trying to do Something Bad with his paw......

The border was coloured in using my El Cheapo pens (available in any cruddy store near you nowwww!) .......

Not been up to anything else over the past week apart from playing with the FlavorWave ... I pity the fool that eats my finished food! *giggle* I love Mr T... may show you all my FlavorWave journey later on :)

Birthday in 3 weeks.. getting excited.. going to pool all money and getting a Craft Robo Lite.... come on health... maybe I will be able to have a glass of wine! ... not holding my breath.. it's been since last early summer so I think I'd be heading for a fall :)

BTW still not used the Bind-it-all ... lol....




  1. Is the Bind It All out of it's box yet??? Please get it out and have a look at it. Melissa75 on MSE has one and I'm sure she'd be able to help if you have any questions about how to start using it xxx

  2. I love your goth fairy even it is coloured in with el cheapo pens!! LOL @ the teddy doing iffy stuff...oh and get the BIA out of the box!! They hate being shut up in the dark, can't you hear it crying?

  3. Pssst. Mine is still in it's box too.! Shhhhh!

    Your stamping is better than mine, think it's why I don't do it often - I can't get that nice crisp line that everyone else seems to manage. Now you mention the bear... I kinda see what you mean! LOL! Naughty bear! I love your goth fairy!

    So excited that you may be getting a craft robo - been thinking about it for years but don't know if I would use it!

  4. Well.. it beats getting jumpers and stuff I hate for my birthday.... I have those special offer embossing boards from the kids for Mother's Day too.... something I'd definitely use.. I'm going to use the BIA but I'll need a couple of hours to play with it at first so until then it's in the box.. I have put some jangly toys in there- he's actually rather happy in there :) ... my brain is quite foggy even when I'm not so dizy at the I can only do 10 mins or so at a time... and that won't be enough to do wither of The Big Things justice...hopefully feel better soon xxx

  5. eurgh - the bear - not right!! You are too tough on yourself your stamping looks good xx

  6. Ali, Ali Ali.... they were the ones that went *right* lol..... the other 5 sheets of quite expensive card stock are completely ruined! and before you say... yes I did use the back of them after I'd ruined one side to see whether I could 'save' it hehe


  7. I see what you mean about the bear I think your Goth Fairy is lovely and would suit quite a few teenage girls I know. As for the bia machine I know if I owned one it would spend most of its life in a b ox. xx