Friday, 28 February 2014

F f f Friday!!!!

Hello xxxxxxx <3 p="">
It's f f f friiidayyyyy... Well it isn't for me, but it is for you ;-)
...unless, of course, you are slack and not reading this til another day....
I'm gonna Shut up now as I'm confusing myself hehe
So...what has been rocking my week this week?
Well, high on the list is watching tv and movies with little myz in bed when I have had to rest. Vay Vay nice indeed. Also, more doggie snuggles in said bed :-D this week we watched Delhi safari and I stayed awake all the way through!!! Yes, result! Lol
Also, finding and being told about various challenges around the blogosphere. Thanks here must go to my linky elves who help me with my linkage which I sometimes find impossible due to fogginess and blogging mostly on a phone lol.
Finding various precoloured digis has been a positive this week too. So much easier just to print one out than to print ten out and completely balls all of them up by sudden jerky lines ..which at first is hilarious as it looks like a baby coloured them, then not so funny after a while :-P this is one I found this week and he is gorgeous  I found it difficult to choose just one. he may or may not have been blogged into a card by now but he certainly will soon :) ...
Third up (?) Is being able to send out cards to more friends this week than I have since chrimble .. ok so the writing is dire in a lot of them and little myz had to address some of the envelopes but the cards are All My Own Work, Honest, Guv..... :) .. not sure some made it.. but maybe postie.slacking :)
Fourth and what made me a most shiny happy person was finally finishing my album of nan and grandad. Ok it was small, but I think perfectly formed, now it is....feeneesh!!!!!!! Now to start on the 12x12 collections I have and see what damage I can do to beeeg photo layouts :-D
Also, as cheers me up every week, my happy shelf with funny photos on and cards from friends ..and photos of meeeeeemoriiies..lah la la la la la lahhhh......
I hope at least some of your week has been shiny and happy....if you look closely you can always find something to be thankful for/positive about...honest :-D

Late entries this week that made it in include

Getting furry papers through the post you can have a stroke of .. look how happy this happy camper is stroking her SEI velvet assortment after a crap week
Surprise Muffins!!!

Which can also very much cheer up a crudola week. oh muffins, how I love them...mmmmmmuffins :)
xxx hugs xxx

Thursday, 27 February 2014

More doggie

I loved him so much I had to use him again! I even tried a sketch challenge... I know!!! Lol. It is a lot easier to make a card when you are not messing stuff up left right and centre trying to colour with These Silly Handies...
Paper- me to you, With Love pad
Image- groovy Meljen (you can buy him here)
Ribbon- crafty ribbons years ago now lol
Embellies and sentiment- my stash
 Meljen Designs- Sketch
Butterfly Challenge- 3 B's
Crafty Ribbons-ribbon and buttons
Get Inky Challenge- Buttons

Nother fairy

I do so love these fairies from my CD. Very easy to use and the colours are fantastic. Not having a good pain week so cramming in butterflies and fairies where I can .
The die cut and flower were cut from a brown envelope that came through the post. Lol. Yeah I'm a scabby scrappy mare, but you still love me, right? :-D
 Love to create-  anything goes

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nearly Christmas!

..ok not really but I gave myself a personal challenge this week to enter challenges given to me by Di.
The cross stitches were done in less silly hand type times and are from the tiny tidings books I have .I love Lizzie Kate!!! ...but they never found their way into a frame or anything so were sitting in my Christmas box next to my sitty chair in the front room. Quick rummage and I found papers and embellies to match. Woo
The first one has papers that are tis the season (dovecraft?) Green stickles and other embellies from my christmas stashy box. Paper edged with dovecraft natural ink.

The second one is very girlie and the paper is again edged with dovecraft natural and is from the Nitwits Still joyful hearts. Glittery ribbon and stars and gems from a Margaret Sherry christmas collection I got free from a magazine years ago

See? If you have loads of Christmas tat in a box you can make a card with matching colours very easily.....thaaat must be why I kept every little bit of tat I got in cheap bundles even though I thought I would probably never use it. Hoarder,dear? Me dear? Noooo dear.... I'm thrifty ;-)

CraftyHazelnut's Christmas Challenge- Use a Sentiment (if the merry Christmas sitcker counts lol)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Coloured digis Yeay!!!

I found this digi in Meljen's shop and couldn't wait to try it out! I love doggies but just about every time I try to colour an image I end up with a stupid jump line somewhere because of my hands. I either had to learn to wait on those days....or find something I didn't have to colour but that I adored just as much ...yay....coloured digis!
Image- meljen
Paper- me to you, with love pad
Edging of paper- amethyst promarker
Gems- dovecraft tea party
Glitteriness- dovecraft glitter glue
                     - blossom and rose
Doily- dovecraft tis the season
Die cuts- from my stash I made last year when couldn't make cards for aaages lol
Ended up a little too..well...sweet and pink...for me....but I know some people that would like that kind of thing lol

                                        Digistamps 4 joy- use dies/punches (THIS time I got it right- promise :P)
                                        Meljen- Bling it on!
Digi designs- tic tac toe  (sentiment, die cuts, doily
Crafty Girls- anything goes
Through the craftroom door- anything goes
Polkadoodles- Sugar and Spice
Pixie's Crafty Workshop (round die cut)


Bit mardy as I write this. I really wanted to use my white sakura pen on this die cut heart but when I got it out whatever we tried it didn't work. Ok so it has been years since it was last used but..wahhh...expensive! Lol and I had hardly used it.
Aaanyway a lot of this comes from a box I got a few years ago from papermania. The monochrome collection. I have now used up all the cool light gems from it..on this one I had better send to someone extra special! Lol
Paper, gems, sticker,brad,flower-papermania monochrome
Butterfly - from stash
Black gems- from stash
I would like to enter this card into: 
Butterfly Challenge- Flower and butterfly 
Little Claire's- Monotone

Eek! Doodlage!

Forgot to edge these with promarkers or other inkiness for some reason which Isn't Right At All I decided to doodle about instead with my shale promarker

...yes... um... better not forget in future to do my ;p
Image- lily of the valley
Paper- pink petticoat vintage rose
Doily- looked everywhere in my stash, can't find a colour match! Lol....

The card he is holding is blank as I will put the name of the person the card is to on it before I send it :)

 Di's Digi Designs- tic tac toe (doily, stitching, flower)
Chocolate, coffee and cards- Teddies
Tuesday Throwdown- Anything goes
Challenges 4 everybody - Anything goes

Edit...oh bottoms!!!! I did forget to write that name on before i sent it....wah :(

Monday, 24 February 2014

K and Co album....finished!

Bom bom Boooommmmm
Yes, you read it is.....I actually did finish this over the holidays!
High five!!!!!!
Little Myz as I write this has hers half done, but by the time this is posted, who knows, she could have beaten me to the post :-D
I am happy with the way things turned out. I didn't rush when I was having a wobbly hand day or more foggy day. I did *not* want to mess this up. I now have a lovely little album of my Nan and Grandad that I can look at whenever I want. At the back are memories that I don't want to post here but that make the album whole. Everything is encased in the lil box it is dudey :-D
Didn't they make an excellent couple!?! ...and you can no doubt see why, when stuck here in the house, I try to send Nan as many cards as I can as anyone else can contact me in other ways but I feel I really need to send her cards to remind her how much she means to me
Awww getting I'm such a wet :-D
I hope you like it ... I used a whole bottle of cinnamon stickles HAHA xxxxxx
I would like to enter this project into:
Digistamps4joy- Dies or punches 
Southern Girls- Bling it, bling bling (A whole TUBE of stickles, ladies! lol)(if it's still open :P)
Dream Valley Challenge- Vintage 
Love to create- Anything Goes

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Big doggie card

Another huge 8x8 card, for my nantastic Nan, just because.... this time with doggies. Decided to raid my buttons for this one and, of course, added the obligatory doily :-D

Paper- Lily of the Valley/Nitwits
Image,doily and buttons - from depthiness of stash

I would like to enter these gorgeous challenges with this card:

Oldie but a goody- buttons (which are at least a year old maybe two!?)
Crafty Girls Challenges - Anything Goes 
Through the Craftroom Door- Anything goes 
                                                     Come and get it- Domestic animals
                                                                   OSAAT- Girlie

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Boy card

I don't make many boy cards. I guess I send most of mine away to friends and I don't really have male ones. Lol.

Topper- Lily of the Valley
Paper-Papermania sweet nothings
Doily- Dovecraft tis the season
Gems- from deep in my gem cave, so have no clue,lol
Brown edging and dottage- Shale promarker

crafty little fairies- One for the boys 
Little Claire's - Monotone
A Little Bit Crafty- Man Up!

Bind it All fun and frolix

Bind it alls are fun
Also, very easy to use which for me is great. I don't have much power on most days but that isn't a problem for a bind it all..oooh no, one push down and yer done :-D ...or you can get the Little Myz to do it ;)
We made a book of Wild Rose butterfly garden papers to make into a little scrap book. Also a book of Smirk papers that will also become an album at some point.
Little Myz decided she needed a note book so we cut up loads of paper into 10x10cm pieces
Then for some reason 13x13cm mount board lol I think she wanted a huge cover.
..and stickety all together with a set of 1/2 inch bindety thingijiggamas.
She is decorating it (or has decorated it!) And it will either be on her blog soon or was on there last week....depending on when this post gets published ;-)

Friday, 21 February 2014

I've started....Am I Going To Finish? ...

Got two of these accordion kits from K and Co that I got for myself and little Myz to have a play with in the holidays...wonder whether we will actually finish them :-D I am guessing she will and I won't so watch this space :-D
I had various things planned for the holidays. I hope I got them all done. I wanted to make a special half term for her and create some at home memories the same as we did at Christmas time :-D
I have gone for my nan and grandad and little Myz is going for Family in general :-D

F F F Friday!

it is Friday. time to look back on good parts of week. remember. even though there can be lots of sadness and horrible in a week there aare always good bits if you look hard enough :)
1. snuggly doggins
she isn't very snuggly usually as she quite often hurts me when she tries to snuggle but when i@m having a particularly bad week she snuggles anyway. Snuggletastic
2. Monster bottoms!
This sight greets me whenever I come out of the Crypt of Agony on EQ2 (don't ask! lol) but it makes me smile even when not been there in a bit and sometimes LOL.. BUMS! :) so I took a photo and I can look at it whenever I want.. cos I am a naughty girl who laughs at BUMS :)
3. Warm Onesies
When you are stuck in bed alternating between very hot and freezing for no reason, a very cold snap mixed with radiators that don't work isn't a good combo. Unless you have a super doggie onesie. WOOF!
4- old photos
Spesh if they are as funny as this and if the son in question is now 16 and doesn't like his photo taken. So cute so cuuuuute lol. I have a bundle of go-to photos for weeks like these and they are awesomesauce :)
5- Scheduled posts
When blogger plays fair (not often for me as usually on my phone) it has some really cool features. Like scheduling. Schedule lots of posts or do when I can and then they can see me through times I can hardly even look at my phone. woooo
So.... photos, BUMS!, snuggly doggies and warm onesies.. oh my!
What has your week been like?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Anniversary Card

Made this for Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary.
Paper- me to you With Love pad
Glitteriness- dovecraft lavendar glitter glue
Butterfly - from the depths of stash and glitter thrown at the poor thing lol
Sentiment-  craftwork cards
Challenge- 4 crafty chicks- things with wings
Lily of the Valley- Name That Tune (Let's Get Married)  
In The Pink- Pink Plus One (lavender)
Love To Create Challenge- Make it sparkle with bling
Aloha Friday- Red/pink

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bunny boo

I called this image bunny boo. Because I can :-P the paper had this really cute smiley face that I tried not to hide as I liked it so much
Image-lily of the valley
Paper- that old faithful Pad With Front no clue ;)
Pearls- From stash
Inking- dovecraft cocoa brown

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Time for tea!

Not sure why this photo is upside down. Something about photos on mobiles I was told once. I even tried to be sneaky and turned it upside down then tried to upload it but it still ends up the same way! Lol
So all I can suggest is please stand on your head lol

Monday, 17 February 2014


Little Myz and I are rather addicted to fairies right now. We keep trying to get away bit they keep pulling us back :-D
This is another of the Linda Ravenscroft fairies from the Cardcraft UK Enchanted CD.
Purdy <3

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Blue and brown girl card

I like blue and brown at the moment. Not sure why but it looks groovy enough :-D
Paper- papermania sweet nothings
Edging and doodlage- shale promarker
Doily- tis the season (dovecraft)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lili girlie

Love this Lily of the valley image <3
Paper- papermania secret garden
Gems- papermania shimmer dots

Three lil cards

Made these three lil cards before with toppers sent to me by my dahhhhling friend and, of course, doilies :-D

Friday, 14 February 2014

Fairy cards

Was looking through photos on my phone for a boost earlier and noticed about 15 unblogged cards so there will probably be many posts from me in a bit. Used to be able to fit in with challenges but not a clue where to find themnow lol

Anyway, a few lil fairy cards for you tonight :-D

Valentine card

Card for my valentine. :-D short on words today.bit difficult type.hope you have nice day. X

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy moment of the day

Bought a pile of doilies to make cards easier for me and gave these ones to Little Myz. She did this face. Lol. I think she excited, not angry....

Thanks for any concern I am fine, trundling along at a slow pace but getting house things done...just not on Facebook as it is quite negative some times and while I'm struggling I seem to soak in negativity. Need all energy I can muster for my potterings :-D I am still available on email and text so it is actually quite easy to contact me. If you aren't lazy. Mwah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa lol xxxxx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Smile of the day

Smile of the day today is me cheering myself up in bed by wearing my doggie onesie. Woof

Radiators still dodgy so being nice and warm is cool as well. Very Cold nose....but dogs are supposed to have those, aren't they? ;-)

Going to try to post smiles I can look back on again. Smiles are good :-D

Woof :-D

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nother Nan card

Another card sent this week to my nantastic Nan just to say Hello. The rub ons are from crafters companion Fairyopolis that Little Myz has been making a lot of use of recently. I apparently have to take this opportunity to put this in capitals on my blog. .
(The address is on the right lol)
Ok she won't shout at me now. I did what she said