Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bind it All fun and frolix

Bind it alls are fun
Also, very easy to use which for me is great. I don't have much power on most days but that isn't a problem for a bind it all..oooh no, one push down and yer done :-D ...or you can get the Little Myz to do it ;)
We made a book of Wild Rose butterfly garden papers to make into a little scrap book. Also a book of Smirk papers that will also become an album at some point.
Little Myz decided she needed a note book so we cut up loads of paper into 10x10cm pieces
Then for some reason 13x13cm mount board lol I think she wanted a huge cover.
..and stickety all together with a set of 1/2 inch bindety thingijiggamas.
She is decorating it (or has decorated it!) And it will either be on her blog soon or was on there last week....depending on when this post gets published ;-)


  1. Aw that is fab, making your own notebooks! This is so pretty x