Friday, 28 February 2014

F f f Friday!!!!

Hello xxxxxxx <3 p="">
It's f f f friiidayyyyy... Well it isn't for me, but it is for you ;-)
...unless, of course, you are slack and not reading this til another day....
I'm gonna Shut up now as I'm confusing myself hehe
So...what has been rocking my week this week?
Well, high on the list is watching tv and movies with little myz in bed when I have had to rest. Vay Vay nice indeed. Also, more doggie snuggles in said bed :-D this week we watched Delhi safari and I stayed awake all the way through!!! Yes, result! Lol
Also, finding and being told about various challenges around the blogosphere. Thanks here must go to my linky elves who help me with my linkage which I sometimes find impossible due to fogginess and blogging mostly on a phone lol.
Finding various precoloured digis has been a positive this week too. So much easier just to print one out than to print ten out and completely balls all of them up by sudden jerky lines ..which at first is hilarious as it looks like a baby coloured them, then not so funny after a while :-P this is one I found this week and he is gorgeous  I found it difficult to choose just one. he may or may not have been blogged into a card by now but he certainly will soon :) ...
Third up (?) Is being able to send out cards to more friends this week than I have since chrimble .. ok so the writing is dire in a lot of them and little myz had to address some of the envelopes but the cards are All My Own Work, Honest, Guv..... :) .. not sure some made it.. but maybe postie.slacking :)
Fourth and what made me a most shiny happy person was finally finishing my album of nan and grandad. Ok it was small, but I think perfectly formed, now it is....feeneesh!!!!!!! Now to start on the 12x12 collections I have and see what damage I can do to beeeg photo layouts :-D
Also, as cheers me up every week, my happy shelf with funny photos on and cards from friends ..and photos of meeeeeemoriiies..lah la la la la la lahhhh......
I hope at least some of your week has been shiny and happy....if you look closely you can always find something to be thankful for/positive about...honest :-D

Late entries this week that made it in include

Getting furry papers through the post you can have a stroke of .. look how happy this happy camper is stroking her SEI velvet assortment after a crap week
Surprise Muffins!!!

Which can also very much cheer up a crudola week. oh muffins, how I love them...mmmmmmuffins :)
xxx hugs xxx


  1. Yum! Where are the teabags then, Missus?

  2. You make the cakes while I play Polly and put the kettle on!

  3. Lol ohhhh.....ok then. Biut I jhad.enought trouble making the.Bolognese today I will do the.tea you make the cakes :-D xxx.

  4. Love your 4-legged friend and of course the happy shelf, which we all need to have.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  5. Fab pics, love the wedding pic and that muffin looks delicious!! Seeing lots of positives in your post xx