Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Strawberry Shortcake


I had a great idea to send a Strawberry Shortcake cross stitch effort for the Crafty Ribbons challenge

I didn't factor in the state of health or the stupidness of entering into a healthy eating plan as soon as I got back from my weekend away...

...I'm so daft....

Anyway I can only do a little bit at a time so here's as far as I have got.....

Not terrific, considering I started it before I got the ribbons but... *agh* why do I have to do stupid things like this? If I'd sent a card it would have been sent ages ago agh agh.. and the ribbons are so thick whatever I make is going to look what I used to call 'turdy' lol.... I can't even blame the ribbons they're fantastic... grrr.....

Oh well.....

I'll try to post updates on here when I've managed to do some so you can see my progress lol... it's both my sisters' birthdays next week and I can't make anything for them til I've done this... not that I had anything special in mind, but....

I can't do anything for more than a little time at the moment I keep getting dizzy... wish it would bugger off and leave me to sort myself out and get crafty again....

..and my kitchen is full of stupid craft junk, most of which I'll prob never use... got because it was either free or a bargain....

...most probably because the people getting rid of it couldn't find a use for it...


...but if i throw it out I'll probably want it next week or something...?

Hoarders 'r' us.....



My weekend away

Just a quickie to update you about our weekend away- thanks for the emails people have sent me it's nice knowing I was missed.... like someone actually cares whether I am here or not lol xxx

...not done any crafting besides bits on the Strawberry Shortcake cross stitch thing for Crafty Ribbons challenge.... hopefully soon :) .. if I go awol again please feel free to email- the link is on the right there's no excuse, you have it there ;)

Have far more photos but haven't got the cable for my camera so can't upload all the decent ones to my PC like the ones of the huuuuge room at the Gibbon Bridge.. I'll do it one day but for mow you're stuck with my camera ones lol..

This is how excited I was to get to Preston at last... took a pic in the loos... hehe

Getting excited looking at the menu with my J2O ... don't usually have those because they are sooo expensive lol

Went to see Kick ass in the cinema.... look at my surprise at getting *this* when I ordered a medium!!!! I didn't have much of

Here is the huuuuge pizza hut pizza.... Gary did his best but could only eat 4 slices. I had 1 but I'd had a salad I'm not that good ;)

Here is my Gibbon Bridge teddy bear that I got as part of the prize.. I considered calling him Tarquin but the name Dave stuck... so here's Dave...

Plenty of other gorgeous pix to come but I thought I'd show you a few now...

Totally totally knackered but it was a really good weekend and I'm so glad I went! Started a diet on Tuesday, the day after I got back, as if I didn't have enough to cope with after going away for the weekend... it's going rather well actually :)


G xxxx

Friday, 16 April 2010

First shield done and WOAH...tomorrow!

Have finished my first Hogwarts shield...

I decided to go with the easier ones and do all 4 and then get the harder ones and do them later..hopefully when I'm feeling like cross stitching more than a little at a time without going dizzy (grrrr so much to doooo)

..speaking of which have been resting sooo hard for this weekend away as lots of travelling involved (well for me)

About 9am tomorrow: Travel to Sheffield and drop kids off
Soon after: travel to Preston Premier Inn and mayyyybe get to visit Blackpool
Sun morning- Premier Inn breakfast! oh yes yes yes yes yes! lol
Sun Afternoon: travel to Gibbon Bridge hotel about half an hour from premier inn
Sun Evening: posh dinner
Sun Night: Relax in posh VIP accommodation
Mon Morning: posh breakfast lol

Then go back to pick up kids (boooo! lol)

Hopefully I'll get to see more than the hotels but hubby said even that's a nice holiday innit.... no stress.... and they may have wifi


I didn't say that... ;)


G xxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finally Finished!

Archie finally finished and in the hands of Royal Mail.. whether it will get there is another thing :( ... I am still waiting for 2 birthday cards, something sent LAST SEPTEMBER and something someone decided to send me a couple of months ago after reading my blog.. which still isn't here :(

Still to make his card as I designed a lovely wordbook on my PC but my blooming printer has died *growl*

Anyway son-of-mine was bribed to take it to the Post Office this morning- wish I could have gone myself for fresh air grrr... hopefully will get patio set soon aso I can sit outside without looking stupid on my bedraggled dining chair..... sometimes I do it anyway.... even though I look stupid I love the fresh air lol


Also made son-of-mine a keyring before- nowt special but he seems to like it lol... it was to test whether 'normal' cross stitch can go easily into them for a possible Etsy shop (it doesn't!) so going to try one thread instead of 2 next time to see whether that works.... if it doesn't I'll cry lol ...

Now off to blog my Jeremy Clarkson subversive here .... please don't go to my other blog unless you have a naughty sense of humour... I won't be held responsible :)

Also son-of-mine will be blogging his volcano here on his blog

Off for rest when I get all these done- prob til the weekend when we *should* be in Preston... I won a one night break in the Gibbon Bridge hotel months ago for Sunday but travelling zonks me out so we managed to get a Premier Inn for Saturday for £29... never been to Preston before.... hopefully I won't have to stay in the hotels all the time over the weekend... I want to get out! lol..... anyone live near Preston? lol


G xxx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Archie driving me up the blooming wall lol

Already done my stitching for today- had various hour long sessions since dot o clock... stupid body! LOL I'm too hot or too cold at the moment there isn't a happy middle ground *rolls eyes*

Anyway the backstitch on this drives me bonkers I think I'll get rid of all my Archie charts i have..... In most places you have to backstitch weirdly and inside the lines so it looks like colouring going wrong or something hehe

Lookie..... why does the bottom of the glass go through his tummy? lol...

... ah well, onward lol- I'll have to trust that It Will All Turn Out OK In The End..... guess I'm too much of a neat freak :(

Umm... well in my crafting anyway... my house is as cluttered as a cluttered thing and I think we have dust bunnies! :P


G xxx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

EEK! Help! lol

Just a quick post as Little Myz decided I had to blog her things while I was up getting a cup of tea... she's so nice to me lol....

It's my Grandad's 90th birthday in less than 2 weeks and I've been trying desperately to finish the Sunderland FC badge cross stitch design I've been trying to make for him for ages.... So far as of yesterday it looked like this

So sacked that idea and trying to do Archie.... even though I told myself I'd rest yesterday time really is an issue so I had some time then and when I could today- still not made much headway...I'm usually a fast stitcher wah lol

I'll try to keep you informed about how late his present end up being lol

Stupid stomach bug doing the rounds in the house not helping.... grrrr to those germs!


G xxx