Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Archie driving me up the blooming wall lol

Already done my stitching for today- had various hour long sessions since dot o clock... stupid body! LOL I'm too hot or too cold at the moment there isn't a happy middle ground *rolls eyes*

Anyway the backstitch on this drives me bonkers I think I'll get rid of all my Archie charts i have..... In most places you have to backstitch weirdly and inside the lines so it looks like colouring going wrong or something hehe

Lookie..... why does the bottom of the glass go through his tummy? lol...

... ah well, onward lol- I'll have to trust that It Will All Turn Out OK In The End..... guess I'm too much of a neat freak :(

Umm... well in my crafting anyway... my house is as cluttered as a cluttered thing and I think we have dust bunnies! :P


G xxx


  1. I think it will look great when you are done gail.

    dev xx

  2. Can't believe the child beat me to commenting! What a flipping cheek!

    It is looking good Gail and I totally see what you about the glass! You are not along in your house dustbunnies either - was cleaning damp off the walls in our loo the other day (damp as in mould not damp as in people just sprinkling up the walls...) and was horrified at the amount of cobwebs on the ceiling - had to get Craig out there with the hoover. Domestic Goddess I aint!