Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finally Finished!

Archie finally finished and in the hands of Royal Mail.. whether it will get there is another thing :( ... I am still waiting for 2 birthday cards, something sent LAST SEPTEMBER and something someone decided to send me a couple of months ago after reading my blog.. which still isn't here :(

Still to make his card as I designed a lovely wordbook on my PC but my blooming printer has died *growl*

Anyway son-of-mine was bribed to take it to the Post Office this morning- wish I could have gone myself for fresh air grrr... hopefully will get patio set soon aso I can sit outside without looking stupid on my bedraggled dining chair..... sometimes I do it anyway.... even though I look stupid I love the fresh air lol


Also made son-of-mine a keyring before- nowt special but he seems to like it lol... it was to test whether 'normal' cross stitch can go easily into them for a possible Etsy shop (it doesn't!) so going to try one thread instead of 2 next time to see whether that works.... if it doesn't I'll cry lol ...

Now off to blog my Jeremy Clarkson subversive here .... please don't go to my other blog unless you have a naughty sense of humour... I won't be held responsible :)

Also son-of-mine will be blogging his volcano here on his blog

Off for rest when I get all these done- prob til the weekend when we *should* be in Preston... I won a one night break in the Gibbon Bridge hotel months ago for Sunday but travelling zonks me out so we managed to get a Premier Inn for Saturday for £29... never been to Preston before.... hopefully I won't have to stay in the hotels all the time over the weekend... I want to get out! lol..... anyone live near Preston? lol


G xxx


  1. oooh thats great . Well worth all the work. Loving the keyring too.

  2. Gail that is just beautiful, he'll love it to pieces! I note you sorted out the glass problem :P Really love how you manageto get all the shading to merge like a painting.

    Keyring is v. cool too!

    Not near Preston! Bummeroo!

  3. Hi Myz Well done on finishing your X stitch!
    Never been to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel but it has a fantastic reputation! (does very posh weddings) Lovely countryside round there and petty villages if you are well enough to enjoy. Preston has nothing to recommend it so I'd avoid if I were you!

  4. Love your cross stitch pieces!!! Hope you have a fab weekend away x