Friday, 16 April 2010

First shield done and WOAH...tomorrow!

Have finished my first Hogwarts shield...

I decided to go with the easier ones and do all 4 and then get the harder ones and do them later..hopefully when I'm feeling like cross stitching more than a little at a time without going dizzy (grrrr so much to doooo)

..speaking of which have been resting sooo hard for this weekend away as lots of travelling involved (well for me)

About 9am tomorrow: Travel to Sheffield and drop kids off
Soon after: travel to Preston Premier Inn and mayyyybe get to visit Blackpool
Sun morning- Premier Inn breakfast! oh yes yes yes yes yes! lol
Sun Afternoon: travel to Gibbon Bridge hotel about half an hour from premier inn
Sun Evening: posh dinner
Sun Night: Relax in posh VIP accommodation
Mon Morning: posh breakfast lol

Then go back to pick up kids (boooo! lol)

Hopefully I'll get to see more than the hotels but hubby said even that's a nice holiday innit.... no stress.... and they may have wifi


I didn't say that... ;)


G xxx


  1. The badge is brilliant Gail and the weekend away. Tres jealous! Rest rest rest so you can be pampered, pampered, pampered ;)

  2. Looking good... (can I ask where you got the Hogwarts patterns from??) Hope you have a lovely weekend - you deserve it xx

  3. Wow that's brilliant . Can't wait to see the others. enjoy your break .

  4. That looks fabulous. Have a great weekend.

  5. wow the hogwats sheild is amazing :) Have a lovely weekend away gail xx

  6. Great shield, enjoy your break.

  7. Love the Hogwarts theme and can't wait to see the other ones. Jaqui x