Friday, 29 October 2010

Thinking pink!

Goodness me I hope Blogger sorts its life out soon.. takes all day off and on to blog lol

I got this little fella from Bugaboo.. isn't he the sweetest?

Coloured him in with cinnamon and shale promarkers then showered him with pink and blinginess to commemorate that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month .. what better way than to
send a card to someone that has come out of the other side or is currently fighting the dreadful thing!

I would like to enter him into these challenges this week:

Catch the Bug- What's Your Cause?
Paper Cutz- Breast Cancer Awareness
Totallypapercrafts- Bling It On

*big squishy hugs*



Fiiiiiiiiiinally managed to fulfil my October Challenge cross stitch project with 2 days to spare....

For a while it looked like I wasn't going to do it as most was done in the first 2 weeks then the dizziness hit so at the moment can only do a very short time before I have to stop.

However, with Little Myz at her Nanny and Grandad's house for the week I have been able to leave it out and do it as and when instead of having to keep hiding it from Little Myz :)


Me very, very excited at having finished it! lol

Just the framing to do which I should be able to do by Christmas and that's Another Cross Stitch Gift Ready To Roll :)


Another Animal Xmas card :)

Ok very much hoping that *this* is a guinea pig...but I'm sure you'll tell me if not :)

Got out the blingety bling tubes for his little hat to make him all Christmastastic!

I would like to enter him (guinea pig or not! lol ) into the following challenges:

The Crafty pad
- Christmas Theme
Quixotic Inspirations- Christmas
Fussy and fancy- Winter Wonderland
Paper Gardens Projects- Holiday cards
2 sisters challenges- Anything Goes
Wee Memories- Cute Holidays

Silver 40th Birthday Card

I made this card as an order for a friend. It's her sister's 40th Birthday soon and all I was given as direction was '40th', 'sister' and 'silver/ gold'

I agonised for well over a week and decided I couldn't put silver *and* gold on what I wanted to do so at first I tried gold... cue much throwing away of cards That Don't Quite Work... you know how I am! lol... a few days ago I had a flash of inspiration...

Et voila!

Nothing ultra-special but i hope a nice elegant card for her :)

I would love to enter this card in these challenges:

Fab N Funky - Keeping it clean and simple
C.R.A.F.T. Challenge- Monotone
Totally Gorjuss- Sparkle

Eep I lost my challenge list... bbl lol

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween ! oooohhhhh!

....ooh spooky!

Sorry if this is weird with no laughs feeling bit dodgier than usual today- someone get those violins lol

There are a lot of Halloween challenges out there in blogland but I've already created about 4 for them but tbh.... I don't send halloween cards so I put my thinking cap on.. fired up My Craft Studio and decided to make a very dodgy version of a digi scrap page .. which, I am sure, can 'do' for those challenges that require a Scary Element ;) .. it sure scared the pants off me making it :p

The quote in the middle says:

"Shadows of a Thousand years.. rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees, Tonight is halloween!"

The rest I have been able to photograph at close range. Sorry that it's crud but i worked on it for 2 weeks off and on.. and this is The Best It Is Going To Get :P

Scary son-of-mine and Little Myz

And again ( a few years older in 2009)

..and a couple of son-of-mine in the years before I decided Little Myz was allowed to go out On Such A Scary Night :)

Scary Pirate:

Super-scary NINJA! lol

I would like to enter my page into the following Halloween Challenges:

Paper Playtime
Kaboodle Doodles
Tuesday Throwdown
Wild Flower Patch
Little red Wagon
Crafty Creations
Sarah Hurley
Rainbow Lady

If I have done this completely wrong please let me know in comment or email and I'll come back tomorrow and take look

*big hugs* and thanks to you all for your recent support.. been getting really cheesed with This Stupid Health Thing lol



Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Oooh yet another bear! lol

Hi :)

My name is Gail and I think I'm a Recipes addict

Here is my latest 'make' from there

He soo sweeeeeettttt

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Crafty Emma- Buttons and bows
Alphabetchallenge Blog- zigzags
Cards for Men- Masculine- anything goes
I did it creations (robynsfetish) - Surprise me
Paper Pretties- Square card



Ok so..... I decided to try to do.... bom booommmmmmmmmm.... first sketch I hope I didn't completely muck it up.....

Embossed butterfly, coloured with promarkers

So far so good:

D'oh! Please don't notice the over-the-lines colouring or the smudges or I'll never try to be arty again!!! lol

Et voila.... Pretty butterfly card :) ..... I think! :)

I would like to enter my card into the sketch challenge at Stampin Royalty

...and I do so hope I got it right! lol

Also these other challenges :)

Creative Cottage
- Embossing
Flutterby Wednesdays - Purple orange and black..with butterfly fairy or angel in
Raise The bar- Orange black and purple

Thanks for looking... now please stop looking you'll probably find a lot more wrong with the card than I did as I closed my eyes after! lol


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Joint Project

This was a joint project I undertook with the help of Little Myz

It started off as a boys card with a nestie label on and a dinosaur but Little Myz hijacked the idea and wanted to give it to 'her husband to be' as a thanks for agreeing to marry me card... bless, they are only 5 years old!!!

I say nestie label but I only have one left that I bought so I have been spending up to half an hour cutting round the one I have on papers... I really need some nestie labels lol.. anyone out there with nestie labels that preferably are on The Square Side that don't have circles and scallopped circles let me know if you want to do a swap for a month or so or something... lol

..anyway, so Little Myz hijacked my lovely card and made it a Thanks To Hubby To Be card as apparently He Likes Butterflies.... lol

I would like to enter The Card Thats Been Through A Lot Recently into these challenges:

Flutterby Wednesdays- Butterfly, fairy or angel
Simon Says Stamp Challenge- Give Thanks
Die Cut Dreams - boys stars and strips
A Spoonful of Sugar- Let's Get Punchy

I hope they are still going to get married by the time they are back to school on Tuesday ;)


Girlie Girlie card

Eeeeeeeee.... this card is so girlie lol.....

The decoupage is from Olivers Orchard collection from Buzzcraft if you're interested :)

I would like to enter this card in these 3 challenges:

Wild Orchid- Pastels
Paper Sundaes- A Natural woman (woman plus nature)
A Pocket full of Posies- Champagne and roses/celebration

Hooray! I finally got the Pocket full of posies one right! lol... I'm an eejit :)


Bigsby Birthday card

Hi :)

I'm Bigsby.. a really cute little character from Karen's Doodles .. aren't I the cutest?

I have the great honour this week in helping Myz with a few challenges :)

Stamp Challenges
- Something Digi
Stamping with The Dragon- Use ink anywhere on your card
Allsorts challenge- spots and stripes
Karen's Doodles- All sewn up

I think maybe Myz will let me out of her PC a lot after this..I think she really enjoyed colouring me and having a play



Monday, 25 October 2010

Christmousetastic! (I think! lol)

Hello :)

I'm a Christmas .. umm.. summat... am i a mouse? lol... I come from the Paper nation set of Christmas animal decoupage anyway lol.....

My collar and Christmas hat have been jazzed up with stickles and other glittery whatsits... blingtastic!

I would like to be entered in these challenges if I may:

Craft Your Passion- Glitter/sparkles
The crafty Pad- Christmas Theme
Totally Gorjuss (cos that's what I is!)- sparkle
Quixotic Inspirations- Christmas Is Coming

Ain't I the cuuuutest little...umm.. Christmousetastic mouse? :P


Baby Boy Card


I'm a little New baby Boy card

I think I'm as sweet as you can get without being girlie lol

I would like to enter myself into these 3 challenges:

Stampin Royalty - Ribbons Ribbons Ribbons
2 sisters challenge blog- anything goes
Aud Sentiments - Anything that has to do with a baby

Paddington Birthday Card

Please tell if I did this wrong lol in bit of state health wise just now.. went a-travelling to Sheffield at weekend to Mum and Dad's to dump the kids for the week and sort of bleuurrgghh lol

Anyway thought I'd blog a few things been playing with last week etc so you know I'm still alive even though not going on Facebook or other websites- yeah, I! :P

Here is Paddington again

He would love to be entered in these challenges:

Top Tip Tuesday- Anything Goes
Tuesday Throwdown- Anything Goes
Cards For Men- Anything goes (male)
Lexis Creations- Birthday
OSAAT - Any Celebration

Really hope I did this right pleeease email me if I totally mucked it up... but makes me feel like I'm socialising when I post on here... yeah I know sad innit lol


Friday, 22 October 2010


Look at that big box on the right

I Am Going Places...

Well, I'm Trying To



Thursday, 14 October 2010

Awwww.... new baby girl card

Seeing as I don't have any new baby boy or girl cards... and also that I intend At Some Point In The Near Future to sell my creations... I thought it best to finish some of the half done cards I have laying about in boxes ...

...seeing as I'm not so well today that wasn't entirely A Good Thing, as I completely messed up 2 out of the 3... but here's the one that made it through! lol

The gorgeous topper was printed from my Recipes CD ... more of those to come later as I have many more printed for all sorts of family occasions. Other than that I'd have to say the rest Comes From Somewhere In My Stash *shrug* lol....

I would love to enter my really brave card that made it through into these challenges... :)

Craft your days away- Babies
Ellephantastic Challenges- Anything Goes
Just Cute Bears - Baby Creation

A round of applause, please, for The Card That Made It Through Today Without Perishing Even A Tiny Bit Even Though His Friends Bit The Dust Among Loads Of Tears


Behold! My pegs, they come from Cruddington!

LOL not quite sure what possessed me to make these but I had bits of ribbon laying around from one-stupid-Christmas-debacle-or other... and also 3 unused pegs.. so i thought 'Heyyyyyy, why don't you make covered pegs that can be used to hang Christmas cards up with?'

So... since I don't like to argue with the Voice In My Head... I did as she asked ;)

Little Myz' friend was very impressed and thought I was a marvel... ooooh to be 5 again ;)



Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooo

I sold some cards...I sold some cards...what did I sell?

..some cards!

They were £1 cards but I gavc her 5 for £4 cos I'm nice like that ;)

Ok was to same woman that bought my cards last time but now I'm getting off my bum...(well instead of she's finding out for me ;) ) .. and one day soon... I may.... book a table at an event and try to sell stuff!!!!!!!!

Have already thought ahead to if I'm having a bad day on the day of the same, having paid loads for a table, and asked son-of-mine whether he would come too

...he say yeah!!!!!

He's continually showing his mates the cards and saying they are 'awesome' and so do his friends, but I feared that they may well be doing so as if they told me the cards were shite I'd fall into a quivering heap onto the floor and rock back and forth...

Not been having a great day and Little Myz had her friend over for a few hours after school so spent most of it in bed 'Preparing for The Onslaught' lol....

Finished off two things though... might post them in a sec.. if my camera will decide to give up the photos! lol

Grumpy Fairy tried to come back earlier as didn't feel well at all, but Myz fairy kicked her ass out of the house :)

*hugs* to you all

*special hugs* to those poorly or with need for more huggingtons


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Present from Myz Fairy


We just got a call to say we won a PS3 about 20 mins after my last post

Thanks Myz Fairy! I'll continue thinking positive ;) was from JULY though so that goes to show things take MONTHS to get sorted out!

..and please, those of you with the Grump Fairy on your shoulder please don't comment about how lucky i am... I won once per 1000 competitions i entered last year (and a 'win' can be a set of stickers lol) so go enter 1000 come back and if you still don't win even a silly thing then bookmark this and comment with your grump fairy as much as you like ;)

Oooh Myz Fairy is getting sassy with what she's telling me to write..I'd better go ;)

Myz Fairy has sprinkled dust over all of you so whetever you need hopefully you'll get it... note: I said need not want ;)


(LOL I think I've found an outlet for Subversive Myz... if someone says something mean or nasty I think I'll let 'Her' reply in future ;) )


Challenges make life worthwhile for me :)

Sorry this probably will be very long so if you're in a rush just forget this is here- it prob won't make sense either as I'm really tired today so it's probably all gobbledegook lol)

In the past week I've been entering any and every crafty challenge I come across that I can manage... did you notice? ;)

The fact is that before i never thought I stood a chance at winning as my cards are usually at best 'middling' and will never win any Creative Arty Prize for their construction...

I missed the point that it's fun to enter a challenges and, who knows, I may come across other people as 'mad' as me on my travels who may become long term friends... some challenges even choose...RANDOMLY... so maybe I stand a chance of winning lol..

People who are mobile, that have jobs, that can do what they want when they want I don't think can really grasp the idea of being stuck in the house for much of the time. For years I have been tortured from time to time by the Grump fairy... do any of you know her? She whispers things into your ear like

'Look.. *they* have money as *they* have a job.....'
'You're just not worth anything, you don't *do* anything!'
and sometimes, only a couple of times a year
'Poor you...' (*shudder*)

Stuff like that....

Not all the time, you understand, and Definitely Not In Public ;)

I don't live in a box for most of the year (Sorry, shameless in-joke for someone there lol)

During the past year , as well as the Grump fairy, I have also been visited by the Myz fairy... you know, the one that Isn't Gail At All.. the More Confident Alter Ego.. sometimes at least ;) .. she says things like

'Have you thought about crafting when you can and selling things?'
'Ah but those people who work, they don't get chance to craft as much as you do on A Good Week'
'Hey your stuff isn't so bad, it takes all sorts, show it or i'll bite you on the bum!'

For Myz is a very Naughty Fairy sometimes ;)

Goodness, I'm probaby making no sense at all... *sigh*


..but My Point Is.... these people who run challenges are worth their weight in gold for me. They set a different challenge each week which, quite like Mission Possible, I am free to Accept Should I Choose And Be Well Enough To.. (and yes, I know I said Possible lol). I don't just sit there aimlessly crafting with what I have to just 'make any card' mindlessly.. they all seem to have a purpose..

Who knows... people may one day even *buy* these things i make hehe

So those of you who run challenges? I salute you!

..and offer you this huge squishy hug!

Does this make *any* sense at all? Please someone tell me if it doesn't and I'll delete it hehe

*hugs* to the rest of you that visit and comment on My Crud too.... without you I'd probably have succombed to the grump fairy and may well Be In A Box ;)


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Things that go BUMP in the night.....

This scary beastie is a digi from Dustin Pike (again! lol) and coloured with Promarkers. My backing paper is again from my Crafter's Companion Autumn/Winter cd and the little gems I have had since I started cardmaking!! I never found a use for them as they always looked 'wrong' but they are so right for this card! ... I think ;) I even made the card base myself... never did it before but it turned out just right...phew!

I would like to enter this scary beastie in these challenges:

Passion for promarkers- Colour combo orange/black/green/purple
craftalicious- Anything Goes
ForFun challenges- use something you bought and didn't use
Digi doodle shop's best - Orange
Simon Says Stamp - Simon says...Halloween
Treehouse Thursday Challenge- spooky Colors
Easy Craft Projects- halloween
Stempel-Magie- halloween
By the Cute and Girlie- Spooky

I didn't think I'd find any more halloween challenges 'out there' so thought I'd better enter any I can find this week before I make 10 cards and find no challenges to play with...cos I likes to play I does :)

Hope you like my scary monster


Pink 'Friend 'card

Ooh people, people, I have gone so pink with this card that I feel sick- Little Myz will love it! lol

Embellishments - goodness knows where- Ebay lol
Stamp and sentiment- Pollycraft
Ribbons - not a clue, on a 'sticky ribbons' sheet
Doodlings- Gelly roll gold pen (decided It Was Time To Use Them lol)
Stick-on hearts- stolen from Little Myz' stash ;)

Look at the height of these hearts! :0

I'd like to enter this card into these challenges:

Crafty pad- make something for a friend
Pollycraft- it's a Fairytale
Sweet Stampin' Challenge Blog- Diamonds are a girl's best friend (Bling)

Not sure whether it actually fits into this challenge- not sure if they wanted pearls but they could always chuck me out lol

Cowgirls Sunday Stampin' Challenge - Girly Girl!

Hope it doesn't make you sick lol


Monday, 11 October 2010

Christmastastic Forever Friends

Been having a ponder about Christmas presents recently. Last week's Forever Friends challenge- Home Decoration- gave me a kick up the bum as it were and I've managed to come up with one present! lol....

...better than none! :p

I'd bought these tea lights last year in the Lidl sale and they looked rather boring so I decided to pick one of my bears and jazz one up!

First I got a Forever friends sticker from my pack and mounted it on a jazzy red scalloped circle. Bonus, it was a *boy* so that's a boy sorted for Chrimbo! .... if I can find a boy who would be happy with a candle that is ;)

I shoved some glitter and glitz round the cup (you can't have too much at Christmas!)

Put it in a cello voila!


Now I need to find a boy who is 'into' candles... hmm or a mummy as what has a little boy...ahhh Myz your brain is working at last...hehe

This also fits in with the challenge at One Stop Craft Challenge for 'alter it!' So bear would like to join in there too please, as Bears They Likes To Play They Does :)



In bit of moody....

Trying to make this card my stickles exploded and went all over me... who knew someone so weak and wobbly atm could be so strong eh? ;)

Backing papers (made myself on MCS)
Punch (Hello Kitty Punch - lost somewhere in my stash... whimper...)
Sticker- from sticker sheet I bought from goodness-knows-where :)

I'd like to enter Kitty in these challenges:

Stampchallenges - Something Punchy
Glitterbabes - Anything Goes (Sparkle)
Dutch-Dare card challenges- Tagalicious
Cute card Thursday- Make your own embellies (I made punched ribbon)

Doodling by Crud Inc.

I know, I know, I KNOW

I mucked up the colouring...I thought it would look ok didn't! lol

Plus *again* I tried to be arty creating this card and...failed! ... but isn't he a really cute little scarecrow? ...pity I messed him up hehe

Backing papers - Crafters Companion Autumn/Winter
Digi Image- Dustin Pike (again! I love his images!)
Ribbon - not sure... I've had it 2 years lol
Doodlings with brown pen- Crud Inc. a subsidiary of Myzdamena's Stupid Ideas ;)

I'd love to enter this card for the challenges

Autumn Colours on Charisma cards
One stitch at a time challenge- use your digis
Paper Sundaes- A Change Of Season
Daisy Doodles Creative Challenges- masculine/autumn theme
Incy Wincy Designs- Faux it up! (faux stitching. Well pseudo-Faux stitching ;) )

Halloween! (hides behind sofa!)

Finished a halloween-y card at last!

Backing paper- Crafters Companion Autumn/Winter cd
Image- Dustin Pike digi (he's fabblas!) Coloured with my fave medium Promarkers (not very well ;) )
Ribbons- Crafty Ribbons

I'd love to enter this card for these challenges

Fussy and fancy - Halloween
Crafty Ann's - Use at least 1 digi stamp and your favourite colouring medium
Meljen's Designs- Halloweeny
Aly's Sunday Challenge- Halloween
Cupcake Craft Challenges- Scary Creatures!
Lexi's creations - Spooky!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Get Well Soon!

Made myself a Get Well Soon card today in the hopes that it would actually work, lol...

LOL seriously, though, my cheapo glue had dried on the embellishment so i could stick it together today :)

I thought green was cool for a get well card...dunno why.... I think it's just one of those things that's in your head and you don't know why

Is there a reason? lol

I'd like to enter Mrs Tiggywinkle into the anything goes challenges at

Sew Many Challenges
Catch the Bug Blog


Stamp, Scrap and Doodle Saturdays

(if I did it right lol)

Hope you like my Mrs Tiggywinkle...more to come at some point


G xxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Nan's Birthday

It's Nan's 91st birthday on Thursday... I don't get to see her nearly as much as I want to :(

Darn this not being able to travel much!...

Anyway, I decided to make her a cross stitch that shows a big hug so she can look at me and get a hug from me whenever she wants :) Second-best thing if you will...

I do hope Royal Mail don't kill it on the way!!!!! I didn't have a box so I had to send in a padded envelope...

Decided to branch out and actually use an INSERT in her card too...hope she knows how very special that is... people don't usually get one! :)

I'd like to enter it for the Pollycraft Challenge Blog's Anything Goes

Hope you like them


G xxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

'Steam' and not-so-gorjuss cards....

Don't know if you can see from the photo, but that's what Little Myz calls Steam coming from the fence...

Plenty of it about round here as well as sparkly cobwebs... I don't think I've seen a house round here without them on the fence so We Must All Be A Bunch Of Scabby Mares in Colburn ;)

Made 2 not-gorgeous Gorjuss cards... been bored with my 'boring' way of making cards so just got anything that sort of matched the topper and bunged it on the card .. it was supposed to be in an arty way but I think maybe in future I'll Stick To Boring :P

This one Wasn't So Bad:

I would like to enter her into the purple challenge at Easy Craft Projects (if I can work out how to do it right (n00b! lol)

I hate this one.. stupid idea as you can see through the ribbon but I didn't have any not sheer and the bloomin paper was too small lol

Hope you are more arty crafty than I am today LOL

Very much hoping all the rain yesterday has washed the cr** from the past few months away and that it's A New Start and The Powers That Be will view me a little more favourably or at least that they will keep whingers away from me while I am Trying To Put A Brave Face On lol

*big hugs*

G xxx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hello Christmas!

Made all these at some point over the past 10 days... after making all those toppers the other week it's really great to be able to just stick without having to faff! I don't like to faff as I don't get enough crafty time as it is what with one thig and another so i sacrifice a few days for Faff so I can enjoy the rest of the mth lol

This one was my favourite...not sure why :)

These ones middling...

These ones boring-but-ok hehe

I made the backing papers by scanning the toppers into my pc .. some worked better than others :)

They'll probably get some little Merry Christmas stickers on when I can buy some... maybe not I'll see how the mood takes me :)

..and this one snuck in under the radar as it's not Christmas at all but wanted to be made with her sisters ;)

Hope you like them..


G xxx