Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Challenges make life worthwhile for me :)

Sorry this probably will be very long so if you're in a rush just forget this is here- it prob won't make sense either as I'm really tired today so it's probably all gobbledegook lol)

In the past week I've been entering any and every crafty challenge I come across that I can manage... did you notice? ;)

The fact is that before i never thought I stood a chance at winning as my cards are usually at best 'middling' and will never win any Creative Arty Prize for their construction...

I missed the point that it's fun to enter a challenges and, who knows, I may come across other people as 'mad' as me on my travels who may become long term friends... some challenges even choose...RANDOMLY... so maybe I stand a chance of winning lol..

People who are mobile, that have jobs, that can do what they want when they want I don't think can really grasp the idea of being stuck in the house for much of the time. For years I have been tortured from time to time by the Grump fairy... do any of you know her? She whispers things into your ear like

'Look.. *they* have money as *they* have a job.....'
'You're just not worth anything, you don't *do* anything!'
and sometimes, only a couple of times a year
'Poor you...' (*shudder*)

Stuff like that....

Not all the time, you understand, and Definitely Not In Public ;)

I don't live in a box for most of the year (Sorry, shameless in-joke for someone there lol)

During the past year , as well as the Grump fairy, I have also been visited by the Myz fairy... you know, the one that Isn't Gail At All.. the More Confident Alter Ego.. sometimes at least ;) .. she says things like

'Have you thought about crafting when you can and selling things?'
'Ah but those people who work, they don't get chance to craft as much as you do on A Good Week'
'Hey your stuff isn't so bad, it takes all sorts, show it or i'll bite you on the bum!'

For Myz is a very Naughty Fairy sometimes ;)

Goodness, I'm probaby making no sense at all... *sigh*


..but My Point Is.... these people who run challenges are worth their weight in gold for me. They set a different challenge each week which, quite like Mission Possible, I am free to Accept Should I Choose And Be Well Enough To.. (and yes, I know I said Possible lol). I don't just sit there aimlessly crafting with what I have to just 'make any card' mindlessly.. they all seem to have a purpose..

Who knows... people may one day even *buy* these things i make hehe

So those of you who run challenges? I salute you!

..and offer you this huge squishy hug!

Does this make *any* sense at all? Please someone tell me if it doesn't and I'll delete it hehe

*hugs* to the rest of you that visit and comment on My Crud too.... without you I'd probably have succombed to the grump fairy and may well Be In A Box ;)



  1. Sending HUGE SQUISHY GARFIELD HUGS right back at ya!! I know the grump fairy, she can be a right pain in the a**e. I personally think we should all gang up on her and thump her quite hard :) Jaqui x

  2. Oh I know the Grump Fairy just a little to well - much more than I'd like ;)

    This makes total sense Gail and I bet it felt good writing it down didn't it? This hobby/pastime - it's a lifesaver, a godsend, an escape - whatever you want to call it and a helluva lot cheaper than therapy (OK - maybe not! Ahahaha!)

    I know I would have gone dolally a long time ago and whatever gets your Mojo fizzing and your juices flowing is fantastic - I've loved seeeing what you've been doing this week and I'll tell you AGAIN your stuff aint crud, having been lucky enough to actually see it up close - I can tell you it's FAB!

    So there.

  3. Darned right there, Jaqui!

    Getting a little sick atm of people going off and obviously having a riot and then as soon as things start to go wrong they post on FB or wherever OHHH POOR MEEE! when it's obvious they'll be fine in a day or so...

    ..then again maybe I should pity them as they are listening to The Grump Fairy ;)

    Yeah.... hehe well I need my Myz Fairy so they'll have to get their own :)


  4. lovely post, I too find challenges really help me get inspiration

  5. Great post and very entertaining to read. I often wish I had more time to craft, but the truth is, I do, I just let it slip by which is a waste. Must try harder, lol.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if you know but I have a challenge blog,, and our prizewinners are always chosen by random to give everyone a fair chance. We have a top 3 which is chosen by concensus, though.

    Hope you come over and visit us.

    Donna xx

  6. Can I join in the punch the Grump fairy please?She seems to be visiting me too often recently.
    I too love entering challenges,and yes ,I did win one ,I got £10 to spend on stash,so I was well chuffed,and I won the MSE challenge thats set by our friends.and got a lovely gift for my trouble.
    Your cards are not rubbish they are great ,mine are lousy,I put 6 on ebay 2 weeks ago for 99p each ,and never sold one,thats how carp mine are,lol.
    Big hugs to you and keep crafting ,we will get better,we will get better,we will get better....................................

  7. @artydoll- I sold mine for less than 99p for a start... plus have you seen how many people there are selling cards on Ebay? You have to be in the right place at the right time it seems ... plus I guess selling one is a start then they may tell their friends etc? I dunno... but the person who bought my cards will not cease until she has helped me make some money from my tat she's asking about everywhere bless her :)

  8. @artydoll (again!) is it free to list at 99p? you can keep rolling over til some bugger buys them or you go insane? lol